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April 2011

  • 13th April 2011

    Comment: Are we too scared to be camp? 112

    Alan Carr - one of television's campest personalities

    6:00 PM — Last week Boy George claimed that gay men are now less willing to stand out and attract attention. Cameron Lamont says gay men are under pressure to tone down their campness because of fears of violence and prejudice in the community.

  • Gay Brighton couple hope to be first elected councillors together 29

    Peter Booth and Kelvin Poplett with Chris Sandland (R)

    5:51 PM — A gay couple from Brighton hope they will become the first civil partners to be elected as councillors at the same time. Peter Booth, a businessman, and Kelvin Poplett, a travel agent, are standing as Tory candidates for East Brighton ward alongside Chris Sandland, who was a founder member of Stonewall.

  • Football club asks fans to report racist or anti-gay abuse 2

    Tottenham Hotspur asked fans to report abuse (Photo: Stephen Depolo)

    4:31 PM — Football club Tottenham Hotspur has asked all fans at tonight's match against Real Madrid to report anti-gay or racist language if they hear it.

  • Indian minister says declining female birth rate means ‘we’ll all become gay’ 67

    Farooq Abdullah said everyone would be gay when women are eliminated

    3:37 PM — An Indian minister says he is concerned that the whole population will become gay if gender balance trends continue. Farooq Abdullah, the minister for new and renewable energy, was commenting on new Census figures which show that the ratio of female children to male children is the lowest since India gained independence.

  • Peter Tatchell: Ten-year gay blood ban is unjustified 40

    Gay and bisexual men are barred for life from donating blood

    2:34 PM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says that replacing the blanket ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood with a ten-year ban is unjustified and most can safely become donors.

  • Australian Facebook group outed gay soldiers 59

    Gay soldiers were outed by the homophobic campaign

    11:45 AM — The Australian Defence Force has been accused of failing to discipline soldiers who were involved in an online hate campaign against their gay colleagues.

  • Gay penguins book is back at top of complaints list 35

    And Tango Makes Three is considered 'anti-family'

    10:56 AM — A children's book about two gay penguins has returned to the top spot in a list of America's most controversial books. And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell has been on the American Library Association's (ALA) list of the most complained about books for five years.

  • Student lied about anti-gay campus attack 41

    It is not clear why Quinn Matney made up the assault

    10:03 AM — A University of North Carolina student who claimed he was branded in a homophobic attack on campus lied about it, police have said.

  • 12th April 2011

    Ian McKellen visits schools to talk about being gay 28

    Sir Ian has toured more than 50 schools (Photo: Stefan Servos)

    5:39 PM — Sir Ian McKellen has visited 54 schools in two years to talk about being gay. The veteran actor was enlisted by Stonewall to help its campaign to stamp out homophobic bullying.

  • US student branded in homophobic attack 52

    The burn on Quinn Matney's wrist

    5:07 PM — A student at the University of North Carolina had his wrist burned with a hot object in a homophobic attack. Freshman Quinn Matney may be permanently scarred after the incident, which took place last week on campus.

  • More US schools warned about gay censorship 6

    Some US schools routinely block gay support websites

    4:21 PM — The American Civil Liberties Union has written to more schools to question their filters on LGBT support websites. As part of the group's 'Don't Filter Me' campaign, it has sent letters to schools in Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania and Virginia, asking them to stop censoring the websites.

  • Government seeks transgender community’s feedback 15

    Equality minister Lynne Featherstone said the government was committed to trans rights

    3:48 PM — The coalition government is to publish its first 'Transgender Action Plan' later this year and is asking trans people to help shape the document. Ministers promised last May that they would produce an action plan specifically for trans people.

  • New Jersey trans man fired from men-only job 16

    El'Jai Devoureau was sacked on his second day at work

    2:52 PM — A New Jersey transgender man has been fired after his employers decided that he did not fulfil a men-only requirement of the job. El'Jai Devoureau, 39, was hired by a drug treatment centre last summer and was required to watch men giving urine samples for drug testing.

  • Former Republican Senator Alan Simpson calls party homophobes ‘disgusting’ 6

    There are homophobes in the Republican party, Alan Simpson said

    1:29 PM — Former Republican Senator for Wyoming, Alan Simpson, has hit out at anti-gay politicians in his party. During an interview with MSNBC's Hardball programme, he said men shouldn't be allowed to vote on abortion and called homophobes 'disgusting".

  • Out gay London deputy mayor Simon Milton dies 18

    Simon Milton died after a short illness

    10:53 AM — London deputy mayor Sir Simon Milton has died after a short illness at the age of 49. The Conservative politician, who was mayor Boris Johnson's chief of staff, died in hospital on Monday.

  • Daily Star columnist: ‘If Ricky Gervais was gay, you’d think he had AIDS’ 107

    Ricky Gervais looks like a "dying man", Joe Mott wrote (Image: TwitPic)

    10:47 AM — A Daily Star columnist has been accused of tastelessness and homophobia for a remark about Ricky Gervais' recent weight loss. Joe Mott wrote in Sunday's edition that if the actor was gay, it would be assumed he had AIDS.

  • 11th April 2011

    Former National Organization for Marriage strategist turns gay civil marriage supporter 17

    Louis Marinelli says he now supports civil marriage equality

    6:52 PM — The former online strategist for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has defected and now says he wants to help gays and lesbians win the right to civil marriage. Louis Marinelli helped organise the US group's 2010 Summer Tour but said that during the event, the lesbian and gay activists he met "became real people" to him.

  • US HIV patients want right to HIV organ transplants 6

    US law forbids HIV-positive organs going to HIV-positive recipients

    4:05 PM — HIV-positive patients in the US are lobbying for the right to receive HIV-infected transplant organs. They argue that there are hundreds of HIV-infected organs available every year and that making the change would save lives and give more people the chance of a transplant.

  • US students charged with indecency for lesbian library sex

    The students were in a library study room

    2:42 PM — Two female students in the US state of Georgia have been charged with public indecency offences for allegedly having sex in a college library.

  • Lesbian judge in Chile fights for new US anti-discrimination laws 10

    Karen Atala's children were taken away from her

    1:57 PM — A lesbian judge from Chile is calling for new anti-discrimination laws to be introduced across North and South America. Karen Atala, 47, lost custody of her three daughters in 2004 because of her sexual orientation. She won custody of her children in two hearings, but they were overturned by the Supreme Court in 2006.

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