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Gay MP Nigel Evans ‘in denial’ when he voted for Section 28

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Reader comments

  1. I pity him for what the closet did for him

    But we’re suppopsed to just forgive and forget the crap he and his fellows caused with this law? No – even if he was in denial on his sexuality, the law was objectively wrong and sickening and he supported it

    1. WELL SAID…

    2. JackAlison 10 May 2011, 9:45am

      Couldn’t agree more Sparky
      I can’t believe this creep is still in power.
      He has no scruples or conscience and clearly needs to step aside.
      When u think of all the misery and hardship he and his ilk caused he should have no place in government whatever its political persuasion.

    3. I agree 100%. The law was wrong on moral principles, that alone should have been enough to make him reject the bill. It needs more than admitting you were wrong, it needs for him to admit that he was ignorant and apologise for allowing his own insecurities to affect his ethical judgement.

  2. Oh and we see his chance to speak out on an equality issue that is current and he ducks and covers again? Typical Tory

    1. An opportunist as the other ones in his party.

    2. He’s not allowed to comment on certain issues because of his position as Speaker of the House of Commons – like being a chairman. It’s essential to his job that he doesn’t comment on things that are being debated.

  3. Bastard. The amount of greif he caused and it still continues today. He shuld stfu and volunteer at victim support

  4. Nigel Evans is to be commended for being so frank. He’s admitted he was wrong, very wrong, and sought to explain why. We have all made wrong decisions in our lives, what is sickening is the ease of some to rush to condemn, breathing self-righteous fire and brimstone just like the worst of religious evangelicals, as if they have never put a foot wrong and their actions never had a consequence on anyone else.

    1. Its ok to apologise but what is he doing for us who are still living with the consequences? I’m sure his cash insulates him from the worst members of society. He should volunteer at victim support or something and shut his hole

    2. Although I think it’s good he can admit what he did was wrong but why does being gay stop you from being able to comment on the blood ban if anything it would give you more of an insight into the issue

    3. So his mea culpa cleans the slate, really? We all reserve the right not accept his excuses dressed as an apology .

    4. Actions speak louder than words Thomas. He was elected to a position of considerable responsibility – the power to vote on laws and policies that affect the lives of others. As a highly educated man whose awareness of the world and the complex intertwining of social issues should be considerably higher than that of the average Joe, I would consider him worse than a religious nutter who has been brainwashed into such beliefs. Not that I like them either, but Nigel evans should have known better. To act against your own people, especially when they are the real victims, is revolting. I am not religious and therefore do not believe in forgiveness. Instead, I want to see actions from him that help us directly.

      1. Ultimately, he was a big, gay Uncle Tom – kissing Tory ass to be part of their Old Boys Club. Someone who ultimately wanted to escape from wherever he came from and what he was. I don’t respect anyone like that, whatever their social background or immutable biology. He was born to pretend to be someone he is not, what makes you think he’ll change now? Wait, he hasn’t, he’s not done anything LGBT-related since – except bandwagon the efforts of others.

    5. His apology for his disgusting homophobia will be accepted when he has made amends for his disgusing homophobia.

      What is Evans doing to advance the cause of marriage equality in this country?

      He can begin there.

      Otherwise he should be viewed as the opportunistic scumbag, he so clearly is.

  5. typical tory, dont do as I do , do as I say. Now hes out its ok to be gay is it.

  6. ‘…Gay Conservative MP Nigel Evans says he was in denial..’

    Any gay people who are or support Tory are in denial. And what exactly Cameron/Tory did for gay rights at home or abroad?

    1. Not alot tbh. He actually voted against LGBT rights plenty of times..

  7. J Cartier 9 May 2011, 1:03pm


  8. Has he made any comments on gay issues since coming out – what’s his opinions on marrigae equality (that’s a hot issue, won’t go down well with the old regime)….pretty clear he is still a coward since he won’t comment on the blood thing! Where’s the leadership he so admires in Cameron on lgbt issue!!!

  9. If he were to make a sustained effort to raise LGBT issues in the HoC, and, thus, make amends for his shameful past record, I may feel a little empathy for him. Right now, however, he seems as much of a cowardly and self-pitying victim as he did when he came out. Not to mention when he voted for Section 28. He has made no effort since and therefore deserves no empathy or respect from the community he not only failed but probably caused more difficulty for.

    I have no time for hypocrites, he of all people could have come out because he had plenty of cash to survive on even if he had lost his job or was voted out. Most of us don’t have that option when we come out, yet we still manage to.

    A cowardly politician is a cowardly politician.

