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New York governor promises ‘urgency’ on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 4 May 2011, 1:38pm

    Here’s hoping!!

  2. Wonderful to see a state governor throwing his full support behind it with all of the fiscal problems in his state, unemployment and cuts in services. Meanwhile, we don’t have one political leader in the UK doing the same.

  3. marjangles 4 May 2011, 2:39pm

    They couldn’t manage it when the Democrats controlled the state senate so I’m not sure where the votes are coming from now that the Republicans control it again. Having said that, Cuomo is considered to be a much stronger governor than David Paterson was so we can but wait and see.

  4. I used to think New York would be one of the first states to allow gay marriage.

  5. James, I have friends who live in New York City. They tell me once you leave and head for the suburbs or “upstate”, its no different than any of the conservative “red states”. They tell me its a myth that New York is a liberal state even though much of it votes for the democrats. Not all democrats are liberal apparently. You’re right though, given the myth about New York, you would have thought it would have been the leader. Its not much different than California in that respect. That said, its still a sad day fror American gays whether they get marriage equality or not. Their marriages are only recognised at the state level and are not portable other than in the five states that allow it, plus they are not able to claim the one thousand or more rights at the federal level that straight couples take for granted.

    1. The latest polls show support for same-sex marriage is actually higher in the suburbs and upstate than in NYC. I have family in upstate NY and spent time there as a kid. It always seemed like a pretty open and tolerant place to me. I think the idea that it’s a cultural backwater is just a classic bit of big city snobbery.

      “same-sex marriage was supported by 64 percent of people in the suburbs, 58 percent in upstate and 54 percent in New York City”

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