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April 2011

  • 20th April 2011

    Father ‘killed lesbian daughter’s girlfriend and her mother’ 57

    Norma Hurtado, 24, was shot dead at her home

    5:07 PM — A Texas man who was upset at his daughter's lesbian relationship killed her girlfriend and the girl's mother, police say. Jose Alfonso Aviles, 45, is accused of shooting Norma Hurtado, 24, and her mother Maria Hurtado, 57, at their Austin home on Monday.

  • Gay HIV study to look at daily prevention pill 50

    Men would be given a daily dose of Truvada

    3:48 PM — A proposed UK study of gay and bisexual men would look at the efficacy of giving them a daily oral HIV prevention pill. The pilot study, which is still at an early stage, would give at-risk gay men a daily dose of Truvada, which has been found to lower the rate of new HIV infections.

  • Another US poll finds majority support for gay marriage 23

    Polls are finding more support for gay marriage

    2:28 PM — Another American poll suggests that just over half of voters support marriage equality. The CNN poll found that 51 per cent of the 824 adults surveyed said gay couples should be allowed to wed.

  • Delaware approves civil unions for gay couples 3

    Gay couples in Delaware will have the right to civil unions (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    1:51 PM — The US state of Delaware has become the eighth to give gay couples the right to civil unions. The measure was approved this month by 13-6 votes in the Senate and 25-16 votes in the House.

  • Malaysia’s gay cure camp sparks anger 14

    State officials hope the camp will stop the boys being gay

    12:00 PM — A Malaysian 'gay cure' camp for effeminate teenagers should be abolished, the country's women's minister says. Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said that the decision, by the state of Terengganu, violates the Children's Act and would damage the boys.

  • Four of five main Scottish parties promise action on gay marriage 31

    Most Scottish parties promise some action on the issue

    11:09 AM — Four of Scotland's five main political parties say they will take action on gay marriage ahead of next month's elections. The two largest parties, the SNP and Labour, say they will consult on the issue. The Lib Dems and Greens promise full equality.

  • US student charged for lying about anti-gay attack 28

    Quinn Matney's injury was self-inflicted

    10:25 AM — A student who lied about being the victim of a homophobic attack has been charged with filing a false report. Quinn Matney, a 19-year-old freshman at the University of North Carolina, claimed that a man shouted anti-gay abuse at him and burned his wrist.

  • 19th April 2011

    Prince William and Kate Middleton urged to support gay marriage 164

    William and Kate 'should support gay marriage' (Copyright 2010 Mario Testino)

    5:28 PM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell wants Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton to support gay marriage. The pair, who are to wed next Friday, "have the option to get married", Mr Tatchell said.

  • Derren Brown reveals he went to ‘gay cure’ church 32

    Derren Brown said he "flirted" with a gay cure church

    5:16 PM — Television illusionist Derren Brown has revealed he "flirted" with a church that tries to cure gay people. The magician said that before he came out in 2008, he spent time with the Living Waters movement, which offers healing to those with "same sex attraction".

  • Anti-gay preacher Stephen Green is an April Fool 74

    Doh! Anti-gay preacher Stephen Green fell for the joke.

    3:45 PM — Christian extremist Stephen Green has raged against a PinkNews.co.uk story about a new gay iPhone app. "You couldn't make it up," he stormed. Except we did.

  • London transgender conference cancelled after trans complaints 193

    2:29 PM — A conference on transgender issues has been cancelled by the Royal College of Psychiatrists after a leading gender identity clinic pulled out. The May 20th event in London, titled 'Transgender: time to change', angered trans campaigners who said it was one-sided and questioned speakers' credentials.

  • Malaysia sends 66 boys to gay cure camp 105

    A Malaysian official said the boys were invited to the camp

    12:06 PM — Malaysian authorities have admitted sending 66 teenage boys thought to be gay to a camp to learn "masculine behaviour". An official from Terengganu state said the boys, aged between 13 and 17, were identified by teachers as having effeminate mannerisms.

  • Hungary approves new ‘anti-gay’ constitution 52

    Hungarian politicians voted for the new constitution

    11:09 AM — Hungarian politicians have approved a new constitution which bans gay marriage. The document restricts marriage to heterosexuals and does not protect LGBT people from discrimination.

  • Evan Rachel Wood comes out as bisexual 31

    Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual (Photo: Esquire)

    10:28 AM — True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood has announced she is bisexual. The star, who used to date Marilyn Manson, told Esquire magazine that she prefers to take the lead when dating women.

  • Facebook apologises for removing gay kiss photo 31

    The photo removed by Facebook

    9:55 AM — Facebook has apologised for removing a photo of a gay kiss. The image, of a gay kiss on UK soap EastEnders, was removed for being “sexually suggestive” and “abusive”

  • 18th April 2011

    Irish trans woman wins £30,000 for discrimination 13

    Louise Hannon won her case

    5:50 PM — An Irish trans woman has been awarded 35,000 euros (£30,000) after an equality tribunal ruled she was discriminated against on the grounds of gender and disability. Louise Hannon claims that her employer, First Direct Logistics Limited, discriminated against her after she revealed she was transitioning.

  • Stonewall Cymru holds hustings for Welsh Assembly elections 6

    Voters in Wales can quiz parties on their gay rights promises

    5:11 PM — Voters in Wales will have the chance to quiz the four main parties on their views on gay rights. An election hustings event is being held by Stonewall Cymru tomorrow evening at Cardiff University, ahead of the May 5th elections.

  • Facebook removes gay kiss photo for ‘being sexually suggestive’ 75

    The 'sexually suggestive' image banned by Facebook

    4:27 PM — Facebook has apparently removed a photo of two men kissing for being "sexually suggestive". The image, of a gay kiss on UK soap EastEnders, was used by US writer Niall O'Conghaile to accompany a blog post about the kiss-in' held to support a gay couple who were kicked out of a pub.

  • Gay stable-boy sexually harassed female manager 44

    The tribunal said the groom's sexuality did not matter

    2:38 PM — A female manager has won £12,300 in damages after she was groped and harassed by a gay stable-boy. The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, groped Louise Smith, pretended to have sex with her and exposed himself in front of her, an employment tribunal heard.

  • Poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy composes royal wedding verse 20

    Carol Ann Duffy's verse is titled Rings

    1:26 PM — The poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, has composed a verse for the royal wedding. It was thought that Ms Duffy, the first out LGBT person appointed to the post, would ignore the event. When she was appointed two years ago, she said she would only write poems on subjects which inspire her.

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