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Brazil’s Supreme Court approves civil unions for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 6 May 2011, 10:42am

    order and progress indeed!- good first step and in a very Catholic country indeed. I will withhold judgement for the time being though, as im sure it wont be quite as life changing in the barrios with their frankly brutal policing. Hopeful though…

    1. Indeed Martyn, my first thought was Catholicism in Brazil too, good to see the church is losing its clout and hold over brow beaten people. It was damn sweet to see Ireland have its first civil partnerships last month. Ding dong the church is dead!

    2. I do think this is a very positive step forward for real equality in Brazil and shows that the political leaders are keen to establish a fair and just society that does not always seek reference to the RC church.

      I do think the issue of policing in the barrios and the issue of poverty are serious issues – but very separate to the desires to see equality in LGBT and other terms

  2. Fantastic…o!

  3. Not knocking the people who fought for this – people can only do what they can do. but the right to have a public ceremony is an important part of showing that gay unions, by whatever name, are socially and politically normal and helping assimilate them to heterosexual marriage.

  4. PeterinSydney 6 May 2011, 11:46am

    Wonderful news, and the Catholic Bishops can stick that up their jumpers!!!

    1. Or some unwilling altar boy.

  5. It’s progress, anything but equality to appease the anti-gay industry.

  6. What will they do if someone has a ceremony, arrest them?

  7. Although civil unions are kind of a thing from the past and what matters now is marriage full equality, this is great news because of the country where it comes from. The 5th biggest in the world in area and in population and with the known culture of Brazil, this is massive. Congratulations Brazil.
    But keep on fighting for marriage equality!

    And, yeah, people will be arested if they make public ceremonies???wtf

  8. This is just the beginning of the fight for equality but an important one. The Supreme Court urged Congress to legislate on gay marriage, which they will hopefully do. They just ruled on the unconstitutionality of not allowing gay couples to receive state benefits, pension, inheritance and so on. A hundred or so rights that straight couples have always had are now extended to gay couples too. And nobody would be arrested if they had a public ceremony, the ceremony would just be void. Brazil doesn’t arrest homosexuals on any grounds.

  9. Given the number of Brazilians who’ve live in London because they find their home towns and cities too hostile, this is great news. And if equality is still some way off, it’ll come eventually – one step at a time.

    1. “who’ve come to live”

  10. SFMuscular 6 May 2011, 5:20pm

    The ruling is internally inconsistent. You cannot say that the “freedom to pursue one’s own sexuality is part of an individual’s freedom of expression” and simultaneously say that “public ceremonies will not be allowed.” One either has freedom of expression or does not. Basically, the court just said that some people are more equal than others and some people are less equal. Nice baby steps, but this will look foolish in 20 years.

    1. The court didn’t rule on gay marriage nor did it say it wasn’t allowed. It was not on the table actually (gay marriage). This was a specific ruling on adoption, pension etc.

  11. No people will not get arrested if they make public ceremonies even religious ones because in Brazil religious institutions are free to set up this kind of thing if they desire.

    There are inumerous congregations which are inclusive of LGBTT folks, and they have been celebrating religious gay marriages in the last 10 years or so. The fact that it is not public is simply because civil unions in Brazil — which already existed since 1989 but only limited to a man and a woman — are registered in notary publics and are not automatically linked to religious cerimonies, nor to a civil marriage, although both of them can be done after separetely like even being converted into a civil marriage(now there is a loophole in this new ruling that the supreme court left to lawmakers decide which may allow the same kind of conversion to gay couples as well).

  12. Curious, Rich appears to have not made an appearance on this thread yet?

    1. The hospital attendant put him back in his box, because he was trying to have sex with a another male patient.

      1. Hi Linda, is does appear to be the case!

  13. This is great progress and a clear indication of a changing world attitudes in recognizing the importance of legislation and necessity to enshrine in laws and constitutions equal and fair treatment and rights for gay people on marriage and partnerships..
    Whilst Catholicism is only one religion, many religions world wide argue against gay rights. Governments don’t write church law or scriptures and thus churches should not dictate legislative or civil law. I applaud the eloquent defense made against proposed gay marriage bans in the US recently. a case well made in this video which I hope is acceptable to Pink News.

  14. GayWebHosting 7 May 2011, 12:55am

    Having just lived and worked in Brazil for the last two years, (Recife, N/E Brazil), I can confirm that tolerance and acceptance is actually getting better in Brazil..

    I found the youth to be generally very accepting of gay people and it was a pleasure to live there.. This move does not surprise me..

    Although a very catholic country, it does seem to be largely ceremonial rather than devout.. The church and State are often at odds over policy.. The government actively promotes condom use and distribution which greatly upsets the catholic church for example.

    I agree that the battle must go on until gay marriage is the norm around the whole world…..but in the meantime, Great news for Brazil.

  15. There is the chance for moral recovery of Brazil when people of Brazil will do changes in their Constitution and prevent gay marriages and unions in the country forever.

    1. Rich, you appear to know something of the politics of Brazil, how come?

  16. Majority of Mankind clearly oppose emergence of homosexual perverts and their acquisition of political positions in heterosexual society. Normal men dont’ want receive governmental orders from (gay)perverts, and resistence to perverts will be massive and very powerful. Many (gay) perverts will loose their lives, while others will be crippled forever.

