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I let down gay youngsters, George Michael says

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Reader comments

  1. whymewhyme 11 May 2011, 5:55pm

    nice that you recognise your role status – i guess hi-profile poofs need to be more aware than the str8s – but didn’t the str8 rolling stones do drugs and more

    equality is about being able to f up as much as any other so on that score

    we’re equal in the doing – its just the perception which is often still biased

    you can count on 1 loyal fan here!

    1. Have you not heard the word FORGIVENESS? Everyone who is big enough to acknowledge his failings AND has the strength and resources to make amends should be encouraged to do so. I applaud George for making such promising plans and I wish him all the success as he shows gay youth that being gay is about being creatively positive.

  2. Be gone George, the chance for you to make amends has long since past. You are an embarrassment – not only because of your sex-related convictions, but the marijuana thing just adds to it. You aren’t a role model, you never have been and the best thing you can do is keep out of the way of those that grew up when they needed to. We will manage just fine without you.

    1. Don’t know what world you live in mate but GM has been a role model for a very long time, and there’s ALWAYS a chance to make amends (maybe not in the negative world you live in)
      As the saying goes, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut and your misery to yourself!
      :-) Have a nice day sunshine.

    2. Make amends to whom exactly hmmmmmm? He’s in the public eye, he makes music, if other people set him up as some form of moral guardian to gay youngsters then they must really be grasping at straws to expect a gay musician to be a role model to people.

      1. J Brown – if that’s the kind of role model you looked up to, then I feel quite sorry for your ability to make informed judgements. Unfortunately for you, ‘sayings’ aren’t exactly democratic and I’ll use my universally suffraged voice as and when I like. But thanks for your ‘wisdom’ anyway.

        CMYB – I concur completely. But he wants to be a role model, not just a musician. And that to me is worrying.

  3. I don’t see why George has to apologise for other people’s bigotry. He’s been subjected to homophobia but why should he be the one to apologise to gay youngsters? What’s the worst thing he’s done? He was nabbed cruising, big deal. I feel sorry that he feels he has to make this statement, he’s better than that.

    1. Agreed! George Michael is blaming himself needlessly for other people’s homophobia. He has plenty to contribute positively as a role model to youngsters and it’s good news that he intends to do that.

    2. Cruising (twice), crashing his car when high on marijuana and being caught driving on it on other occasions. Aim high with your role models why don’t you. He doesn’t have to make a statement, but he is choosing too because his music isn’t getting him much attention anymore. He only came out because he was forced out. Chris Smith he is not.

      1. Performers like Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse have made a career for themselves on this type of behaviour you mentioned hmmmmm and very little else, in fact its done them plenty of favours, I don’t see why George Michael should be a whipping boy for this type of behaviour.

        1. One gay man does not speak for all of us

        2. CMYB Hmmmmm hates gay people it used to be called mmmmmmm

          1. He evidently doesn’t hate gay people or he wouldn’t have any admiration for Chris Smith…

  4. You make a mistake. You take responsibility for it. Recognise it. Say you’re sorry. Move on. Good on you George. Here’s hoping you’ve stopped coz the next crash could hurt someone else.

    1. People who constantly let him off everything he does are part of the problem. I’m not interested in faux victim cards, to me someone who deserves looking up to is someone who leads from the outset. Peter Tatchell, Michael Cashman, Chris Smith….all came out when it was difficult and just got on with it. And they haven’t said how they want to be role models – saying that you want to be adored is pure narcissism. But I expected nothing less from George. He’s an entertainer and lives for attention.

  5. Dan Filson 11 May 2011, 6:53pm

    What he should most apologise for is driving whilst under the influence of drugs. This is at least as widespread a problem as driving under the influence of alcohol, and is at times harder to spot. Frankly his using marijuana doesn’t bother me nor what he does on Hampstead Heath or in Los Angeles public toilets, but the combination of drugs and driving is potentially lethal for others if not also himself.

    1. cottaging is bad though if others try to come onto you

      1. Isn’t the whole point of cottaging that others do come on to you Chester? Or come on you?

        1. I should have said when you aren’t into that or when you don’t even know that the loos are used for that, the last thing you need is to have someone coming onto you when you are going to pee
          it’s not as if everyone is into cottaging or realise where the toilets used for that are

  6. One heterosexual does not speak or act for all. So why should he? F’em all George you have a laugh you’re an artist so I dont expect button down conformity. And he didn’t put himself up as a spokesman

    1. Unfortunately many (most?) people tend to judge minorities by their worst and/or most conspicuous examples so, although he didn’t choose to be a role model, many people will use GM as a convenient example, usually in support of their prejudices.

      1. Like most of the poster here. It’s quite shocking hes a musician not a priest

  7. A Geordie abroad 11 May 2011, 7:41pm

    George Michael ‘slipped up’ rather a master of an understatement. The blokes a clown….. like all other druggies he should be kept away from children… at the very least!

  8. The past is the past – good on him if he’s serious. I hope it’s not just another celeb self-publicising.

    1. “Today, he announced that he will begin a ‘Symphonica’ tour…”

      Looks like celeb self-publicising to me!

  9. The ignorant pig says: “I think we’re a notoriously bad community at helping our own when it comes to children because we don’t have any children”

    Jessica Christ this man needs educating. He should quit thinking the rest of us are anything like him. He’s a rubbish role model for gay people of all ages let alone young gays.

