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12 May 2011

  • 12th May 2011

    Stonewall fundraiser return to London’s Paramount Club 3

    The Paramount Club will host the fundraiser

    5:41 PM — A fundraising event for gay charity Stonewall will be held at the Paramount Club in London next week. Next Friday's event, to be held at the top of the Centre Point Tower, aims to raise money for the charity's Education for All campaign, which tackles anti-gay bullying in schools.

  • Study suggests effective vaccine for HIV in monkeys 8

    The study suggested a vaccine could be used to prevent HIV

    5:39 PM — A study on monkeys has suggested that a vaccine could be used against HIV. The experiment, on rhesus macaques, looked at the effect of the vaccine on the monkey form of HIV, known as simian simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV).

  • ‘Milk’ voted gay film of the decade 26

    Harvey Milk (right) was a gay campaigner

    4:52 PM — 'Milk', the story of gay rights hero Harvey Milk, has been voted the gay film of the decade. A Stonewall poll of 800 people put the biopic in the top spot. The film, directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Sean Penn, was commended for its realistic portrayal of gay people.

  • Minnesota Senate approves referendum on gay marriage ban 5

    Voters are likely to support a constitutional ban

    4:05 PM — The Minnesota Senate has given the go-ahead to a 2012 voter referendum on whether the state should have a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The bill, introduced by Republican senator Warren Limmer, passed by 30-27 votes. One Democrat senator, Leory Stumpf, joined Republicans in voting for it.

  • Delaware governor signs civil unions into law 8

    Gay couples in Delaware will soon be able to have civil unions

    3:12 PM — The governor of the US state of Delaware has signed a civil unions bill into law. As he signed the bill yesterday, Governor Jack Markell told gay couples in a 500-strong audience: "Your family is now equal under the law."

  • US House panel attempts to delay lifting of military gay ban 18

    The ban is expected to be lifted this summer (Photo: US Army)

    2:00 PM — A US House panel has approved a defence bill which contains a clause to delay the lifting of the ban on openly gay soldiers. The House Armed Services Committee voted 33-27 to approve an amendment requiring the chiefs of all four military services to certify that the change won't hurt military readiness, AP reports.

  • Gay MP David Laws apologises for expenses claims 215

    David Laws will be suspended for seven days (Photo: Keith Edkins)

    12:39 PM — Liberal Democrat MP David Laws has apologised for his expenses claims after he was found to have wrongly claimed £40,000 in rent paid to his boyfriend. He will also be suspended for seven days.

  • Scotland loses one lesbian MSP, gains another 3

    Ruth Davidson becomes Scotland's second lesbian MSP

    11:43 AM — Ruth Davidson, a former BBC journalist, has become Scotland's second openly lesbian MSP. While Ms Davidson was elected for the Glasgow region, Liberal Democrat MP Margaret Smith, who is also a lesbian, lost her seat to the SNP's Colin Keir.

  • Uganda to debate gay execution bill tomorrow 48

    An earlier protest against the bill (Photo: Brett Lock)

    10:49 AM — Uganda's parliament will debate the anti-homosexuality bill tomorrow (Friday). There was confusion yesterday over the status of the bill, which was apparently removed and then replaced on the day's order paper.

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