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Gay footballer Anton Hysen on coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Hysen said he had declined all invitations to Pride events and gay parties, saying: “That’s not the right message, to be famous and go to parties and DJ. I’m a football player, that’s all. But to send a message to people who might have problems, that would be good.”

    He added: “It’s good to have Pride but that’s not my kind of scene. To be out there with a flag, jumping around partying… The whole symbol, gay gay gay gay gay… I mean, we are gay, I understand that, and I understand the need for a sign that gay people exist.

    “I’ve been to Pride, it was fun, but it’s too hysterical for me. I’d rather do something like this, a magazine, to reach out to people.”

    THANK YOU! This guy has brains and beauty.

    1. Hes knows the difference between knowing you’re gay and thinking you’re gay

    2. I respect Anton for the matter-of-fact, fearless approach toi coming out. It is a model approach that I’d like other players to follow.

      Pride marches are actually not the place for Anton. Pride is more than a march or a party in a park. It should be a way of life, 24/7. His focus is to be a pioneer on the pitch, take pride in his Game, pride in his relationships and pride in being himself – and showing it!

    3. I agree. If only I had Hysen around when I was 20 and wondering why I was gay and not into the scene. Good on him, I think he will do a lot for many young gay people

  2. Totally get what he means about Pride, Pride isn’t about pride or protesting it’s about getting drunk, walking down the street wearing as little as possible whilst waving a flag then throwing up somewhere from all the alcohol abuse.

    1. Although having said that I will probably do all those things, why? Because it’s fun, not effective and has no point but fun.

    2. Makes gay people look like a bunch of freaks

    3. Getting sh!tfaced and throwing up and misbehaving in public is something the straight community in the UK have been doing since pubs came in to existence. As for wearing as little as possible go to any city in the country and you’ll see slappers with next to nothing on freezing their vulvas off all for the chance of a poke from some fella in a t-shirt and Argos gold jewellery. So why can’t we have the equivalent?

      1. yes let immitate the dregs in the name of equality

        1. For the sake of argument, why not? Equality and elitism aren’t the same thing…

          1. Fine as long as you can take the criticism without thinking its homophobia. I hate pride its a shamless corporate soulless sham which probally helped to ensure the use of gay as crap.

        2. Isn’t it you James! who always bangs on about internalised homophobia? Think you might have a bit of that going on there.

          1. Ok

      2. Yeah and straight people who act that way are considered tragic too. It’s hardly what we want to be doing to represent ourselves on a day about pride!!

    4. I always take a different approach to Pride. Sure I use to do the all night party thing, but now I use it as a time to get together with friends. Also, I take some time to notice the majority of people who are attending who aren’t dressed in assless chaps or speedos (not that there’s anything wrong with that :-) It never ceases to amaze me how diverse the gay community actually is.

    5. I’m really fed up with people bad-mouthing Pride for the wrong reasons. We should question the motives of Prides run for profits which don’t find their wayback to LGBT charities and communities like they used to. We should speak out against Prides which exclude people because of their expense, or which stop political protesters attending. But just because many of the people at Pride don’t represent you/your sexuality, doesn’t mean that they don’t represent someone. Our community is not homogenous, please don’t assume that you are the ‘normal’ majority or have a greater right to be thought of as what gay really is. I find it offensive trivialising people’s rights to enjoy their sexualities publicly. Just because drinking/clubbing/parties is not part of your life doesn’t mean that its invalid or superficial. Most often it is clubs and bars which provide the initial push or are the driving force behind activism, community outreach and so on. Where would we be without the party?

      1. “Where would we be without the party”
        You now have iphones and the likes of “grinder”. Who needs clubs, when you can GPS your way around community. Just food for thought

  3. Bless you my dear boy. Let’s welcome others.

  4. To get back to the subject in hand (I wish!!!) – Hysen is totally effing gorgeous.

    1. PN – why do repeated exclamation marks become numbers??

      1. Riondo, you’re probably overexcited by his picture and though your pressing the ‘exclamation mark’ button your subconsciously thinking numbers, such as 69…….can’t blame you though.

    2. His body shape is ok but I prefer the perfect triangle. Like mine!

      1. Tell me more James! In the meantime Anton Hysen can ‘put it in the back of my net’ any day he likes. *drool* or should that be *dribble* for the football following amongst us?

