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Country star Blake Shelton rapped for ‘anti-gay’ tweet

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  1. Meh, he’s just a redneck trying to emphasise his ‘straight credentials’ like that tool in Derry who got sniffy cause a fellow male clubber touched his @ss.

    1. gino meriano 9 May 2011, 3:41pm

      by the way, I take offense to u using the term Redneck many of my friends are rednecks and they are totally kewl with me being gay

      1. Ha! So umm its okay for you to use the term rednecks? Fair enough, can I also use the term hypocrite? That word is directed at you.

  2. Seriously not seeing this as a gay issue. He rewrote a Shania song. It is from the girls point of view talking to a guy getting frisky. He said so in his tweet. Still GLAAD and everyone is turning this in to an anti-gay scandal..CRAZY! If you have been a fan of his for years ya know is a sweet natured, fun loving guy w/ a great heart. Many people jumped on a bandwagon before reading the tweets is my only understanding. Blake Shelton is a great talent and an even better guy.

    1. Hmmm – I’m not sure.
      He presented the Country Music Awards recently and faced some backlash for his onstage insinuation that Jake Gyllenhaal was gay, and that this was a bad thing.

      These people who are caught engaging in homophobic language always make the claim that they have gay friends and are gay friendly.

      Strangely though none of them have any history of pro-gay statements.

    2. He didn’t rewrite the Shania Twain song (one version is surely more than enough anyway), he SINGLED out a specific line in that song and tweeted a comment regarding it as if he were on the receiving end of some unwarranted advances from a guy. As for him asking us to go look for a ”real villain” sounds like he’s running scared.

  3. Blake (Empty)-shell (or)tin

  4. And this story does not report Shelton’s initial reaction to the backlash he faced.
    He called his critics ‘dumbasses’.
    I suspect his later ‘apology’ was carefully stage-managed by his PR people.

    1. Oh for sure his further apology was a concoction by his ‘people’. Why is it only morons rely on Twitter to tell the world the most banal dickwad stuff.

  5. David, I agree. Its similar to the recent Soho pub kiss where one of the straight complainers stated he had gay and lesbian friends so he can’t be homophobic. That’s on old chestnut that has long outworn its use, so transparent when it comes to someone trying to duck what he or she said, short of a denial.

  6. Yer… I don’t think he meant it like that.

    Let’s pick our battles my people

  7. martyn notman 6 May 2011, 9:14pm

    country “star”?? never heard of him, and my mother has the awful screeching of CnW on all the time.

  8. Congrats, country star!

    1. Rich, I’d pay to see what sort of a reception you’d get doing your gig at the Grand Ole Oprey

      1. The Grand Ole Opry crowd would welcome him with their rendition of ”Throw the Jew Down the Well” but reworded to inflame the Muslim community. Rich would be about as welcome in the deep south as the gays he hates. Ironic eh?

  9. GayWebHosting 7 May 2011, 12:16am

    Blake WHO????

  10. the Redneck doth protest too much!

  11. He’s too stupid to know he told us what’s on his mind

  12. Never heard of him before, but it’s not surprising that a redneck “artist” is making gay jokes, then claiming it shouldn’t be offensive. If I were him, I’d be more worried about those gargantuan bags under the eyes. Seriously NOT attractive. Get some cosmetic help, honey.

    1. They say you get the face you deserve. Surgery couldn’t fix that

  13. Then why did he say it? Apology NOT accepted! Stupid hick

    1. WhitelighterNY 7 May 2011, 5:45pm

      Blake should have stuck by his guns, never need to apologize. He said it like it is. Your problem is that the TRUTH hurts.

      1. So you have no problem with someone pointing out your a bigoted fool?

      2. The TRUTH hurts – what ‘truth’ would that be you embarrassing Yank – that straight country singers from the South are violent, inbred, redneck hicks, who are all intimately acquainted with their close blood relatives?

  14. Another straight man so insecure about his own sexuality that he seems to feel the need to assert it at every opportunity – and usually by means of a homophobic comment. Sad.

  15. As has already been mentioned…this has been wildly taken out of context. His ‘re-written’ line was intended to be in Shania’s voice and is in no way homophobic. This should have been obvious!

    The guy was making a sarcastic joke (albeit not a brilliant one) to poke a bit of fun at Shania’s history of ‘aggressively feminist’ songs (Man, I feel like a woman, That don’t impress me much etc etc…)

    1. Wrong.

      This violent, redneck bigot was in trouble only weeks earlier for a homophobic ‘joke’ about Jake Gyllenhaal.

      He has a habit of making homophobic ‘jokes’ and then saying ‘Oh you’re taking what I said out of context’.

      And why did Blake Shelton call his critics ‘dumbasses’ before his PR people decided that he needs to apologise.

      Please send me a link to a pro-gay statement Shelton has released in the past. He’s using the tired, lazy ‘some of my best friends are gay’ excuse. Surely then he must have a record of pro-gay statements.

      Or is he lying?

      [HInt: He’s lying].

      1. I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of the history and I concede it probably does make it a bit more dubious…but it still seems short of ‘violent’ to me in the context. Seems like if he’s as evil as people are making him out to be he could have (so would have) said something more direct/worse don’t you think?

      2. P.S. While I respect your opinion, I personally don’t think the argument about ‘pro-gay statements’ holds up very well. Are we to assume every celebrity is homophobic until proven otherwise?

  16. gino meriano 9 May 2011, 3:38pm

    PC gone wrong, he is not a gay hater and is a kewl dude – he knows gay people and has no issue

    why do media and people have to blow everything out of proportion every time. Soon we will be unabe to speak at all in case PC has gone totally mad – just leave it be

    1. PC gone mad? Yeah, nothing wrong with calling someone a fag or a N!gger. Sure its only words, and what can words do?

    2. ”He knows gay people?” Is that like “I see dead people”? Gino you slack jawed gimp, you’re thicker and probably fouler than a McDonalds milkshake.

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