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Girl, 13, is latest victim of South African ‘corrective rape’

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Reader comments

  1. F@#king animals!

    1. You are right, men are animals. Fkn bastards. Nothing more, nothing less. I tried to say it in other articles, but thay attacked me for being “intollerant”. I am a lesbian feminist, and I see the truth. Men are shyt. That’s why we need feminism in schools in the uk. So that fkn men learn and go to prison for their crimes against womyn. Retarded useless shyts.

      1. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:42pm

        And yet your comments are full of discrimination.
        I doubt you are who you claim to be.
        Your comments just show how sad You are.

      2. Lila I think the ‘attacks’ you received re other articles were due to your extreme views about men not because you’re female.

      3. Big Issues. Sort your father complex out.

      4. You’re not intolerant, you’re a downright mentally challenged bigot. Truth hurt your little brain, sweetie?

  2. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:41pm

    Words fail me.
    Just shocking.
    They must act to stop this vile behaviour.

  3. Here’s an idea… All the horny gay men in SA should target straight men to do some ‘corrective rape’ (sarcasm, of course)

  4. Is lila for real? LOL

  5. Sick.

  6. Sickening beyond all words. Poor, poor child…

  7. I feel sick just reading this, but I do wonder if she was the source of the assertion that she was a lesbian. I don’t live in SA but I’m not sure if many thirteen-year-olds would be openly gay there…as an increasingly common (or at least commonly reported) crime, it sounds a bit too much like an ‘excuse’. ‘She was a lesbian, officer, she refused to have sex with her boyfriend…’

  8. I could blame the same old same old. But I’ve lost all hope for this part of the world.

  9. I spent my life defending Africa and aficans until I spent some time with some. They are the most bigoted people on earth. Don’t waste you’re time trying to reason with the uneducated ones. Africa is hell on earth and south afica may have been better for lgbt under aparthide

    1. can’t we just defend african women and admit that african men are the real problem??

      1. No.Cant we just address the fact there’s something disturbingly wrong with you instead?

      2. up yours you whore

        1. oh James that’s probably why the poster feels so angry. why reply with such a vicious tone. the intimation of ‘up yours’ is to forcibly put something inside her vagina/anus – are you really any better than the vicious SA corrective rapists we’re discussing?

          1. But lila’s comments are fine? Below she advocates rape. Hello?

          2. Erm, Jo, I don’t think saying up yours to someone is the same as someone who is a corrective rapist? What a weird comparison to make.

      3. can’t we just defend african women and admit that african men are the real problem??

        Do African women play no part in the development of African men?

        1. ah so now women rape men? what a bastard you and your fkn male friends, you are pathetic liars. It’s men like you who should be raped, at lesast you would learn something from it. dikc!

          Women love, we have a much higher level of empathy, you piece of shyte.

          1. Shush now, you make me feel ill, lila.

          2. Jesus, woman, do you see everything through a veil of sex or rape?
            It would have been obvious to a child of 5 that I was referring to the part women obviously play in bringing up their male children.
            It seems to me you suffer from some personality disorder (lack of one, I daresay). May I also point out that you’re displaying precious little capacity to love, my pet, let alone empathy.

          3. Lila, Women love? Where is yours then?

            I’m suspecting that lila is neither a woman or a lesbian. Just a troll.

          4. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 4:00pm

            As someone who was raped I find this comment offensive. Is this right for this page?

          5. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 4:02pm

            I make the comment to see lila somewhat predictable response.

          6. I think Lila is Rich. The childlike view of the world and the appalling grammar. And like Clarke Kent, where is the other is missing.

          7. Why does this site allow those who support rape? Lila’s comments are disgusting.

      4. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 4:06pm

        Is lila, LU?