  10. Now, if Cameron proactively supports marriage equality and makes it a reality, then I’ll believe he’s done something really good for equality. Consultations mean nothing unless they translate into positive action and succeed.

    Isn’t it interesting that the majority of closeted gay politicians who vote against our rights are overwhelmingly conservative in the UK and republican in America. I wonder why that is?

  11. Dan Filson 9 May 2011, 1:29pm

    It was his choice to be shuffled off to Deputy Speaker, no doubt lining his sights on succeeding Bercow whom the Tories long to ditch but could not in the hung parliament. Don’t presume the speakers always alternate between parties – they didn’t until the mid-1960s. So his self-imposed exile to a voiceless post is his own doing, and not 100% altruistic.

  12. Charles Bayliss 9 May 2011, 1:31pm

    There is no excuse of being in denial or not. One should not vote for or against Gay People because he is gay or straight. One should vote in favour of gays because we are humans as much as straights are humans. It is discriminatory to choice between black and white.

  13. Oh he can shut the he’ll up. I’m so sick of reading about these people who caused great great harm that lasts for decades and hurts millions … But hey it’s fine now because he was in denial at the time and now accepts himself and his happy … Well horray for you what about the suffering and misery you and this like you brought to others.

    Sorry to rant, but I haterhe hypocrisy of it all, when it suits them they hide and try to re-enforce their sexuality I not to themselves then others and to he’ll with the people who live in misery or those that couldnt cope :(
    But once they are happy with themselves then they want what they helped cause gone and a better life for gay people.

  14. Paula Thomas 9 May 2011, 2:45pm

    “I said it when I came out, I showed absolutely no leadership, whereas David Cameron has. When you say you can’t work out how there are so many gays in the Tory party – David is hugely instrumental in that, because of his approach to gay issues and equality.”

    Made me laugh!! David Cameron voted to retain S28. His ‘conversion’ is a political convenience that will melt as soon as he can get away with it.

  15. Everyone who voted for section 28 was in denial… in denial that gay people exist, in denial that gay people have human rights.

  16. He is a deceitful scumbag who deserves zero respect of sympathy until he starts making amends for his horrific bigotry..

    He can start making amends for his disgusing homophobia by starting to work on marriage equality.

  17. If this scumbag’s homosexuality was an ‘open secret’ in Westminsyer then I am very disappointed that he was not outed by the media.

    He qualifies under all criteria for outing.

    He was a closeted gay guy who was actively persecuting his own people.

    Such a person should not be granted the luxury of remaining in his privileged closet.

    He is a disgraceful human being.

    1. David that’s exactly what I thought, if his homosexuality was an open secret why the f–k was he voting for section 28? Surely not to save face if his colleagues knew. He does sound like a crippled withered up closet case, a not at all healthy individual. I’m surprised Rona Cameron or anyone else in the LGBT community for giving him the time of day. He must have been in his 30s when he voted for for section 28. How depressing.

  18. Bollox, utter and total bollox – he knew what he was and denied to further his career, purely that.

  19. de Villiers 9 May 2011, 6:04pm

    The comments on this board are full of the hate that they supposedly decry.
    This politician made very big errors in his personal life and in his career. I would rather welcome his change than to dwell upon the past and, in doing so, play the role of the eternal victim.
    I cannot help but consider that those who are already on the left have posted unpleasant messages of hate, in line with their dislike of him politically in any event.

    1. When people are underservingly pushed into a position by homophobia, they will react negatively and probably aggressively. When that homophobia is coming from a fellow homosexual in a gross act of betrayal, then that reaction is magnified. Take your piety elsewhere, it is up to us as individuals how much we are willing to trust a viper in the shrubs.

    2. NO – I don’t really feel like he has changed. He refuses to comment on the blood ban, marriage equality or anything else that is important and controversial. He choses instead to opt for the soft , stonewall option of more openly gay footballers…NO , he hasn’t proved that he has moved on and is not showing leadership on LGBT issues…

    3. Rubbish.

      This man’s revolting homophobia should not be swept under the carpet.

      This vile opportunist needs to make amends for his toxic bigotry.

      This article makes no mention of how he will correct the damage he has caused through his appalling bigotry.

      He has not earned any forgiveness.

      He remains a disgusting human being for his homophobia.

    4. I’m very much on the left and I haven’t been hate-filled towards him. It’s also perfectly possible to criticise someone as being very much in the wrong without expressing hated and calling someone a ‘scumbag’. I hope t hose who express so much hatred are near perfect human beings themselves and are able to see clearly into another person’s soul in order to judge them.

