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500 join Stonewall’s Equality Walk

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Reader comments

  1. Laura Doughty – Stonewall’s deputy chief executive?

    Is she the new public face of Stonewall?Especially considering how Ben Summerskill has caused such massive damage to Stonewall’s reputation, through his treacherous campaigning against LGBT marriage equality at the LibDem conference last year.

    In fact isn’t it time to be asking Stonewall ‘Is the continued employment by Stonewall of Ben Summerskill to be regarded as an endorsement by Stonewall of Ben Summerskill’s homophobia, and if so then why should any LGBT person support Stonewall?

    Stonewall cannot be trusted. Its refusal to address marriage equality and its continued refusal to answer valid questions about its methods make it a deepy suspicious organisation.

    It’s quite easy to find a group which supports full LGBT equality – I’d encourage people to donate to those groups instead of Stonewall.

  2. Samuel,
    I, believe the only point of Stonewall,is their foolish unconditional support of the Labour Party.
    As for Ben Summerskill,he has a history of being luke warm on equality,in my opinion.

    Large salaries,for doing what at Stonewall?

  3. I forgot to write,the directors love their gongs.

    Angela Mason in the House of Lords,I believe.

    Then,the unadvertised advisor position to the previous Mayor of London.

    Another example of talking about equality and accepting a post,where no post was advertised and therefore equality was not practiced!!!

  4. Sorry,

    I have just been told,Angela is not in the House Of Lords. However,has an obe or something similar.

    Also a Labour councillor.Surprise,Surprise.
    I rest my case.

  5. Yawn

  6. StonewallUK is purported to have 20,000 members. How can 500 supporters in Brighton be construed as huge? If anything, its an indictment of just how little support it has.

    As for marriage equality, I don’t see where its pro-active. Yes, there’s a mere blurb about it on its agenda, but way down low on the list. Summerskill doesn’t quite get that marriage equality can break down even more barriers and would probably have a significant impact on school bullying, among other things. When society sees as segregated under a different set of rules, then that is only inviting discrimination, bigotry, ridicule, dehmunisation and the promotion of derogatory remarks and innuendo by such rags as the Daily Mail and its ilk. Separate never has and never will be equal. Name one country where its worked successfully? I can’t. Its delusional to think otherwise.

  7. I have no strong feelings one way or the other re stonewall …

    I do see some good work they do but equally acknowledge the public relations disaster of their response to the issue of same sex marriage

    I would love to see some positive comments re stonewall on here to counter balance the negative rhetoric that is tiring

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