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Watch: Lady Gaga’s new video Judas

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Reader comments

  1. No, thanks, the song is really bad.

    Clothes, gays, religion … Lady Gaga is running out of publicity stunts.

    1. And yet you took the time to write a negative comment while shes fighting for gay rights…
      You’re clearly smart and deserving of everything you get

      1. didn’t take you long to write a negative comment either douchebag. so alan doesn’t share the same musical tastes as tigra? Well stone us for having opinions or our own minds and brains. if you want to be suckered in fair enough, get lost you sad be-atch. as for alan deserving all he gets you’re one twisted little gaylord. go play your gaga cds and leave the men to our work.

        1. so whats with negative comments john? couldnt you just let it go?

          1. why are you so intolerant with him, hes just expressing what he thinks, im disturbed most gays are ok with freedom of expression until someone thinks something they dont like (im gay btw), i also think its a terrible video (although its a great song lol), shes miles away from her initial peak. I dont doubt anyway thats shes doing great in lgbt rights =)

        2. Who ever wrote this comment? using the name JohnK, could you change your name.

          For those who are used to my comments, this is not by me (JohnK), who posts regularly on this site

          1. Not sure if it was intentional, but a lot of this is happening lately John. I suspect single individual that probably masquerades under many names to inflame, and thinks taking other names of regulars will discredit them.

          2. Will, thanks for the support.

    2. I agree. Lady Gaga aligns herself with the hates and misunderstood in order to get away with marketing them. She’s bi so she’s allowed to portray gays as whores, she’s catholic so she’s allowed to go over the top with absurd religious themes. It’s like being black and saying the ‘N’ word, you get away with it.

      1. Being black you get away with much more then using N word. Not by being black and gay thou. Being gay is white man’s disease…or so I was told.

  2. Shocking is her marketing stretegy but her creative team need to realise that its getting old.The fact that her videos spark more interest than her actual songs says a lot.I ‘d hoped she would do something different this time rather than the disturbing antics she always has to do to provoke interest in her music.I’m hoping that she soon stops using gays as a selling point incorporated to her shock approach ,becuase for me in music videos for both Alejandro and Born this way,she is simply claiming to be worshipped by “the gays” which is disgusting and offensive.

    1. 50 millions+ viewers on each video would dare to disagree.
      Santa GaGa.

  3. On Youtube I have seen some of her songs covered by ordinary folk and mostly they seem to stack up OK…not great, but OK. They are pop songs – they aren’t meant to say anything.

  4. The headline says watch the video – but there is no link on the page, or am I missing something.

  5. Johnzaloog 6 May 2011, 6:19pm

    I normally quite like Gaga’s stuff, and the chorus here is all right, but the rest is pretty awful. Definitely not her best.

  6. Sorry but it’s just like the last video. GaGa has lost it….. Already.

    1. She’s just a product of the itunes generation, her fans can buy her ‘choons’ online for a few nickels without having to get off their asses, they can watch her on youtube relentlessly ergo she can churn out what she considers to be controversial pap to the kids relentlessly. She’s this year’s Marilyn Manson, Eminem etc etc only way fuglier.

  7. I really liked this video. So many other artists use their music videos to do nothing other than try to make themselves look hot. She’s actually trying to make art out of her videos. Just like all art, some people will like it and some people will hate it (I happen to like her videos). But at least she’s trying to say something other than “I’m hot and I’m dancing.”

    1. My two cents worth… I think the video is interesting but I’m finding her product is getting too dark and angry, time to do something cheeky, clever and sweet that can maybe top the brilliant “Poker Face” that was all those things.

      1. Nobody gets anywhere staying the same.
        You have to constantly adapt, Gaga does that very well and is getting better.
        If she takes religion down a peg then good, i’m not complaining about someone who fights tirelessly 7 days a week for others rights.

        1. so you’re a fanboy then. She fights tirelessly 7 days a week? says who. she makes music videos that are created to cause controversy which in turn keeps her in clover, so where’s the gay rights championing there? you swallow whatever you want to but let the rest of us make up our own minds, just cause we don’t agree with you doesn’t mean we’re the idiots.

          1. Who ever wrote this comment? using the name JohnK, could you change your name.
            For those who are used to my comments, this is not by me (JohnK), who posts regularly on this site

  8. Spanner1960 6 May 2011, 7:05pm

    Crap news day again?

