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Lady Gaga teams up with FarmVille creators to launch GagaVille

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Reader comments

  1. …I think I might slit my wrists.

  2. The woman needs to sit down and have a rest!

  3. Does this site really think it can post every bit of news about this woman just because she’s bisexual? It’s bad enough seeing news everywhere else.

    1. Hodge Podge 11 May 2011, 1:38am

      But shes a gay icon! DO NOT BLASPHEME!

      seriously though, the editors probably see the hit count for each type of story and throw in extra easy articles like this one if it gets ad views.

      1. Nobody appointed her there, who gave her the right to that claim? She keeps doing thing’s like that, appointing her stupid song as the gay anthem while some of the lyrics are actually quite disturbing ‘ My Mama told me when I was young, we’re all born super stars. She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on, in the glass of her boudoir’
        Bloody disturbing. .-.

        1. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 10:55am

          Your right, nobody did appoint her.
          She is doing all the support without being prompted into it.
          That has to be a good think surely Sovay?
          As for being disturbed by the lyrics… Seriously?

  4. Youre taking the piss pink news

  5. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 8:47am

    Here’s the real question…
    Will Gaga topple the amazing Adele from the long serving ‘top spot’ in the Album charts?

    1. So you don’t think encouraging her flock through subliminal messaging to want the disease of their loved one disturbing? All the more disturbing is that she is trying but failing to get gay men under her spell and then screeching the lyric “I want your disease” at all and sundry seemingly as a mantra. I imagine a good few of those thick enough to be taken in by her revolting hype and twisted lyrics will see that as a coded message to abandon condoms. Gaga is one sick witch. What is she doing on this site? Judas has already nosedived in the US, a sure sign that she is on the way out now that she is having to do all her own songwriting unaided by her former boyfriend, who claims to be the real influence behind her early hits. Everything about this music industry puppet is fake.

      1. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 12:15pm

        Wow, me thinks your paranoid and clearly are seeing to much that isn’t there.
        So Judas so far has spent 3 weeks in the top 20 peaking at No.10 but the first single to be taken of her new album of the same name ‘Born This Way’ was No.1 in the US for a number of weeks.
        However singles in the states tend to fluctuate for example it has taken 17 weeks for Adele’s Rolling in the Deep to now be at No.2 after many weeks going up and down.
        I think I am more disturbed though about your state of mind to be reading what you are into a song’s lyrics.
        You clearly have dangerous thoughts and are trying to shove the blame on others.
        Please get help and I do mean that sincerely.

  6. Is this woman anything other than a walking PR stunt?
    Can we strike her form the artistic register now please?

    1. Is this woman anything other than a walking PR stunt? In a word ‘no’. But you’ll have people on here arguing black is white that she’s some cultural tour de force and we should all be grateful to her for all she’s done for the gay community and how she’s so original blah blah.


    1. You’ll be waiting Sam, Pink News are already hastily cobbling together some story about how Gaga loves all colours (of M&Ms) and this makes her such a pioneer.

      1. You know CMYB, I would be rolling about laughing at your comment if there was not a halfway chance that this was a real possibility. In GagavilleLand the sillier and more insane the possibility, the likelier it is to be realised.

  8. Love her from business point of view and as an ambassador of human rights. What an entrepreneur this woman is. And God knows she is saying it out and loud. A real role model. Hats off.

    1. Hats off? That thing shaped like a phone receiver and stuck to her head? If only. Where is there left for her to go to ‘shock’ people? I predict a Princess Diana/mercedes crash spoof music video or something. She’ll then cobble a load of buzz words together to justify it.

  9. ‘Human Rights Ambassador’ is a bit of a push. She’s a clever business woman, manipulating the inequalities between the homo and hetero communities to get media attention and attract the pink pound.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 3:07pm

      And highlight the inequalities in high profile style.
      Can help thinking thats only good.

  10. She’s doing nothing any other big commercial artist hasn’t done in the past including Madonna, well apart from being loud and vocal over her support for all things LGBT.
    Some of you need to get your head out of your arses. She happens to be a very successful artist, they come and go all the time. Direct your passionate outburst/vitriol at things that are more important…

    1. In other words get a grip and get a f*****g life ;)

    2. Cute but stupid what a shame. Gaga is supporting everything for cash she is like madonna who called gay people freaks of nature.

      1. Cute but stupid…LMAO James!

      2. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 3:45pm

        Least there was a compliment in there somewhere I guess…

        1. And who wouldn’t be pleased to be on the receiving end of a compliment from James! Take it Gaz, grab it with both hands, its the only one you’ll get on here from anyone.

          1. nice one

  11. So if you eat at a diner in Gagaville, will you get poisoned to death by her and Beyonce at every meal? Gee, what a fun place.