  20. Ed Johnson 9 May 2011, 6:13pm

    He’s such a charming man. I have so much respect for him. Had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. I take my hat off to you Mr Evans.

    1. Even though he would throw you under the bus the moment it was convenient for you.

      He is a man without principle.

      He is not fit to be an MP. He is a disgrace to gay people everywhere.

      There’s no homophobe as bad as a self-hating closet case.

      Evans has finally come out.

      He has not stated how he intends to make amends for the lives he has ruined through his self-hatred and bigotry.

  21. Chuckster 9 May 2011, 6:31pm

    Thank God for those last 2 comments! People here have clearly never heard of the Prodigal Son. What a lot of bile and loathing! Seriously guys, get a grip! You look pathetic and that kind of relentlessly negative attitude will drive you to an early grave.

    1. The prodigal son – you mean the biblical tale where the prodigal son seeks forgiveness and makes amends for his previous bigotry.

      Why has this Evans creature not been vocally campaigning for marriage equality to try to make amends for the gay lives he has damaged through his actions?

      He has made no amends. He is a slimy repellant excuse for a human being.

  22. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:49pm

    So being ‘In denial’ helped him justify the damage he did?
    I don’t think so but am willing to accept this is now 2011 and live my life accordingly.
    He needs to show this community some respect and do more to stop others now doing exactly what he did then.

    1. Absolutely, but where to begin?

      1. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 8:25am

        Yep, thats the biggest problem.

  23. At least he’s admitted he’s wrong. Bit rubbish though that I had to live under section 28 thanks in part to this moron.

    1. He doesn’t say sorry though.

      1. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 8:31am

        I think we have to move on.
        He’s admitted he was wrong and we have to live in the now.
        So he was a bit late but I’d rather have him support us now than remain in the closet doing the damage.
        What I would like to see is him championing more Equal rights.
        His position should not stop him speaking out.

      2. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 12:07pm

        Has has said sorry in other newspaper articles and interviews.

  24. He is in the right party then. The Tories are constantly in a state of denial.

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 8:27am

      Then you should join them, you’d feel at home.

  25. GayWebHosting 10 May 2011, 10:22am

    Sorry… No forgiveness here.

    The Prodigal Son? No more biblical references please… I think we’ve heard enough of them.

    He’s a liar. Plain and simple. His support of a homophobic government helped to do damage to gay people for YEARS and he should be ashamed of himself.

    How can such an opportunistic individual be trusted as an MP? Why is he STILL an MP?

    We should the ‘thankful he is now supporting us’? In what way is he doing this? By taking a ceremonial role for his own good? Where he is now safe from having to actually vote on his OWN beliefs?

    The man has misled everyone… His own party it would seem, and his own community who he so easily betrayed.

    He should GO and GO NOW.

    1. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 12:09pm

      > his own community who he so easily betrayed
      I think this fails to appreciate the position of denial and self-hatred, which is with what this politician must have struggled for many years.
      Changing one’s mind after re-evaluating one’s position is not telling lies or betrayal. It is to be welcomed.

      1. I’m not sure whether his revaluation comes from merely the fact that the Conservatives now have a party policy of saying sorry about section 28 etc…If the policy were to be the same as before it’s not very clear on which side of the fence this guy would fall . Apart from a role model (ie a mp can also be gay) it’s of very little use being a gay MP if you are not going to fight for controversial LGBT changes .Simply being a gay mp in the conservative party towing the party line doesn’t tell you much. As far as I can see , it’s now ok to be gay within the Tory party, but you still need to tow the party line on LGBT issues and that includes keeping your mouth shut on blood donation and marriage equality ie you don’t saynothing in favour of them until the party tells you to. He says nothing, not even that he is working behind the scenes on these issues! Has he changed or simply the tory party policy?

      2. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 5:49pm

        I think the change has been the same as why many others have now accepted their sexuality – the change in societal attitudes to being gay.
        There is no forcing of Conservative MPs not to call for gay rights (or rather equal rights). Some Conservative gay MPs have been quite outspoken about such matters, but they tend to be reported in the right-wing rather than the left-wing newspapers.

        1. sorry but I’m not aware of any of them apart from Margot who has spoken in favour of say marriage equality…apart from May’s usual bit about LGBT rights then in what way have they spoken up for any further LGBT rights such as marriage equality and the ban on blood…

          1. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 10:10pm

            Perhaps, but gay marriage is not the most immediate issue for the first year of a new government. No government has enacted such type of social legislation in the first term. I have no doubt that as politics settles in to the five-year term, such policies will come to the fore.