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      1. ….or if you’re an illiterate 14 year old with closet issues and dead patent trauma.

        Like Rich.

    2. Rich, where is your evidence that hetereosexuls oppose the emancipation of LGBT people?
      Rich, surely the emancipation of all people depends on tackling universal suffrage in all its forms?
      Rich, you sound hysterical when you say
      “Many (gay) perverts will loose their lives, while others will be crippled forever.”, unless you have evidence for your violent fantasies?

      1. Its wishful thinking John. As Pavlos already stated, Rich is a spineless and probably socially rejected cretin who’s only outlet, under a self-illusion of some kind of power/authority, is to rant like a lunatic on the internet.

        Faceless and anonymous threats is all he can do. This ranting is the sum total of his self-deluded belief he has any power. He thinks he is somehow affecting our lives, when in face we are laughing at him. Of course, he has no power/authority in the real world, probably a very disturbed teenager with acute social issues, and learning difficulties, as seen in the masquerade he puts on to have bad English – he assumes we’re all as stupid as he is.

        In 30 years he’ll be cruising a park.

    3. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:28pm

      One has to ask…
      Where do you get your bizarre facts and figures?
      Do you just pull them out of a hat because I fail to belief even you believe them really.

  17. If earlier the names of homosexual perverts were not known, with forecoming registration of their perverted “unions” whole pictures will changed, and then it will be easy to find perverts and confront them with proper force.

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    2. I’m going to have one of those “union” this year, Rich.

      What are you going to do to stop it?

      Oh, that’s right:- NOTHING!

      LOL! Nothing at all.

      I’ll send you some wedding cake! What’s your address? Hovel #54,778, Some Islamic Kip, Asia?

    3. Rich, so what force are you going to use, when you have idenitfied these couples?

  18. As a Brazilian gay man, I think some clarification is needed. First of all, in spite of the majority of Roman Catholics, not only have Brazilians always been lax Catholics, but the Church’s power has dwindled to almost nothing in recent decades. Although a minority, fundamentalist-evangelist sects (the money-seeking type) are much more powerful (both politically and economically) and are now the greatest opposers of LGBT rights in Brazil.

    Another clarification is that the ruling did not actually say anything on any specific issues. It just happens that the Brazilian constitution already awarded unmarried straight couples basically the same rights of married ones. Now it has just ruled that same-sex couples fall into the same category and have the same rights. Specific issues such as adoption, inheritance, etc. will still have to either be legislated by Congress in order to be regulated or ruled by minor courts – but certainly faster now and with almost certain success.

    1. Thanks for your clarification. Hopefully, Catholics will fix their past political mistakes and reorganize their opposition to politically active homosexuals and will prevent further moral devaluation of Braizlian society.

      1. Rich, wishfull thinking!
        Catholisicm is no longer relevant in the 21st century.
        The Brazalians are almost certain to continue embrace secularims, rather than orthodox, or fundamentalist religion.

      2. LOL@ Rich. What a daft comment to make. Desperate comments in the face of futility.

      3. Oh, look. Its Rich the douche again, with more angry and childish comments. What’s wrong Rich, got bored praying to muhammed the child rapist?

      4. Rich, still praying to your Paedophile prophet “Mohammed”?

        1. You are as stupid as Linda, because in Islam we, Muslims, praying only to our Allah.

          1. Just as well, who would want to pray to a child rapist like muhammed, eh?

          2. …..or better yet, get a book to read. You need to start learning something, I mean you sounds so bloody stupid all the time, like someone who has had head trauma.

          3. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:33pm

            If being a Muslim makes people as nasty and bitter as you Rich I’d rather leave it ta.
            Close the door on your way out.

  19. I’d like to hear someone intelligent enough to explain me why gay marriage so important to homosexuals. Is it the monetary concern or some sort of exhibitionism (conjuctional perversion)?

    1. I’d like to hear someone intelligent enough to explain me why gay sex so important to Rich. Is it the sordid obsession concern or some sort of denialism (conditional perversion)?

      1. Heh. Answer that, Rich, if you can.

    2. As you claim to be a Muslim Rich and you disgrace all Muslims by your ignorant posts here, I was going to ask you the same about straight polygamous Islamic marriage, is it the exhibitionism and status that drives you to get married sometimes again and again till you have collected several wives while you hate them and all women generally…what’s that all about Rich?
      If you’ve actually found a wife I’d not only be surprised but also deeply concerned for her welfare.

    3. why gay marriage so important to homosexuals

      Why is marriage so important for people who can’t reproduce? Why is marriage so important that some non-gay people get married several times? Is it monetary concern or some sort of exhibitionism?

      [Goddammit, I just went and fed the troll!]

      1. Its okay, you can only go some why to educate it…. and god knows, it desperately, desperately need education. Of any kind.

    4. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:35pm

      But it’s not like Rich will ever listen anyway but show more discrimination so why bother with him?

  20. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2011, 6:25pm

    It’s good to see a ‘stepping stone’ to Equality but clearly they need to work on the whole concept of Equality better.

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