        1. Could be that too. Rich/LU/Lila – all show the same mental dexterity.

        2. Good shout, Jock! Very possible!

    2. James, as a mixed race south african that grew up under apartheid – that comment was ill informed and stupid, see this article for an idea of what apartheid was like for gays and lesbians

      We now have one of the strongest constitutions in the world that protects gay rights and even grant us gay marriage but unfortunately gay men & women that live in the townships fight a battle every day to survive and overcome the stereotypes and prejudice directed at them.

      1. Fair enough Marc i did say may have been better. I didn’t know about that monster. and shame on Canada for letting him in. Canada is a really dodgy country with all thats seal clubbing

  10. First of all people that feel that South Africa is ‘hell’ because of reports such as these ones should look at the surge of homophobic crimes around the world in general.One also has to acknowlegde that atleast we have a constitution that is clear on this matter,and that is that homophobia will not be tolerated.Violence and abuse,verbal and otherwise,inspired by it are prosecuted.

    However in as much as the laws are in support of the LGBT community to a highest degree,that will not quickly transfer to change in social perseptions.In this part of the world there is still strong attachment to culture ,defined by outdated socialisation.But this is a crime and i am certain that who ever is behind it will be subject to legal procedures as essential.Our current president did advance homophobic statements with an element of violence before he came to power,and although he did apologise,i hope that this will make them watch the inflammatory statements they throw around.This is unfortunate.

    1. Dont make excuses that constitution is worthless in the townships and you know it. albinos are killed for magic and babies raped to cure aids. get a grip mate

    2. atleast we have a constitution that is clear on this matter,and that is that homophobia will not be tolerated
      Sadly it would appear the rights promoted by the constitution are of little relevance and have as yet scant influence in the townships.

      1. Well if you guys think that constitution is not relavant in these matters,that appears to be the argument for anti gay marriage? Because the laws will not be obeyed in the ‘townships’ or by the people then they shouldnt be made?That is a frivolous and bizzarre way of looking at it.My point is,there is a problem with implementation of laws,yes,but gradually with enforcement people will become conscious of legal implications of violent acts towards LGBT.and furthermore,the laws themselves can only go a long way,at the end of the day this is also a social issue.Changing people’s perceptions and reflections on gays will not be overturned in a few years that these laws have existed in comparison with melliniums of homophobia being inflicted and validated by other institutuons like culture and religion.

        1. No, not at all, but it’s perhaps a little irrelevant to trumpet the enlightened constitution if it applies only to a tiny privileged minority. Is there much evidence of its implementation at all at this point?

          1. Damn right Rehan.

  11. Will – i don’t see where I said her advocating rape was ok? I merely pointed out no wonder she is angry if that is how she is spoken to. (ie being called a whore etc)
    anyway the bigger isssue is that corrective rape is a growing issue and tolerance seems to be lessening. how to influence thngs from here though? my mp certainly couldnt give a rat’s arse about gay issues never mind ‘over there’..

    1. Look above:

      lila 1 hour ago Report Reply

      ah so now women rape men? what a bastard you and your fkn male friends, you are pathetic liars. It’s men like you who should be raped, at lesast you would learn something from it. dikc! Women love, we have a much higher level of empathy, you piece of shyte.

      1. And I agree, the term “whore” is incorrect. Bottom feeder vermin, is a more fitting a term of reference.

      2. @ will yes i see it – i was explaining that i didnt advoacte her saying it. it’s an outrageous thing to say
        @eddy ‘up yours’ refers to the act of putting something up vagina/anus. perhaps not corrective but uninvitingly violating nevertheless…

        anyway…back to the violence and cruelty of a 13 year old being raped because she is a lesbian. that’s what we should be discussing…

  12. I think we have to look at every situation as that situation only. ‘Corrective rape’ is wrong. Very wrong. But all men cannot be held accountable for one man’s actions. That man should. It is disturbing how rape is given a label other than rape. Corrective rape or any other ‘sort’ of rape is still wrong and where there may be reasons, there are NEVER excuses for this sort of behaviour. And yes….I think Lils…whoever this person is…has serious issues.

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