    3. Yes. he’s gorgeous, intelligent and happy to be counted as one of us. I am proud about that. Perhaps we should have Anton Hysen day instead?!

  5. Good looking….and a Hairy Chest….wow

    1. Yeah that treasure trail of hair leading from his chest down to his navel and on to his groin is the stuff dreams are made of. God is probably a gay man.

  6. Samuel B. 6 May 2011, 7:54pm

    He is right on the money about gay Pride events. Hysterical is an understatement and the image that hundreds of radical gays in one place portrays to the wider world is as big an incentive as any for gay men to remain IN the closet! Most of us just aren’t like the radical queers and extreme partiers fuelled by drugs and/or booze that comprise these events. We are out but we just don’t get why we need to be loud about it and risk incurring the wrath and resentment of others. Someone please explain?

    1. Safety in numbers possibly? People behave how they want when at an event like Pride cause no one is meant to judge anyone else.

  7. Samuel B. 6 May 2011, 8:00pm

    PS: And yes, before some wise guy points out that straights get rat-ars-ed and sh-t f-ced in public too, I most certainly resent people who do that! I just think that some gays don’t realise how their extreme behaviour and insistence on making a point – such as the militant kiss-athon the other week – risk alienating the general public and setting our cause back years. Especially when the militant thugs, I mean organisers, of such events are caught on video spitting at peace activists for muscling in on their pink territory. What was all THAT about?

  8. I too agree with Hysen. Pride is just not my style. I don’t fancy carnival, mardi gras, spring break or any gathering in which the main emphasis is getting drunk and acting hysterical. In fact, Pride tends to give a bad imagery of who gays are. Come on! Aren’t we more than skin and sex? Of course we are. Some of the most brave, intelligent and creative human beings to walk this earth ARE GAY!

  9. A very thoughtful young man! There are times for protest and gathering together but my partner and I have always said, being open, ‘out of the closet ‘ and integrating in all aspects of society will do more then appearing at events such as ‘Pride’ or whatever! I am sure that My Hysen will be in a steady relationship and very soon! That will be a great role model for young people!

  10. He is gorgeous. We are a community by only one thing, our sexuality. In that sense, we are so varied. Some will like to get pissed and throw up on the streets (I do the former but tend to avoid the latter). Some like to write for blogs/magazines.

    The point being that both are good – they both show society that gay people are like anyone else, and that the gay community is varied like everyone else.

    One of the most common stereotypes I meet is that I sleep with anyone, even old married men. I usually reply that sleeping around is not my thing and that not all gay men are slutty. At the same time, I see nothing wrong with those who are.

  11. Dan Filson 7 May 2011, 5:43pm

    OK, i understand him not going in for Pride – though you don’t have to dress silly or get lathered to enjoy it – so perhaps he could do an It Get’s Better YouTube message. If anything will get the message across to depressed gay teenagers it’s more likely to be a very handsome soccer player, preferably topless, than a 50-year old.

    1. He probally dosent want to be associated with grown ass men who dress up like women in a misogynistic manner. And the it gets better campaign is nonsense how can you promise kids that? And what happens if it dosent? It could cause a whole heap of problems. I think it would be better to do something encouraging physicL and mental strength. And make bullying a criminal offence.

      1. Hmm, let’s see:
        Option A: Ok, I know you’re feeling really crap, but just hang on, it does get better


        Option B: Well, it might not get better, you might face loads of problems, but don’t worry, we’re going to create another law against homophobic bullying because, for some strange reason, the first one doesn’t work 100% of the time. Weird huh, people actually ignoring the law… go figure! So I can’t offer you any kind of emotional reassurance, but maybe you could go for a run as it will miraculously cure your depression.

        1. Physical exercise does help with depression dumbass. And what is your point?

  12. He’s not the only out gay football player. There are plenty of out gay ladies in women’s football around the world.

    1. they aren’t men though

    2. exactly, and we should only focus on them, since lesbians not only suffer because of homophobia, but also for misogyny. Fkn men are so pathetic, they think they are the only ones who matter. But female athletes are more important because of what they represent. Successful women in a male dominated world.