    Don’t young people find him as embarrasing as the rest of us do? People do not look at George M and believe he represents all gay people. No, what they think is “oh George M is in the news again, but this time he is sorry about something and OH YES he has a tour to promote”

    The best way George could serve the gay community (and the gay youngsters who aren’t asking for his help) is to do nothing – just shut the f’kup. Or, if you can’t manage that, just sing.

    1. I agree Glynn, George Michael should shut up when he’s not singing, mostly seems to dig himself further in with every word.
      You have a lovely voice George …sing you twat!

  10. “Today, he announced that he will begin a ‘Symphonica’ tour….”

    He knows that announcing the tour on its own won’t get any press, so he inflates his ego and releases this press release, knowing that all press is good press,that the tour will be tacked onto the end of every report, and will thus sell more tickets.

  11. For a long time I was ambivalent about George Michael. I used to cringe every time he did something embarassing. I used to feel the same about Boy George and Rupert Everett.
    But these days I think we were lucky to have them and all their issues. Because they are/were high-profile gays in the 1980s and 1990s, opponents of gay rights tended to point to them as deeply flawed role models/spokesmen/bogeymen/whatever.
    Because of that, more balanced gay men in politics and the arts came out to show that gay did not equal damaged.
    George Michael and others helped put gay men in a spectrum that was just the same as the rest of society. They helped diminish the idea that there’s one kind of stereotype gay. It was important back then.
    And if George Michael wants spend his time and money helping gay young people, more power to him.
    And for the record, I am not a fan and I don’t own any of his records/CDs or downloads. But I might just buy one now.

    1. Balanced gay politicos & artists came out to show the world that gay did not equal damaged? – well thank you George. I suppose pretty soon he will be seeking to adopt a child and will ask Boy George to be its godmother.

      I’ve just looked on Ebay and there are loads of secondhand George Michael discs available there, so you will be able to get you musical GM fix really cheap (plus p&p)- though I would recommend going for the vinyl, it seems more appropriate, you know, an iconic relic which young people don’t listen to.

  12. I do tend to agree with both the supporters AND detractors who’ve already voiced their opinions here. In some ways, I have a lot more respect for people in George’s financially privileged position who QUIETLY support causes either by giving of their time or their financial resources to help fund projects etc. To do so AND make it public at the time of announcing world tours can easily be seen (rightly or wrongly) as attention seeking and headline grabbing behaviour. Actually, I’m more disturbed by his thoughts about releasing an album populated by a “gay collective”. Can you imagine the headlines in the mainstream media – “band of poofs in bid for No:1”. Now, correct me but I thought George was trying to repair and make amends for the apparent ‘damage’ that the reporting of such behaviour can bring to our gay youngsters? I’d be more impressed if George said you can be a part of the album not coz you’re queer, but because you make the best contribution musically!

  13. I never cease to be amazed that GM is heralded as a gay role model. A man who only came out because he was forced to. There are a number of people who have been brave enough to come out at the beginning of their career – they are the real role models for the rest of us. Those who demonstrate that we should be ourselves no matter what – not those who hang on to the inside of the closet door so tightly they have splinters under their fingernails.

  14. I made the mistake of treating George Michael as the voice of reason back in the 80’s… my bar tab at club Tropicana is now in 4 figures and I’m still paying it back in monthly installments with interest.
    I just don’t think I can trust celebrities to impart valuable life lessons anymore.

    1. Wham’s “Club Tropicana” was a popvert for Tropicana Tropicals drinks popular in the 80’s, product placement featured in the video…and you thought the drinks, fun and laughter really were for free, gratis, no charge.

      1. I started to realise there’s no such thing as a free drink when the club manager got involved. And they weren’t too happy when I began shoplifting cartons of the stuff from ASDA either.
        I couldn’t help it, I was out of control, I can admit that now. I’m currently in a 12-step fruit juice recovery programme at the Priory.

        1. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2011, 12:23pm

          Wow, hope that don’t get squashed!

  15. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2011, 9:04am

    We all make mistakes.
    The question is what we choose to do after, learn from them or carry on down a distructive path.
    George took the latter but hopefully now will learn from them.
    I’m not a fan but appreciate that George has many fans worldwide that will remain loyal so that in itself makes him in the public eye and been seen by his actions.
    He should apologise for this past actions but not for any homophobia directed towards him.
    Anyway, looking to the future, Good luck George.

  16. he is after publicity obviously! very role model for anyone gay or straight!

  17. Can anybody give me examples of this homophobia he has experienced from the police. Call me a cynic but I have a feeling it was more they were annoyed at him for being absolute tw@t for driving under the influence of drugs. As a young gay person I can say he is most definitely not a role model, and he should not be put on a pedestal in any way.

  18. jckfmsincty 16 May 2011, 9:07am

    George Michael, I completely agree with you. You must be less selfish, given the burgeoning of homophobia in the world.

  19. Waterbearer 29 Dec 2011, 2:01pm

    How very sad, so much hatefulness, judgementalism and homophobia in some of these comments. I think many of you need to contemplate carefully the following:

    “People in glass houses……….” and ask yourselves “Am I really so perfect?”

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