    1. How could I possibly let this comment possibly pass without a link to The Vigilant Citizen’s critique of the blatant occultist and Satanic symbolism of Lady Gaga’s Telephone –

      1. Oh, I should add before Will and his cronies rush in to derail this perceptive and brilliantly observed article by the great Vigilant Citizen, when was the last time that Pink News had 1800+ responses to one of its stories, or featured advertising by the likes of Pom or Groupon? Um, quite.

        1. Will and his cronies. Indeed Rob, anyone that possibly has intellectual issue with someone like you that bangs on a drum constantly here about the “obvious” drive to promote devil worshipping by Gaga is obviously a cronie.

          The fact of the matter is that I, nor anyone else for that matter, hardly think your paranoid Gaga conspiracies demands to much of an intellectual response.

          1. Calm down luvvie and count to ten…

          2. LOL! Calm down? You come in here with ludicrous conspiracies theories about how pop music is forcing people into devil worship, and you think my last comment was anything but calm? Sure, Rob, that’s right.. Run out of meds, have we?

        2. Rob, I googled that site you referred to. Apart for a mildly amusing synopsis of symbolism in Lady Gaga’s video, which I do not deny, I see nothing in the slightest that would lend me to believe that GaGa is intentionally promoting any form of occult or devil worship. Music videos have multiple themes, most far from reality, and what Gaga has done here has been done before by others, none of who are not promoting occult beliefs either, simply clever marketing to create controversy. I agree with the other comment here, this is the stuff of conspiracies theorists and those with paranoid delusions. What you are promoting tends to appeals to those who see threats where none really exists. I assume you are a religious person, Rob? It is my experience that its tends to be fearful religious types that find this stuff offensive and disturbing, as they equally tend see the face of Jesus in toast and bird droppings.

          1. Well, looks liker I have got the likes of Will and Michael truly rattled so job done. Their denialism of what is staring them in the face speaks volumes and the elephant in the room just got a whole lot bigger at least from their close-minded perspective.

          2. LOL! Oh dear, how embarrassing!!!!

            In order to “rattle” someone, Rob, you have to have something of a sustainable and coherent argument. Yeah? What you have done here is deluded yourself, my dear boy, and now clearly you have delusions about your intellect and what little impact your little fantasies have out side your twisted mind on the rest of us….. alas, the only rattle I hear from you Rob, is the sound of the antipsychotic pills you badly need, you poor thing.

            Make sure you check under the bed before light out, now, won’t you? In case the boogie man is out to steal your thoughts.

          3. ‘In case the boogie man is out to steal your thoughts’….which funnily enough brings us back to Lady Gaga, I think the that vigilant citizen dude would spend their time better constructing a website that showed all the true genuine artists and performers that Gaga has stolen ideas and thoughts from since her bandwagon rolled in to town. The only thing she’s promoting amongst viewers is laziness towards originality.

          4. Well, at least that would be an artistic critique, rather than worrying needlessly that the devil is using subliminal messages in pop videos to get us all to pray to him. In short, too much time on their hands…. religious people really need spend less time in a perpetual state of fear of things that aren’t real.

  12. I find it interesting that a lot of the regular posters haven’t rushed to your defense Will. Could it just be that The Vigilant Citizen has given them some very compelling and graphic points to consider? Actually, if you so strongly refute what he says, perhaps you could take one of Gaga’s videos and disseminate the meaning and metaphors yourself and try to come up with a more coherent and tangible explanation? Thought not!

    1. LOL! Laughable Rob. Is that the sum total of your efforts to “prove” me wrong? I do not need to prove anything, when you have no proof at all. Of anything you say.

      Here’s a “tangible explanation” for you:- which is more likely? (1) Everyone in Hollywood is a devil worshipper who puts subliminal messages into pop video’s encouraging everyone who watches them into praying to the devil to create a new world order, or (2) You’re a paranoid schizophrenic.

      Have a guess which one I think is more likely?

    2. “I find it interesting that a lot of the regular posters haven’t rushed to your defence Will.” We don’t need to, he’s doing a great job on his own showing you up for the wacko religious fascist you are Rob.

  13. “Linda” Oh really, Will, you can do better than THAT!! How about Gertrude? Davina? Or Cruella de Ville? LOL!!!!

    1. Paranoid much? Ohhhh, they’re all out to get me! Muct better then a coherent argument, eh, Rob?

      You pathetic sod.

  14. Will, you jump to the bait every time honey. You are the most reactionary queen going. Come down a med or two. Love it! LOL!!!

  15. PS: Oh yes, did you green lizards rule the world and Freddie Starr ate my pet goat? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Will love, you even make Jock S. Trap seem sane and level headed. Now THAT’S saying something. Shhhrrriiieeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 3 posts of hysteria. Lovely. Are you having a breakdown here?

      I’m sorry, you clearly are in a unstable state of histrionics. I’ll leave you to it.

      P.S. Make a tin foil hat, it stops “them” reading your thoughts… apparently.

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