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April 2011

  • 4th April 2011

    Man jailed for 21-year-old sex attack on lesbian couple 10

    Anthony Burrows pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey

    4:44 PM — A man has been jailed for 12 months for a 1990 sex attack on a lesbian couple in south London. Anthony Burrows, 55, was caught when police used new DNA techniques on a 'cold case' review.

  • Elton John confirms Lady Gaga is his baby’s godmother 6

    Elton hosted Saturday Night Live

    3:44 PM — Elton John has confirmed that Lady Gaga is godmother to his baby son Zachary. The singer did a star turn on US show Saturday Night Live this weekend.

  • US lesbian teenager allowed to wear tux to prom 7

    The teenager was permitted to wear her tux

    2:34 PM — A lesbian teenager from Illinois has been given the right to wear a tuxedo to her prom. Belinda Sanchez, a student at Proviso East High School, was initially denied the right to wear the garment by principal Milton Patch.

  • Lesbian PC wins discrimination case 16

    PC Tracey West won her case for discrimination

    2:11 PM — A lesbian policewoman has won her case for sexual orientation discrimination against her sergeant. PC Tracey West, 42, was bullied by Sgt Michael Service for six months, a tribunal in Glasgow heard.

  • 30 attend London East End gay Pride march 81

    Marchers at Saturday's Pride (Photo (c) So So Gay)

    1:10 PM — An East End Gay Pride march was quietly held in Tower Hamlets on Saturday with just a few dozen people. Marchers walked from King Edward Memorial Park in Shadwell to Poplar Park carrying rainbow flags while a heavy police presence kept watch.

  • Marc Jacobs president ‘made staff look at gay porn’ 11

    The New York company was named in a lawsuit last week

    10:41 AM — The president of fashion label Marc Jacobs is being sued by its former chief operating officer. Patrice Lataillade claims that company president Robert Duffy made staff watch gay porn, ordered an employee to pole-dance for him and treated the firm as his own private bank account.

  • 60 arrested in Shanghai gay bar raid 6

    Homosexuality is legal in China

    9:42 AM — More than 60 people were arrested this weekend when police raided a gay bar in Shanghai. According to AFP, police in the Chinese city said that patrons at Q bar were watching "pornographic" shows.

  • New York ‘hate crime’ suspect says he is also gay

    One of the images Damian Furtch posted on Facebook

    9:18 AM — A suspect accused of a homophobic attack on a New York gay man has denied that the attack was motivated by hate and claims that he is gay too.

  • 1st April 2011

    Donald Trump doesn’t ‘feel good’ about gay marriage 98

    Donald Trump doesn't 'feel good' about marriage equality (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    4:09 PM — US billionaire Donald Trump says he doesn't "feel good" about the issue of marriage equality. The thrice-married tycoon, who is a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, has stated his opposition to the issue several times in the last month.

  • Nicki Minaj says ‘openly bisexual’ rumours aren’t true 8

    Nicki Minaj 'embraces gay culture'. (Photo: Truu Wiki)

    3:45 PM — Pop star Nicki Minaj has shot down rumours that she is "openly bisexual". The star, who has been linked to fellow singer Rihanna, said people were "thrown off" by the fact she embraces gay culture.

  • Adult movie actors’ real names revealed on ‘Porn WikiLeaks’ 18

    Adult film actors have had their real names leaked (Photo: Stag Shop)

    2:24 PM — A WikiLeaks-style website has revealed the real names, birthdates and professional names of 15,000 past and present American adult movie actors. The amateur website is causing concern among performers because some prefer to hide their acting careers from family members and employers.

  • Polish MP expelled for lesbian joke 47

    The Polish MP was expelled from his party. (Photo: K Palion)

    12:59 PM — A Polish MP has been expelled from his party for making a sexist joke about lesbians. Robert Wegrzyn of the centre-right Civic Platform party was given the boot this week, two months after he made the off-colour joke.

  • Gay sailor told he can stay in the US Navy 18

    The military gay ban is to be lifted this year

    12:24 PM — A gay sailor who was outed has been told by a military panel that he can stay in the Navy. Petty Officer 2nd Class Derek Morado, 26 told reporters that the three-member panel apparently agreed with his lawyer's argument that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is now dead.

  • Parents of ‘gay rumours’ suicide boy urge youths to seek help 119

    Dominic's parents said schools must do more

    11:54 AM — The parents of a 15-year-old boy who killed himself after rumours circulated that he was gay have urged young people to seek help if they feel suicidal. Dominic Crouch, a pupil at St Edwards School in Cheltenham, threw himself from a six-storey block of flats last May after returning from a school trip.

  • David Cameron to make guest cameo in Lady Gaga video 8

    David Cameron is a "massive" Lady Gaga fan

    10:25 AM — British prime minister David Cameron is to make a guest appearance in an upcoming Lady Gaga video for her single 'Government Hooker'.

  • Australian Catholic school accidentally allows ‘gay cure’ seminar 47

    The gay cure group says it may take legal action

    10:20 AM — A Catholic school in Australia accidentally allowed a 'gay cure' Christian group to use its premises for a seminar. St Columban's College said it immediately withdrew permission for the Miracle Christian Center's presentation after it learned the nature of the group.

  • Gay British man arrested and beaten in Saudi Arabia 131

    Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia

    9:30 AM — A British man was arrested and beaten in Saudi Arabia by religious police when they discovered he was gay. Stephen Comiskey, a 36-year-old nurse, was threatened with beheading and thrown in a cell.

  • New iPhone app Kroozr comes with ‘weirdo filter’ 32

    Kroozr: takes the losing out of cruising

    6:34 AM — A new iPhone app is threatening to knock Grindr off its perch as the number one app for gay men. Kroozr claims to use smartphone technology to determine whether men in the user's vicinity are gay and can even filter out undesirables, such as those wearing sandals with socks.

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