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David Laws guilty of a series of expenses rule breaches

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Reader comments

  1. I think Daivd needs to move on…surely with his tarnished record getting back into the cabint is a pipe dream…..hope he, like others, are still not in denial that he diddled the expenses and many of us find the keeping his sexuality a secret a bit naff, considering he supposed to be a mutli-millionaire, super intelligent , a lib dem and basically the best thing since sliced bread…

  2. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 3:41pm

    What a waste of talented, promising politcial life. Lying never ends well.
    Should he now not be considered for a cabinet position?
    Personally I think not but if he was to apologise sincerely then is he just like the rest of us and deserving of a second chance?

    1. Remember he was going to make savage cuts that will costs lives. I have no sympathy for him

    2. I totally agree with you, Jock S Trap
      I think the timing would be wrong for him to go back into the cabinet right now
      If he apologises profusely etc then maybe in the future – although I wouldnt (at least initially) feel totally comfortable with it.
      He has made a mistake – which not only cost him reputationally, also had potential to have challenged his relationship, cost him financially and cost him professionally. If he learns from this, he will be an even stronger politician and demand more respect – not sure cabinet (at least initially) is the right move though

  3. On Newsnight last night with Paxman he had some political commentator on who practically spat out the words “gay lover” in relation to the laws story and the rent claims. Dunno why the term partner or boyfriend couldn’t be used. ‘Gay lover’ obviously still has a whiff of scandal about it.

  4. £40k what a greedy mug

    1. I would argue the contrary – if he had felt able to disclose his relationship he would have been entitled to have claimed far more in mortgage expenses etc …. So I would argue whilst technically he mislead and definitely broke the rules – greed was not the motive

      1. Sister Maray Clarence 10 May 2011, 5:55pm

        Yes, I agree, the guy fiddled his expenses to claim less in effect

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 9:02am

      Personally James! I think thats says more about the expenses than what this particular man did.

  5. @John

    I think he could get back into the cabinet.

    If he apologises appropriately and there is an appropriate period

    Consider previous cabinet ministers such as Mandelson, Heseltine etc

    1. I dont think the timing is right – but I think he could get back … not sure its wise but I can see it happening

      1. If I was part of the lib dem and I wanted another cabinet minister then I wouldn’t choose David Laws…. if the lib dems were popular and we were 3 or 4 yrs down the line then they might be able to squeeze him in but why would you even contemplate him, they’ve just had a good kicking and getting someone who fiddled the expenses won’t be popular… this the best man they can put forward, someone shrouded in controvery..I’m not quite sure he is a Heseltine or Mandelson, before this I’d never even heard of Laws, the other 2 were biggies…

  6. The fact that he could have claimed more if he had declared his relationship is irrelevant I think.

    Why he was such a coward I don’t know (he’s a middle-aged millionaire in a gay-friendly party after all).

    All I know is that if I submitted false expenses in my job, I’d be sacked and reported to the police.

    The fact that Laws is not facing criminal charges shows the contempt in which the government hold the electorate.

  7. £40,000 for sharing your boyfriend’s farter, he must be the laughing stock of Westminster.

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