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Police appeal over anti-gay attack in Woking

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Reader comments

  1. musclelad23 5 May 2011, 6:02pm

    Woking – what a hell hole.

  2. Judging from the description the female is vicky pollard.

    1. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but….

      1. If you guys wanna see a living and breathing Vicky Pollard I advise you to watch Jeremy Kyle from Wednesday or Thursday of this week, the silly f11king c*!t had 5 potential fathers to her child, the fact she managed to get one sh@g was surprising enough. Dunno if she was from Woking mind.

  3. The girl “slapped” the man trying to defend his partner…Seriously?? Slapped?? We have to be ready to defend ourselves anytime/ anywhere, at a moments notice. If the slag would have “slapped” me, I would have literally bit her fingers off and then kicked her cooch a plus! How many teens would try this kind of crap, if the KNEW there was a very, very real chance they would end up maimed for life?? I mean, people don’t mess with rattle snakes or rabid dogs because they KNOW they will likely be bit. Far too often was gays are seen as “easy” targets. Changing that perception will go a long way towards improving our safety everywhere…..

  4. It would be intersting to know if in the future someone will start selling real gay-hamburgers in the world. I mean hamburgers made from gay-flesh! That’s would be fun to hear about such rare event, even if such event will happen in Amazon River region of Brazil!

    1. Oh, I see your English has remarkably improved, Rich. Wonder why? A brief spark of intelligence, or the fact you’re a basket case fraud?

    2. Can someone please shut that bitch up. Pink news he contributes nothing ban him

      1. Even if we ignored the f–king idiot he’s only gonna come back under a different pseudonym. He’s boring me now.

  5. I would never eat gay-hamburgers but some gays would love it, surely!

    1. Psycho. Do you wear your mother’s clothes whilst writing this babble?

      1. Her dessicated corpse is probably kept in the cellar. But that Rich could be as cute as Anthony Perkins in 1960 is undoubtedly infinitely too much to ask.

    2. Rich, the only Cannibals around here will be you, especially when we force you to eat your bizarre and perverted ramblings.

  6. Since they are evidently so young and fit, they should get hard labour with their custodial sentence.
    Sorry. Arbitrary thuggery makes me very reactionary.

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