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Video:Google uses TV advertisement during Glee to showcase ‘It Gets Better’ campaign

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Reader comments

  1. What a stupid campaign. A hypocrite like Obama says it gets better but he won’t legalise marriage or stop the use of the gay panic defence. It’s marketing America as the land of the free while Internet hookups are being murdered. Go to rod 2.0 to see what the land of the hypocrites is really like.

    1. Obama has lent his support to a campaign, which is more than Bush or Palin would ever do, and you still want to shoot him down. I don’t know how you think politics works, but Obama doesn’t have the right to completely ignore the wishes of the many American conservatives who don’t believe gay people should have the right to marry. He has, however, overseen the repealing of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and it’s clear where his allegiances lie (i.e. with us). The world is not going to change overnight, but don’t attack our supporters or we might soon find that support in short supply.

      1. Well he shouldn’t say things will get better if he can’t deliver. He should say I’m trying to make things better rather than giving a false absolute. And using Palin and bush as bench marks is silly. They are possible the 2 most stupid people on earth

        1. Stupid they may be, James, but their supporters account for a huge proportion of the American vote. Whether we agree or not, their viewpoint has to be taken into consideration in a fair democracy.

          As I understand it, ‘Things will get better’ is referring to the lives of gay teens that might feel isolated and hopeless. When you reach adulthood and find others like yourself, things do get better. That’s my reading of it, anyhow.

          1. Not necessarily. Gay teens shouldn’t be led to believe in a gay utopia. The same problems exist within gay “communities”. Homophobia if they are effeminate, racism if they are not white, exploitation, drugs, rape, HIV, discrimination if they are deaf or disabled. Give the teens hope but be realistic. If they come out with these high expectations the dissappointment may cause some serious damage

          2. Re: James’s comment below:

            Any messages of hope and optimism have to be welcome, particularly from high profile figures. Who’s saying we’ve reached Utopia here? That’s absurd.

          3. This is false hope from people who are famous but no nothing about homosexuality.

          4. What a depressing world you must live in James. I’m sorry to hear it. But I live in hope.

          5. Well I live in London. My mates have been attacked I had one guy try to get me hooked on meth the bstard actually bought me a pipe. There are a lot of predators on the scene who will target naive young guys. One guy I met was infected with HIV by a bloke who said if you use condoms for the first time it will hurt. don’t send the youngsters out there unprepared

          6. James, the purpose of the It Gets Better campaign is to provide hope for those who feel isolated and alone, not only because of their sexuality but because they are “different.” It was created in the wake of a plethora of gay teen and young adult suicides last year with the purpose of reaching out to those in small towns, who have no one around them to turn to.

            I’m sorry that you’ve had a rough life and that it seems to have turned you into a self-hating gay, but that’s no reason to condemn the acts or words of those wishing to provide hope to others.

          7. Suicide is not the act of a rational mind that’s what should be addressed. this self congratulationary fest is tedious and will be forgotten by the time the next marketable cause pops up.

          8. And to prove my point Glee is on Fox. If there is money in a gay cause anti gay people will back it

  2. Jock S. Trap 5 May 2011, 7:46am

    It does get better and it’s about what you make life but until we get full equality homophobic bullying will always have an excuse to make us second class human beings just because of how we are born.

    1. It dosent get better you have to become stronger. Older people are mocked ifthey dare go into a bar. And bars for older people are called elephants graveyards. So if you survive your teens and 20’s you have isolation in your old age to look forward to. Older people would rather die at home alone than go into an anti gay care home.

      1. Ostracision of older people is a problem with the gay community, and no-one else. It’s a shame the only thing marketed towards gay people is bars and clubbing, really. Any other gay social events that didn’t involve cruising, drinking and clubbing might create a change for older lonely gay men. Who knows?

        1. You can tell a lot about a community by the way it treats its most vulnerable people

          1. I’m 29 and regret that the scene has lost much of its community spirit. But that’s the price we pay for a scene that’s built around what we choose to consume: i.e. hedonism and no-strings sex. But, look on the bright side; as the religious right begin to flex their political muscles, we may all find ourselves pulling together again for support soon enough. :o(

        2. I don’t want to veer this too much off the topic of the main story but its not just the lgbt community who are uncaring towards older people flamineo.

          1. I agree. It’s symptomatic of the wider “ME!!-generation” perpetuated by the dreary amoral celeb-culture we live in. Sad. But where does the revolution begin? I hope it’s with us.

          2. I wouldn’t go as far as to say family but the scene was defiantly more left leaning.

          3. I’m not sure that liberalism necessarily equates with community; it seems to be all about protecting the rights of the individual, doesn’t it? The objective aims of the ‘right’s values is to look out for its community, isn’t it? (I’m a liberal, by the way, but I think we’ve definitely lost something by chucking out community values in pursuit of our individual right to have a good time.) Don’t shoot me, lol.

        3. The scene lost a lot of good people in the 80’s and 90’s. We lost our way and the “pink pound” brought in big business. No space for community of marals when there is money to be made

          1. I’ll try again

            The scene lost a lot of good people in the 80′s and 90′s. We lost our way and the “pink pound” brought in big business. No space for community or morals when there is money to be made

          2. I agree. But there has to be something we can do to reverse the trend. Like I mentioned, it’s likely to happen when we’re oppressed by a greater force. But it’d be nice to think that we could forget our individual selfishness and find some way back to the time when the gay scene felt like a family. Or am I being ridiculous?!