      Men can only destroy, they rape, sexually molest girls, harrass and humiliate women all over the world. Useless pigs.

      1. Oh, shut up, for the love of god, we’ve had enough of your demented bigotry.

      2. Silly cnut

      3. Not this freaking troll again. Lila, please, just go.This is not a site for bigots, go find some where else to spread this filth. A site less civilised might suit you better.

        1. why do you hate women so much? You can’t handle competition, huh? Why all this misogyny, eh? If you don’t like lesbians, IT IS YOUR PROBLEM! Freaks.

        2. Women? No no dear, just you. You are a sick individual, in need of counselling. I find you repulsive, as I would all small minded morons.

          1. John, you should see the childish garbage she wrote on the “Gay friend of Boy George speaks out after attack” thread, its comical! She challenged someone to a bike ride, telling them she could “beat them”. LOL! Its hilarious! What a muppet.

          2. Indeed, Linda, I just read the comments…. I nearly spat my coffee over the keyboard I laughed that much! A bike riding contest to prove she is “better” that the rest of us????? Now I’ve heard it all!!!! LMAO! What a duchebag.

      4. Please, go away lila. No one here is interested.

      5. Lol. Can u imagine if guys came on here and called women ‘pathetic’ or ‘pigs’. You don’t realise you’re exactly what you’re accusing men of being. Ilove women, I love lesbians. You need to too – you wouldn’t be so angry if you did.

      6. Gay guys can form an anal sex train. Can lesbians do that? I think not. Therefore gay guys FTW

        1. Not everything is about sex @Paul UK
          the point I made was that this is about a guy not the lades
          @Lila – men don’t just destroy and humiliate etc

  13. Animal, surely…

    1. I see you’ve taken the opportunity to have a nice look at his pic, Rich. We all know you’re gay and we pity you because you’re clearly a very unhappy, angry person. Poor Rich.

      1. I see Rich is doing his standard comment, Iris:- monosyllabic, simplistic and childish.

        Let’s see if I can do one. Here goes:-

        Closet ho-mo-sexual, surely…..

        1. Oh, definitely, Will! Rich is as straight as I am!
          I’d assumed his brief comment above, which was short even for him, was due to what we’d euphemistically call one-handed typing.

          1. ….or he scripts his wonderfully insightful one liner prose by banging his face off the keyboard and lets providence take hold as to what comes up on the screen.

          2. That’d definitely make sense too :D

    2. Rich, when you look in the mirror you see a vegetable no doubt.

    3. Rich, is that code for “you fancy him”

    4. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 2:16pm

      Jealous much Rich?

  14. If the message of Pride changed from ‘it’s ok to be as outrageous as you want’ to ‘it’s ok to be yourself’ I would go.

    I like that it’s there to spread the message that being different is alright, but I think the whole thing’s just lost it’s way.

  15. Clark Downes 9 May 2011, 4:53pm

    I havnt read the article in Attitude in full…. but from what Pinknews have said and all these comments im getting that he is gay but not GAYYYY and likes it that way. This makes him officially 100% hotter.

    I went to Pride last year ( my first ) it was ok but aside from there being more people and a few tents, oh and the road being closed, it was no different from any other night out on the scene.

    Everybody says “you dont act gay” or “you dont dress gay” which kind of says it all, the camp queens are what GAY is. Still I guess its part of being a minority. But I really would like if Pride remembered its roots a bit more and wasn’t some camp gay/ butch lesbian/ Drag queen piss up. I wonder if we ever faced a backlash in the future how would the LGBT community handle it, would we group together again or not really show an interest ( or at least not to the extent were an individual was bothered to do something)

  16. An Cat Dubh 22 May 2011, 1:38pm

    He’s just some third-rate player from a country with average footy and a very liberal culture. Not all that much to e excited about.
    Lemme know when someone with actual importance to the sport grew a pair and came out in a more risky environment (*ahem*Fashanu*ahem*).

    1. But Hysen he was born in Liverpool!!! Send a copy of the magazine’s front cover to the club and see what they make of it… in fact, send it to all the well known clubs too!

      If Fashnau can do it, why not anhone else? Granted Fashnau was persecuted mercilessly, but that should not dissuade other players from coming out.

      its just the macho image and thought processes that have to be changed.

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