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Updated: Confusion over Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill

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Reader comments

  1. I hope the bill has been removed permanently

    1. We can hope all we like, but it won’t be. Uganda is a lost cause, it was claimed by the American Evangelicals years ago.

  2. I for one, do not think that any country is a lost cause … although I understand the sentiment …

    It is very unclear what is happening and international pressure is growing on Uganda

    As for American Evangelicals – yes they have seriously damaged Uganda and otehr parts of East Africa but they are beginning to lose any respect they had in their native US

  3. Staircase2 11 May 2011, 7:19pm

    stupid stupid stupid and ………oh yeah!: stupid springs to mind.

    Not least for falling into the trap of being so easily persuaded by American Christian Fundementalists that this is what Jesus would have wanted! (wants?) lol
    Given that everything we know about Jesus is actually what we have in the Bible(s) its pure idiocy to believe (or to suggest!) that Jesus would be anything other than peaceful, loving, kind and nurturing towards any loving relationships.
    So why is it that the Ugandans can’t see that?

    1. Missonaries have been doing that for years. Youre either with god or the devil.

    2. So why is it that the Ugandans can’t see that?
      So why is it that for the better part of two millennia Western Europe was – and to some extent still is – unable to see that?

  4. Mumbo Jumbo 11 May 2011, 7:57pm

    Please don’t forget to sign and distribute the international petition:

    Now up to 1,400,000 signatures and counting.

  5. Mumbo Jumbo 11 May 2011, 8:12pm

    I also notice that the Archbishop of Canterbury has finally opined:

    The coward does not object in principle to the legislation – merely saying it is too “severe” before then whining about the problems it would cause the Church.

    1. It is not a new statement notice but one recycled from 2009 by his press secretary. I think the situatioin demands renewed effort on his part to prevent a holocaust and to stop the persecution of gay people, meanwhiledisgracefully the Anglican church of Uganda fully support the Kill The Gays Bill.

  6. Bad enough a death penalty for something that people are born with, but the most disturbing line is “and family members of gay people who do not report them to authorities” – to encourage others under penalty of prison to report gay people is nothing short of legalised with hunting. Appalling stuff. Hopefully the shame of this law internationally will reduce investment and aid support for this vile country, although that will be little consolation for innocent gay people who have to suffer this modern day Inquisition by so called “christians”.

    1. (Sorry that should read “witch hunting”)

    2. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2011, 8:05am

      Plus I suspect it will lead to an increase of HIV cases not reported through fear weither they are Straight or Gay.
      It will lead to a serious problem as those spread the disease and die untreated of AIDS which is preventable but would be denied.
      All in the name of Religion, this is there idea of humanity?
      At it’s Very worst I think.

  7. Gay Daily Mail Reader 12 May 2011, 2:36am

    There is no reason why any country should criminialize homosexuality. What goes on in our bedrooms is our affair. If a society or it’s religion disapproves then keep it in the closet but respect people’s right to privacy. No one should appoint themselves as judge, jury and executioner just because they don’t like the way someone else lives.

  8. 1.4 million who are not Ugandan registered voters, or Ugandans. I’d bet 10 times as many people would sign a petition for the bill in a couple dozen countries in the middle east and africa. Uganda decides for Uganda, it’s called democracy.

    1. Commander Thor 12 May 2011, 7:24am

      Uganda decides to wipe out a minority. It’s called genocide.

      1. Well said Commander Thor. There are international laws and conventions that all countries must abide by, and this is one of the worst travesties against human rights in recent times.

        1. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2011, 8:09am

          They just don’t get it, do they.
          You can’t just wipe out the LGBT community.
          They should learn from history when many have tried but failed.
          You cannot wipe out how people are born.
          The only way to wipe it out would be to wipe out all animal life.
          It’s just ashame that in the animal kingdom it is only humans that have invented Religion to give as a right to murder and a right to discriminate.

    2. C

      you’re a savage just like idi amin

  9. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2011, 8:00am

    All in the name of Religion our lives are debated to weither we should live or be put to death.
    Then they have the cheek to say it’s homosexuality that is killing society.
    Why do they Never see the irony of what they say and how they act?

  10. I don’t want to change the subject from uganda – it’s sick that a nation could be thinking about bringing in the death penalty for LGBT – but the death penalty for gay guys exists and has existed for a long time in many countries throughout the middle east (and a couple in africa). The UK sells weapons, buys oil, even invites the leaders of some of these nations to royal weddings. It’s about time that our government not only lobbied uganda about the death penalty, but the middle eastern nations that also murder people based on their sexuality. IMO, the UK should not deal with any nation that kills LGBT. If the same nations were killing people based on their race or their religion, there would be an international outcry. It seems you can do whatever you want to LGBT and get away with it. IMO, If this bill goes through, they should be expelled from the commonwealth, aid cut, trade cut, and not allow any ugandans to enter the UK unless they are LGBT escaping their murderous government.

    1. It’s true about the arab nations. Difference is thay have money and power the UK would not dare to upset them.

  11. ooer missus 13 May 2011, 10:43am

    Claims that the death penalty has been removed are a lie. There is apparently a proposed amendment to replace the punishment clause with a reference to the punishment in a defilement law. But the punishment in that law is also death. See Warren Throckmorton’s blog for updated info.

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