    What precisely has this to do with LGBT people? Just another poseur trying to use shock tactics to promote mediocre material.

    Nothing new there then. Madonna was doing that 20 years ago.

  9. Ding dong the thief is dead! Finally. Gaga says; “It’s a metaphor”. Yeah a metaphor for how someone with zero talent but an innate capacity for empty gestures can make a career based on empty soundbytes, controversy and the fact people can post all sorts on sh!te on Youtube and it will be watched.

  10. Samuel B. 6 May 2011, 7:44pm


  11. Love the song! Been singing it for weeks.

    However the video..

  12. So ugly, so degenerated….

    1. Woman gets stoned at the end Rich…bet you loved it you dirty little creep.

    2. Rich, making an observation about yourself again ?

  13. Alejandro? Desperado more like. As are any of the ignorant jackasses who worship at her feet but really have no idea what they are worshipping. Why is the release of yet another vile, devil worshipping video news for heaven’s sake? Nuff said.

    1. I’m no fan of gaga, but devil worshipping? lol. You sound like Rich.

      1. Or else he’s been reading those websites that try and link Gaga with the Illuminati. Whoever wrote those pages has waaaay too much time on their hands. She’s just the gimp of a very clever record company.

        1. The illuminati aren’t interested in someone who looks like a bad drag queen that’s taken too much acid. And the song is so cheesy. She can sing though. But I wish she’d stop thinking she was the ambassador for the gay community.

          1. Oh c’mon!! They certainly are interested in a bad drag queen when she has millions of adoring youngsters across the globe who kneel at her feet whom she influences and subverts with her debased and crazy antics. It is the power of persuasion, and the sub conscious is easily programmable via hidden messages tucked away in all manner of things from TV commercials to – gasp, shock! – depraved, hedonistic, occult-like pop videos.

            Anyone watch MTV these day? No one noticed how this twisted subversion has crept up on us since the days when ABBA were innocently spinning around and bumping heads? Rhianna performing S&M to 9 year olds on Saturday morning TV, anyone? Christine A massaging her crotch and thrusting her barely concealed F*nny Adam at the camera on X Factor? Not heard of the 9pm watershed?

            Hmm, what agenda could possibly be at play here if it isn’t to further sexualise kids and in doing so continue toerode the fabric of society to the point where we lose respect for everything..

          2. Hmm, what agenda could possibly be at play here if it isn’t to further sexualise kids and in doing so continue toerode the fabric of society to the point where we lose respect for everything..”

            Occam’s Razor would suggest you’re a paranoid schizophrenic, how’s that for an alternative?

    2. “devil worshipping video”?

      WTF? Are you drunk or brain damaged? What a stupid, stupid thing to say. Really, its embarrassing.

      1. Gaga’s videos are steeped in occult symbolism that is basically devil worship. Check out this deconstruction of her last video Born This Way:
        No doubt The Vigilant Citizen is preparing his hit piece on Judas as I write…

        1. Rob, this isn’t the 14th Century – Its a pop video, grow up for heavens sake

        2. Oh. My. God. Did anyone read that link Rob put up? Its insanity and paranoia gone to new levels. Its mind boggling how paranoid this blog is.

          This is my favourite line: “All of this is happening in the Government-Owned-Alien-Territory, a clever way of stating that this new race is something that the occult elite wants to see happening.”

          WTF? This guy needs medical attention for possible paranoid schizophrenia.

          Rob, seriously mate, get a bloody life and for the love of god stop reading this filth and get a real edcuation. Really, people like you are an affront to any evolved person.

          What is it with these freaks and the so called new world order nonsense? Its like they hit an intellectual rock bottom and then just try to keep on digging.

          1. The problem with Gaga’s largely moronic fan base is that their brain cells have been have been numbed and deadened by the over consumption of junk food and a non-stop diet of televisual garbage termed “infotainment”.
            They think Gaga’s videos are a form of artistic set pieces and have not a clue as to the hidden Satanic messages and occult symbolism that pervade her videos and indeed those of similar mind-controlled MK Ultra (Google it) slaves like Rhianna, Britney and Beyonce.
            They are merely controlled puppets whether they are aware of it or not. Yet those pulling their strings have the last laugh as the debauchery and upfront occultism inherent in their videos seep into the public subconscious in an effort to lure us all down a similarly sex obsessed, morally redundant path and debase us.
            Hey look around you guys. It’s working!!

