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April 2011

  • 18th April 2011

    Scottish Green Party leader tells of MSPs’ anti-gay jokes 12

    Patrick Harvie said he had occasionally heard of anti-gay jokes

    11:38 AM — Patrick Harvie, the leader of the Scottish Green Party, says he has endured anti-gay jokes from parliament colleagues. Speaking to Scotland on Sunday, the 38-year-old, who is bisexual, said he knew some MSPs had made "homophobic" remarks about him behind his back.

  • US study: Gay teen suicide risk higher in conservative areas 40

    Tyler Clementi killed himself because he believed his roommate taped him having sex with a man

    10:38 AM — An American study suggests that attempted suicide rates among gay teenagers are higher in areas considered less liberal. Researchers said youths were more likely to try to kill themselves in areas without gay-supportive school programmes.

  • Gay men vote Nick Clegg ‘sexiest party leader’ 42

    The hottest party leader?

    9:50 AM — Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has been voted the sexiest UK party leader in a poll of gay men. Forty-two per cent of the 1,100 men surveyed by gay networking group Jake said Mr Clegg, who famously confessed to sleeping with "no more than 30 women", was the hottest leader.

  • 15th April 2011

    Hundreds protest outside John Snow pub that kicked out gay couple for kissing 608

    The view of the protest from the window of FT correspondent Sam Jones

    11:22 PM — A large protest of hundreds of people gathered outside the John Snow pub in Soho, central London earlier this evening in reaction to a gay couple being ejecting from the venue for kissing.

  • Bill could make gay history compulsory in California schools 30

    Schools may be required to teach gay history

    5:52 PM — The teaching of gay history could become compulsory in California schools if a new bill becomes law. The bill, SB 48, was passed by the Senate today by 23 to 14 votes. Its full name is The FAIR (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful) Education Act.

  • Gay dads celebrate 21 years with plastic baby 29

    The couple with Digby (Photo via The Daily)

    5:50 PM — If you thought Sir Elton John and David Furnish's son Zachary was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, then spare a thought for Digby du Pont. He's travelled the world, met celebrities and has a wardrobe of more than 300 made-to-measure suits. Not bad for a plastic doll.

  • Soho pub closes to avoid gay kissing protest 199

    The John Snow has apparently closed for the night

    4:49 PM — The London pub accused of throwing out a gay couple for kissing has apparently closed for the day to avoid an 800-strong protest. The John Snow, in Soho, ordered drinkers to leave at around 3pm and shut its doors.

  • Rev Jesse Jackson denies harassing gay employee 13

    Jesse Jackson refutes the claims

    4:23 PM — Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has denied claims he harassed and ridiculed a gay employee. Tommy Bennett, who worked for Rev Jackson's civil rights group Rainbow PUSH from 2007-2009, alleges that his co-workers discriminated against him because he is gay.

  • London gay men warned about ‘aggressive’ new chlamydia strain 49

    Health experts are urging gay men to wear condoms

    3:30 PM — Gay and bisexual men in London are being warned about growing rates of an "aggressive" strain of chlamydia. LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum) arrived in the UK in 2004, health experts say.

  • Drinker claims gay kissing couple were ‘over the top’ 121

    Hundreds will protest at the pub tonight (Photo: Michael Arrighi)

    2:20 PM — A drinker who complained about a gay couple kissing in a London pub claims they were "over the top". Gary from Richmond, who did not give his surname, called BBC 5 Live this morning to explain why he reported the couple to management at the John Snow.

  • BBC editor sacked for ‘gay harassment’ of colleague

    Jonathan Steer is suing the BBC

    2:02 PM — A former BBC picture editor is suing the corporation after he was sacked for sexually harassing a male colleague. Jonathan Steer, who worked on News At Ten and Newsnight, began to bombard the colleague, referred to as Andrew, with emails and late-night phone calls, a London employment tribunal heard.

  • Hundreds to stage kiss-in at Soho pub 55

    Protests will be held at the John Snow (Photo: Michael Arrighi)

    10:50 AM — Hundreds of people are expected to join a 'kiss-in' protest at a Soho pub tonight after a gay couple were thrown out for kissing.

  • 14th April 2011

    Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe calls Britain ‘gay filth’ 47

    Robert Mugabe attacked Britain for accepting homosexuality

    5:49 PM — Homophobic Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe called Britain's tolerance of gay rights "unnatural" and "filth" at the funeral of his deputy intelligence chief today. The African leader, speaking at the funeral of Menard Muzariri, hit out at continued European sanctions on his country.

  • Transgender group furious at BBC for ‘offensive’ Russell Howard sketch 341

    A scene from the BBC Three show

    4:21 PM — BBC comedy Russell Howard's Good News is under fire from transgender campaigners who say a recent sketch ridicules a "vulnerable minority". Trans Media Watch said that the sketch, based on the story of a Thai airline hiring trans women, shows trans people as "objects of ridicule [and] physical disgust."

  • Brighton Pride announces ticket price concessions 22

    Brighton Pride will charge for entry this year

    3:14 PM — Brighton Pride has relaxed its ticket prices rules after complaints. The festival is to charge entry for the first time this year with ticket prices as high as £17.50 for those who buy on the day.

  • Government website asks: Should Equality Act be scrapped? 104

    Ministers want to know if people think the Equality Act is a "bad idea"

    12:23 PM — A government website asks members of the public whether the Equality Act should be scrapped completely. Red Tape Challenge is designed to help ministers identify "burdensome" legislation and "pointless or outdated rules".

  • Gay couple ‘kicked out of Soho pub for kissing’ 217

    The couple say they were kicked out for kissing

    11:50 AM — A gay couple say they were kicked out of a Soho pub last night for kissing. Jonathan Williams, 26, said he had been enjoying a quiet drink in the John Snow on Broadwick Street with his date James when a customer complained about them.

  • Gay man attacked by gang who tricked him into meeting, court hears

    The court heard that the victim was contacted on a gay website

    11:35 AM — A gay man was attacked by a gang who tricked him into meeting them in a car park, a court heard yesterday. The 50-year-old victim suffered a fractured skull after he was beaten with bats.

  • Nurses back lifting of gay blood donation ban 7

    Nurses back lifting the blood ban

    10:39 AM — The Royal College of Nursing says it will lobby for the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood to be lifted. At the RCN's annual congress in Liverpool yesterday, 87 per cent of delegates voted for an end to the ban.

  • Basketball star Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 for anti-gay slur 35

    Kobe Bryant called a ref a "faggot". (Photo: David Allison)

    10:08 AM — US basketball star Kobe Bryant has been handed a $100,000 fine for using a homophobic slur against a referee. During Tuesday's game, the Lakers player called Bennie Adams a "faggot" when the referee judged he had committed a foul.

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