  3. Peter & Michael 5 May 2011, 7:46am

    It will get better when we can kiss our partners, hold hands together in public, when some religious bodies finally accept our sexuality, when the government legalises same sex marriage, when gay people cease to be beaten up on the streets. Yes, it will get better.

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 May 2011, 2:58pm

      Good comment.
      Totally Agree.

  4. Dionysian 5 May 2011, 9:40am

    It gets better. Peter & Michael, my partner and I hold hands all the time in public. This last Bank Holiday weekend is the first time we have been able to do so without a SINGLE homophobic comment. We were in a bar and got two people come over to tell us we made a lovely couple.
    When things unfortunately happen, the Police take our comments seriously (in fact my better half is in Court today to see an assailant from Christmas brought to justice). Attitudes are changing. Albeit slowly, but they ARE changing.

    1. Hi Dionysian, what you say doesn’t necessarily mean things are getting better with the views and opinions of the average bigoted joe. The police SHOULD be expected to take comments/attacks/abuse against the lgbt community seriously- its what they’re paid to do, the fact that people for years were afraid to report attacks says as much about the police force as it does about the general public. The fact your partner is in court for the trial of an assailant from Christmas which was a few months ago doesn’t really instill any faith in me that things are progressing and changing, I honestly feel if anything things are getting worse when I read the amount of attacks etc against the lgbt community in London alone. James’! post above about old guys dying at home and old gays being isolated may sound like a Morrissey song but their is a ring of truth when he says we have to get stronger rather than expect bigots to change.

    2. Jock S. Trap 5 May 2011, 3:01pm

      Excellent comment Dionysian
      We can’t expect things to change unless we are willing to be out there and change them.

      1. …and to hell with anyone who objects. Is that really wise?

    3. Thank you for this comment. absolutely agree. We also hold hands in public and kiss. Even on streets of Istanbul. We get looks and they get a lesson. We are all Rosa Parks. If we dare to respect ourselves. It get’s better but we are the one to take our freedom not wait for government to hand it out to us. I salute the Queens of Stonewall.

  5. Peter & Michael 5 May 2011, 12:44pm

    James! Yes you are right, we know Phil and he has, in his younger years together with others, we included, to raise money for charities, not just gay charities, money for HIV causes, which in the early 1980’s no funding from the government, but we do need LGBT care housing for our eldest folk. Being Civil Partners we have promised each other to make sure we don’t end up in a care home. Thank you for your post.

    1. Cheers Peter and Michael I’m glad someone appreciates me and my comments. I hope by the time you need support there are some useful organisations in place.

  6. I’m all for the “It Gets Better” campaign, but isn’t airing this during “Glee” like preaching to the choir? Wouldn’t it be better to air it during, say, “The PTL Club” instead? Yes, I know they’d never allow that, but those are the people who need to have their minds opened, a lot moreso than the audience of gay-friendly “Glee”.

    1. I think fox news would be a start

    2. The ‘It Gets Better’ campaign isn’t meant to raise tolerance and awareness of homosexuality, though – it’s meant to reach out to youths within the LGBT community.

  7. The it Gets Better campaign isn’t about politics, or gay rights, necessarily. This is coming from a young person (to whom it is aimed) who has followed it from the start. It’s not about gay marriage or DADT, it’s about telling young people who are getting bullied at school, who are maybe the only gay kid they know in school, who might have to live with homophobic parents and families and peers that adulthood isn’t like that, and that the ‘real world’ isn’t like school. It features adults whose lives have got better without gay marriage having to be legalised.
    The thing is that especially in the US there isn’t a lot of positive media coverage of gay people living ordinary lives – the point of the campaign is to show that it is possible to be gay and have a good life. It’s not a political movement, it’s a youtube channel.

    1. Adult life can also be like that. They want you to believe in Santa again And stfu instead of sorting out the anti gay attitudes

      1. I just want to add before youre told it gets better they should the the anti gay people to behave.

        1. That’s the point; they can’t. The project is only on a youtube channel because in the US adult gay people aren’t allowed to go into schools and talk to kids. Gay rights activists and the like can’t talk to people who don’t want to listen. And pretty much nobody can change the minds of idiot politicians who keep legislating against changes for the better.

          I recognise that of course adult life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it does get better than being at a school where you’re the lone gay kid, where you look different and get singled out for being different, because not everyone in real life is as immature as a schoolchild. Of course there are idiots, but when you’re an adult it’s sometimes easier to escape them.

          1. So the idea is tell the victim its up to them to not kill themselves. And the instigators can carry on as usual. It seems like a load of bollocks to me

  8. James, do you have nothing better to with your time than try and bring others down and be a wet blanket? Is being such an awful person really what makes your life worth living. Take a moment and reflect on the fact the person who is truly making your life difficult is not those around you that you do not feel help the community enough but rather it is you. You are the person that cannot see the positive in life. You are the person that cannot love others and you are the person that is bringing the LBGT community and yourself down. For all you have lived through you still need to grow up.

    1. You’re not even tearing my argument apart all you have is personal attacks. So am I not allowed to disagree?

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