          2. The mental abilities of her fan base is mutually exclusive, and neither proof of, some paranoid delusion with aliens, devil worship, and new world order fantasies. These are the scribblings of a mad man.

            And when I look around, the only thing I see are people like you in need of medication to help you integrate to society more, and to prevent you going into a MacDonald’s and taking out half the place becuase “the mind control aliens of the new world order” told you too in a Gaga video.

            Listen to yourself man, you sound literally mad.

          3. musclelad23 9 May 2011, 11:12am

            Why is it nonsense to talk about a new world order? Politicians always talk about a coming new world order, all the way from george bush sr to gordon brown. To call someone a loon or conspiracy theorist for pointing this out is a lazy way of shutting down all rational debate.The vigilant citizen waffles on like a total retard, however you have to be blind not to see the common symbols of the occult and freemasonry in many top music videos, tv shows and movies. The covering of one eye for example – is a nod to the egyptian god horus. These people basically own hollywood and the entertainment industry – and do actually worship “baphomet” – but they don’t consider it the devil – whether they believe these fairytales are real or not is beyond me.

            You call him intellectually rock bottom when it sounds like you have just pigeonholed him into a aliens/reptiles/jews taking over the world freak. Seriously, do a little research. And no not the retard citizen, but actual books. I was a skeptic.

          4. The I’d suggest you read the site he gave. Anyone on the side or rationality does not support unfounded conspiracy nonsense about alien led governments.

            When you have the proof, then rational people will listen. Reading a few nut-job websites about aliens and a bit of symbolism is hardly the proof any stable person will accept. I’d suggest YOU do your research, before insulting anyone with a rational mind in the face of this proof-less nonsense.

          5. Tony Lambert 9 May 2011, 11:33am

            “and do actually worship “baphomet”

            I would like to see how you came to this conclusion, musclelad23. Some accredit proof or reliable sources please.

          6. musclelad23 9 May 2011, 11:55am

            I don’t have accredited proof. All I know is that my uncle was a high up freemason and he told me they were eventually told to admire and respect lucifer (the light bearer) who they are told is the giver of knowledge and infact misunderstood. They use baphomet imagery (e.g the goat) to symbolise him. Alot of masons deny this, (secrecy is very important) but others don’t. You only have my word so you can choose to believe me or not. I wouldnt believe me if I were you as this is just someone typing on a screen.

            Yes that site is muddled up garbage. Who knows, maybe for the purpose of disinformation. But why do you have to bring up space aliens and other fairy tales when I am speaking specifically about the new world order. Belief in a possible conspiracy does not make you irrational. There have been plenty of real conspiracies throughout history – hitler and the reischtag for example. Tarring everyone who does not take the truth at face value as a nutjob or alien believer is lazy.

          7. “But why do you have to bring up space aliens and other fairy tales”

            Why??? Did you read the site???

            Quote form site: “All of this is happening in the Government-Owned-Alien-Territory”

            You never see a conspiracy nut that doesn’t add into the mix aliens, lizard people, fake moon landings, global new world orders, yadds yadda. This site just proves this.

            When one has no proof of alien conspiracies, yet still believes in this alien conspiracy to destroy their way of life, one is generally a paranoid schizophrenic. Put quote simply, its not rational, and Occam’s Razor dictates that person is probably suffering from an emotional trauma.

          8. musclelad23 9 May 2011, 7:51pm

            Government owned alien territory is actually what lady gaga says the word G.O.A.T stands for in the beginning of the music video. Google it, its on her twitter feed. i don’t think (as retarded as he is) vigilant citizen ever goes on about aliens at all, just occult symbology. And in that article he is pointing out that GOAT, actually means baphomet. a quick google search of gaga and baphomet will show gaga in a pose identical to that of baphomet. Whether she knows this and it’s part of her schtick, who knows. But it’s definately there. Anyways, she bores the crap out of me.

          9. Big deal. I’m sorry musclelad, but you supporting Rob in this little burst of insanity just means you’re both mad.

            I read the link. Its crazy. The fact there is some flowery off the wall imagery in GaGa’s video’s means nothing. If it does, then by the same twisted logic, Harry Poter is also supporting satanism, as is every horror movie ever made, and Dr. Who is proof of time travel. I’m with Will here, its not. Grow up the pair of you, and stop spreading your paranoid on this site.

