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Analysis: LGBT rights and the Scottish election

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 5 May 2011, 10:26am

    It’s all very well finding a lesbian tory candidate with zero chance of getting elected and asking for her view on LGBT rights, but is that really representative of the party? I somehow think not….

    Brian Stouter’s money buys him influence in the SNP. It was his money that caused them to drop their support for re-regulation of bus services and as such an obsessive homophobe it’ll be his money that prevents the SNP from committing fully to LGBT equality.

    Please give second votes to the Greens as they’re the only ones fully committed to the cause.

    1. Tim Hopkins 5 May 2011, 2:00pm

      Ruth Davidson will very likely be elected today – she is top of the Glasgow list for the Tories, taking the spot vacated by previous Glasgow Tory MSP Bill Aitken.

      I mention that for information only – not to influence anyone’s vote!

      1. Stuart Neyton 5 May 2011, 4:06pm

        My mistake, i retract that. i assumed from the article she was only standing in the constituency seat, didn’t realise she was heading the tories glasgow list.

        In which case she probably will be elected then

    2. Tim Hopkins 5 May 2011, 2:09pm

      For those of you south of the border – this is via the wonders of a PR system (in this case the Additional Member System, rather than STV). The Tories get an MSP for Glasgow, even though their vote in each of the 9 Glasgow constituencies is between 6% and 14%!
      If they manage 6% or more of the regional Glasgow-wide vote, they qualify for one of Glasgow’s total of 16 MSPs: one of the 7 additional regional members.

      1. Stuart Crawford 5 May 2011, 6:19pm

        Crazy stuff. Isn’t 1/16 about 6%? Seems reasonable.

  2. Paul Brownsey 5 May 2011, 10:32am

    Despite the LibDems’ support for marriage equality in their manifesto, they are fielding a homophobic candidate in Strathkelvin and Bearsden. He works for an evangelical Christian organization, Christian Action and Research in Education (CARE) and, in a particular expression of religious spite, fought hard (but unsuccessfully) to get East Dunbartonshire Council to refuse ceremonies for civil partnerships; something that is a sore point with me,l since mine was the first civil partnership ceremony in East Dunbartonshire.

    He told a Scottish newspaper two weeks ago that if marriage equality came before the Scottish Parliament he would regard it as a matter of conscience, which leaves us to infer that he would break the manifesto pledge. See

  3. Yes all very well, but I do wish some of the candidates don’t just vary the party policy depending on where they are standing…I know the Hebrides is a bit remote and I’ve been told full of Plymouth Brethern folk but until they get these rough MPs in order and start singing from the same hymn book then I’ve got grave concern ..

    Election husting

    Donald Crichton (Labour) said: “Marriage was given to be between man and woman and so it should remain.“

    Peter Morrison (lib dems) went against his own party’s policy which is too legalise full homosexual marriage as well as to conduct gay civil partnership ceremonies in churches.

  4. Donald Chricton (Labour) just doesn’t get it, much like the religious cults. There is NO mandate or religious element in civil marriage to procreate. In ten countries that allow us to marry, there is a gender neutral clause in regard to same-sex civil marriage. Using the worn out mantra that religious cults would be forced to recognise same-sex marriage let alone officiate at them is nothing more than a red herring to discriminate and promote the view that civil marriage is also under the aegis of religion. It isn’t and never will be. They can rant and scream all theywant, their argument against it is deeply flawed. Nobody will be forced to perform a marriage for a same-sex couple except registrars and others so designated who are paid for by the tax payers, a civil issue.

    Another thing, since when are equality rights up for debate or public opinion? In a true democracy, all people are guaranteed identical rights without exception, as simple as that.

  5. Dan Simpson 5 May 2011, 3:29pm

    I’m a 21 year old gay male, and I will not vote on what the LGBT community tells me. I’m an individual… I’ll vote SNP+Green because they are the only major progressive left wing parties in Scotland. I should also point out that Brian Souter funded the election campaign, stuart… Which is now over. Let’s not forget that the SNP is the only major party with any sense of secularism.

  6. Dan is right. I’ll be voting for who I think will do the best for Scotland. Based on their record, the SNP gets my vote as I know they hold to their word. Also, I’ve never once heard anything homophobic from the SNP (unlike other parties). SNP twice for me.

  7. Scottish poiticians going crazy! That’s disgrace to support perverts and perverting Scottland by following degenerated Anglos! Soon young boys of Scottland will become converted into homosexuality by local gays. That’s would be really horrifying for their parents! Oh!…. I will pray Allah for saving our youth from nasty and degenerated perverts!

  8. World need to pray Allah to save babies from gay-perverts and their politicians!

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