          2. The toffs seem to be able to multitask in so many nasty fronts, and still some insist that “gay marriage is not the most immediate issue for the first year”. How pathetic can it get? And today we have an extra scandal on tuition fees. Tory nastiness as expected and predicted. The false marriage, the honeymoon has gone, the love has never existed… the fall is approaching fast so the 5 year term may never materialise

          3. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2011, 9:26am

            And yet who was it that broke an election promise to bring in tuiton fees in the first place?
            Oh thats right it was Labour.
            Double Standard here again.
            People Don’t want Ed MiliBalls.
            Labour Won’t get back in with those to losers in charge.
            Best get used to it, Beberts.

          4. de Villiers 11 May 2011, 3:38pm

            Beberts. If one were to follow your wholly biased and partisan outbursts, they would have believed that after 12 months of a Coalition government, all gays individuals would be forced to wear pink triangles and thrown into detention.

          5. And yet who was it that broke an election promise to bring in tuiton fees in the first place?
            Oh thats right it was Labour.
            Double Standard here again.
            People Don’t want Ed MiliBalls.
            Labour Won’t get back in with those to losers in charge.
            Best get used to it, Beberts.
            I admit Labour have become alot more right wing but the tories are still doing more damage than labour ever did

  26. Coward.

  27. As it currently stands Nigel Evans is not fit for purpose to serve as an MP.

    1He has an APPALLING record of homophobia throughout his political career.

    That’s bad enough (but typical of the Tories – which remains the Nasty Party. His homophobia is despite the fact that he is gay himself.

    To vote against gay rights when he himself is gay is an appalling betrayal of the gay community.

    And also it is evidence of a fatal flaw which he can no longer deny.

    He is a liar.

    I don’t care if he did not want to come out. That was his business ONLY so long as he did not try to damage other people.

    His repeated betrayal of his own people shows his fundamental corruption and dishonesty.

    He is a disgraceful human being, deserving of zero respect until he has atoned for his grave character flaws.

    1. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 5:50pm

      You sound like an African bishop.

      1. Well DeVilliers – how do you propose this homophobic wretch atone for his disgusting homophobia?
        Surely you accept that in light of his brutal bigotry, that an empty apology is meaningless.

        1. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 10:02pm

          Perhaps as meaningless as the fire and brimstone that you invoke.

          1. Ok – just to reiterate.

            Abhorrent bigot Nigel Evans has not made any amends for the lives he has destroyed through his homophobia.

            And you – DeVilliers – don’t care about that.

            No wonder the Tories remain the Nasty Party if you and Evans are typical of the Tory Party

          2. de Villiers 11 May 2011, 3:39pm

            I am not in the Tory party David. I am not in any English party or, for that matter, a French one. However, if the Tories are so unpleasant then it would appear to be the party for you.

          3. I am not in the Tory party David. I am not in any English party or, for that matter, a French one. However, if the Tories are so unpleasant then it would appear to be the party for you. – So your just trolling then by your own admission

  28. Peter Gregory 10 May 2011, 5:37pm

    The man is an unprincipled, power-grabbing screwed up hypocite who has helped to damage so many lives. These people don’t care about consequences- only about grabbing power. Hypocrites. What happened when Peter Tatchell tried ‘outing”? Everyone turned against him. Let him go to Tatchell and grovel and if Peter says the guy will make amends, then we can consider it. So MANY years of abuse from these self-seeking BIGOTS!

    1. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 5:51pm

      Views have changed over the past twenty years. We should all be able to re-evaluate our opinions as society changes – for the better.

      1. He also needs to make amends for the lives he ruined, througfh his tireless homophobia.
        What is he doing to make amends?
        Nothing seemingly.
        He is a disgusting human beng.

        1. de Villiers 10 May 2011, 10:03pm

          The meaning of your posts has been diminished by inflation.

          1. Bury head sand

          2. deVilliers – the meaning of your posts is completely worthless since your only function on here is to pretend that Nigel Evans is a worthwhile human being, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

            Nigel Evans is a disgusting human being.

          3. de Villiers 11 May 2011, 3:40pm

            I may pretend that Nigel is not a worthless human being. You, however, need not even pretend in relation to yourself.

    2. Dan Filson 13 May 2011, 3:33pm

      The curious thing is that he always on other issues projected an aura (not necessarily backed by votes in the lobby, of course) of being more on the liberal wing of the Conservative party. But contrast his closet behaviour with that of Matthew Parris. I know which Tory I admire the more(not that I have voted Tory in the last 40 years)

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