      2. Rob just likes to agitate.

        1. Well spotted musclelad23. And of course Baphomet is the Devil. Back to what I was saying about Gaga being a satanic Devil worshipper, it’s absolutely blatant…

          1. …and of course Gaga isn’t the only celeb into devil worship. Watch this clip for some footage of some rather famous people giving the two-fingered “devil horns” sign.Yep, the world is ruled by psychopaths as if you couldn’t tell –

          2. …and of course Gaga isn’t the only celeb into devil worship. Watch this clip for some footage of some rather famous people giving the two-fingered “devil horns” sign.Yep, the world is ruled by psychopaths as if you couldn’t tell –

          3. Rob, please. Intelligent conversation only. So take your meds at least 30 minutes before coming into the site.

    3. Ah. This was really painful to read. I’m not a conspiracy theorists, but honestly? Is that an intelligent way to reply to someone who’s trying to tell you something in coherent sentences? ‘Go take your Meds’? Don’t dismiss people as crazy just because they refuse to be part of the system, I think the biggest conspiracy theory is ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and ‘America being under attack’. And everyone believes in those.

  14. Rubbish

    1. It’s painfully obvious a lot of people on here are using sockpuppets, making multiple accounts to attempt to incite discord within the site. To those people, you need to try harder, you’re way too transparent really. The sheer amount of illogical negativity in the comments makes is both hilarious and sad. Calling her “Satan incarnate” is just the icing on the cake really. I’d say most of the sockpuppets are closeted self loathing homophobes, or straight heteronormatives that read the Daily Mail like it’s the word of God.

      In short; a small minority on here make several accounts at once, to make it seem like gay people are all angry, jaded narcissists wallowing in a sea of cynicism. We’re not.

  15. RandyGnome 7 May 2011, 10:20am


    Sums up the haus of Gaga.

  16. You can hardly complain, she’s the one making money out of these so called “cheap” songs. I just sense a lot of jealousy.

    This song wasn’t my favourite, but her last one was rather good. I think each song varies, some are OK, some are better.

    As an Atheist I can’t say I was shocked. I’m not even sure what the metaphor is in her video, I could only guess she’s saying: I’d rather love humanity as it is than some fictitious “perfect” ideal.

  17. Aleksandra 7 May 2011, 3:07pm

    Boring. Gaga turned into pretentious but absolutely predictable pop-machine who make not interesting song. Everybody who has ears can listen that it’s a self-plagiarism (remember Bad Romance? Same musical stuff in the chorus).

  18. My only wish (actually it’s more Like A Prayer…) is that people would stop fawning over this narcissistic, attention-whore plagiarist. It’s not surprising that she’s constantly talking about “the gays” because we’re the most controversial, most polarizing topic in today’s headlines. What better way to drawn attention to yourself? There’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially if your screechy music sounds like a broken record skipping and you can’t keep your clothes on because it draws attention away from your voice.

    “I like to eat Brillo pads, that’s how I got this voice.” (Look up Key of Awesome’s parodies on YouTube.)

    1. LMAO Bill, I wish she would keep her clothes on, she’s one scrawny pasty skank.

  19. A big LOL @ the idiots bashing Gaga.

    Haven’t you low lives got better things to do? Clearly, Gaga has such a huge influence and power over you sad people that you waste time reading articles about her and writing things about her.

    Anyway, Gaga has a beautiful voice. Her sons are catchy and fun – some, like Poker Face, are REALLY GOOD. Her videos are always interesting to watch.

    1. A lot of the comments on here are actually from sockuppet accounts, meaning one person’s making lots of negative comments and making it look like everyone’s bashing her. It’s a trick used to incite discord to make it appear like we’re all negative nancies.

      1. You are right, I think there are a lot of comments too drive-by Christian zealots who hate Gaga for what they find contoversial content in her art.
        She doesn’t need defending, when Gaga is good she’s very good but when she’s bad she’s better.

        1. musclelad23 9 May 2011, 11:18am

          I wouldn’t call ripping off old madonna songs and walking around in a meat dress “art” but hey, maybe the emperor really isn’t naked.

          1. Musclelad23, artist Jana Sterbak did the meat dress thing back in the 80s but as far as Gaga’s fans are concerned nothing existed or was done until Gaga came on the scene, how old are the guys defending her on here? 16 or something? And if we don’t like her music or her career that’s our prerogative surely.

      2. You are right, I think there are a lot of comments too by drive-by Christian zealots who hate Gaga for what they find controversial content in her art.
        She doesn’t need defending, when Gaga is good she’s very good but when she’s bad she’s better.

        1. connor wallace 9 May 2011, 12:28pm

          haha good respsonse!

        2. Er no Pavlos, I think a lot of the people on here criticising her (by not using religious terminology) are just not willing to be spoonfed our culture and told she’s the mutts nuts. As for her ‘art’ gimme a f–king break mate, she’s aped, mimicked and done third rate copies of every other significant female performer and artist that has come along on the last 30 years. I seriously cringe when I read the gushing comments by some of the people on here re her, I only hope you’re still a teenager and haven’t had much access to MTV or art magazines before, otherwise you’ve been living in a cultural vacuum all your life.

          1. All contemporary art…that’s music, visuals, dance etc… is about appropriation and reference or homage to what went before, if you don’t know that yet please don’t tackle the subject of art at all.
            I enjoy Gaga, I go to the Opera too so you can suck my nuts pal…cyan, magenta, yellow, black (lol)

          2. All contemporary art?? ALL contemporary art is appropriation or homage? I don’t think so mate. That’s the most sweeping generalisation ever. As for sucking your nuts….I’d probably need a microscope to find them first ‘pal’. To enter a debate with you further when clearly you haven’t the first iota of what you’re writing (I’m basing that on your comment that all art is appropriation) would be a total waste of time. I’m embarrassed for you.

          3. You’re embarrassed for me CMYB?
            …so original, nobody has ever flushed pink for someone else before.

          4. Embarrassment is probably just one of the emotions I feel for you, that and pity. What do you want? A parade? A slideshow to illustrate just how dopey and dumb your comments are? There just aren’t enough hours in the day to educate you. Oh and btw attending the sing-a-long of the Sound of Music dressed in suspenders and a nun’s habit does not constitute going ”to the opera”, ’cause from what you’ve already written I made the assumption you were a bit ‘fick’ anyway.

          5. What do i want CMYB? … I’m kinda fond of Mesopotamian Chiropatas, do you think you could do me one of those?

  20. she is just updated version of madonna, def not everyones cup of tea

    1. Mobile is an updated phone.
      ipad is an updated PC.
      I am updated you.
      Is that so bad?

      1. so u must be then lola 2.0 model myself

  21. Very ugly creatures!…

    1. Bigots? Oh, quite.

      1. I thought the common consensus was to just ignore Rich?

    2. No, that’s just your misogynist self in the mirror again Rich.

    3. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2011, 12:00pm

      Bit rich, Rich!

    4. Rich, seen your self in the mirror again?

  22. She did it again. Bravo. And we…the holly time wasters are having another last supper here again. Hallelujah. If I ever manage to do 10% of what she does for us I’d be more then proud of myself. Can’t say I like the song thou but there is something in it that made me watch video twice.

  23. Samuel B. 9 May 2011, 8:38am

    Helpful note to the powers that be: this drag queen douche bag is clearly unloved by the majority of Pink News readers, few of whom if any are rushing to her defence. Can we therefore have a return to reporting of real news and not insulting us with trash trivia? Why not set up a site specially for pre-pubescent gay teens for this sort of nonsense? Thanks for listening.

    1. PumpkinPie 9 May 2011, 1:46pm

      Using “drag queen” as a pejorative on an LGBT site? Real classy. The more I’m exposed to people who rabidly detest her, the more I feel justified in liking her. You guys have serious hate issues.

      Also, Pink News is a general news site. Read the header: this is the entertainment section, which even the stuffiest of newspapers have. Seeing as how Lady Gaga is bisexual and a vocal ally to the LGBT community, and also ridisulously famous, I’d say notable new releases from her (especially ones which provoke a reaction from the religious lobby!) are worth an article.

      You didn’t have to pay for this, you didn’t even have to read it. Go check out a different section of the site if it bothers you that much.

  24. connor wallace 9 May 2011, 12:26pm

    Well that was wierd.

  25. Judas?? When I first heard this song, I thought she was singing “chewed ass”…..

    1. Cheeses Crust! I think you’re right mate.

  26. Martin Lawrence 10 May 2011, 2:14pm

    Didn’t like the tune, but Jesus was really cute, as should the case. To a gay Christian like me, that was nice. It would be perfect if he was the only in the video. You could even play some nice music as you watched.

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