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Remembering the Admiral Duncan bombing 12 years on

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Reader comments

  1. Spanner1960 29 Apr 2011, 2:02pm

    I was just down the street when it went off.
    What the press never reports is the blood.
    It was like an abattoir. Glass had cut people to pieces. I helped where I could until services arrived, and those that helped were being asked by ambulance people, because we were covered in it ourselves by the end.

    One day I will never forget.

    1. Spanner, you’re right. The reality of such barbaric acts are never truly seen by those who do not witness then first hand, its why others tend to repeat them.

      1. Agreed, there seems to be a blanket ban on British tv news with regards to showing the injuries and carnage that result from attacks like this. If the public were made aware of the true horrors in the way that Al Jazeera news shows the realities then there might be more public sympathy etc. Likewise with the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, the barbaric attacks inflicted by both sides on one another were never truly shown visually but just described as “man subjected to a kneecapping” or “a car bomb kills dozens”.

    2. Lee Tomlinson 1 May 2011, 1:51pm

      If you have been subjected to any form of homophobia PLEASE ALWAY REPORT to the police it can be done via third party you don’t have to give your name


  2. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 2:07pm

    Finally – good to see coverage of the 12th anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

    For more details of this year’s acts of remembrance check out this wordpress site that has been set up by the 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign.

    17-24-30 represents the dates of the three bomb attacks on Brixton 17th, Brick Lane 24th and Soho 30th.

    The group was set up to help bring people together from the different communities, to remember what happened and support those involved whilst also looking at how we can work togethr to stop further hate crime from happening.

    In October 2009 the group organised the candle-lit vigil for Ian Baynham in Trafalgar Square which was attended by 10,000 people. In 2010 Stuart Milk from the Harvey Milk foundation was one of several guest speakers.

    The next vigil against hate-crime is scheduled for October 2011 – with initial planning meetings schedule to start in May.

    1. Great idea. But I admit I hate vigils what’s the point? I prefer direct action. Send one of us to the hospital I’ll send one of you to the morgue.

      1. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 3:17pm

        Direct action is fine but usually spur of the moment, then gone.
        Vigils are about making a point, a stand against hate crimes but also remembrance, peaceful reflection and usually annually to those we have lost.
        Whilst I get your point that action must be taken to stop hate crimes, I feel we must never forget those who have died through hate crimes and that is the added purpose of vigils. Something you don’t get with direct action.

        1. Jock. Vigils don’t stop attacks

          1. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 4:46pm

            Again, I never said they did James!

          2. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 4:52pm

            No they don’t, but they help bring people together. After Ian Baynham was murdered in Trafalgar Square, 10,000 people gathered in Oct 2009 – whilst this may not stop hate crime from happening – Ian’s family were comforted by the fact that so many people came together, it meant a great deal to them. That is one of the reasons why it is important. It also helped with the witness appeal, and getting different community groups to work together. And it inspired others to go off and do other things to tackle hate crime in their communities.

      2. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 4:47pm

        the point, is to give those people who want to do this, the opportunity to do so. We aim to support and facilitate these events so that people can remember those they’ve lost, support those still affected by these crimes, and give others the opportunity to come along and participate (so that people can learn about what happened, be aware of the issues of hate crime, remain vigilant and be encouraged to work together to stop these attacks from happening).

      3. You are absolutely right, James. We must be constantly aware and ready to defend ourselves anywhere, at a moments notice! Peaceful demonstrations/events gain us nothing if we are seen as easy targets for bashers…… Come at me with names….I’ll return it to you with a bottle to your head…..Come at me with a bottle….I’ll give you an “ear to ear”….

        1. You’d smash a bottle over someone’s head for calling you a name? Is that because you’re a ‘real’ man? Or is that just in your fantasy world?

        2. Not so
          Peaceful demonstrations changed the whole face of racial politics in the US and set India free.
          Peaceful protest is actually the best protest there is – the hardest part is always in maintaining it in the face of brutality (which seeks to besmirch the good character of the protesters)

  3. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 2:34pm

    How time flies. I can’t believe it’s been 12 years.
    This is one occasion which must never be forgotten.

    1. More people have been killed since the bombs. DavidMorley survived the bomb the was kicked to death. I think it’s as important to remember every murder not just the well publicised ones.

      1. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 3:07pm

        I know James! I remember and apart from David Morley who is very much involved with this story, my comment was my reflection of this horrendous bombing, of this story itself. People have tended to shy away from remembering April 30th 1999.
        I am in no way suggesting that all other murders are somehow less important. Just commenting on This story.

        1. People shy away from the fact that anti gay murders and attacks happen frequently

      2. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 4:55pm

        Problem is – there have been so many attacks that it is difficult to remember and mark every single one of them – which is why we want to organise an annual vigil against hate crime where all victims of hate crime are remembered.

        1. Fcuk you every murder will be remembered by me.

          1. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 7:49pm

            Fcuk me – oh pleeeese James that’s not neccessary is it. Why so aggressive with someone who is clearly on the same team.

        2. Galadriel1010 3 May 2011, 3:32pm

          I think this is a wonderful idea. I’ll make a note of your website and keep an eye out.

  4. muslelad23 29 Apr 2011, 2:52pm

    I hope something like this never happens again.

  5. Also, please do not forget the Farringdon cinema fire which took place in the 90s and claimed the lives of many gay/bi men & injured a lot more.

  6. GayWebHosting 29 Apr 2011, 3:02pm

    Yes, we must never forget and become complacent.

    Homophobia lives on and must be tackled and challenged wherever we find it.

  7. This was a terrible event, and one of three terrible events it concerns me reading “While the incidents in Brixton and Brick Lane were targeted directly towards ethnic minorities, the Admiral Duncan bombing was a vicious attack intended to kill gay people” because that seems (I’m sure not intentionally) to suggest that the bombings of ethnic minorities were less significant, because somehow not considered “vicious”. I appreciate this is a report in pink news, but let’s not make a hierarchy of which killings were the worst – they were all tragedies.

    1. Yox. you’re right there is something quite nasty about the tone of treporting on this site

    2. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 5:03pm

      The first bomb targetting the black community was planted in Brixon Market and exploded during a busy saturday afternoon injuring over 40 people. People lost eyes and limbs – it was horrific, the worst picture is the child, 23 months old, with a nail embedded in its head. The second bomb was aimed at the Asian Community, but the bomber was not aware that when he planted the bomb he picked the wrong day – he planted it on Saturday, but the busy market day was Sunday… and by chance, someone found the bomb in a sports bag, put it in the boot of their care and drove it to the Police station on Brick Lane – wheree it exploded in the boot of his car, luckily whilst he was in the Police station. It injured 13 people, mostly those dining in the Sweet and Spicy Restuarant nearby. The bomber had a plan, a list of targets – the next was teh gay community – he wanted to create a climate of fear where the BNP would be elected to power, but the police were closing.

    3. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 5:17pm

      police were closing in as he had been caught on CCTV in Brixton. Which is why he decided to plant his next bomb attacking the gay community a day early – on a busy bank holiday evening. As a member of the BNP he had issues with blacks and asians, but his hatred of gays was more personal and he said so when he was interviewed afterwards. Basically he had small genitlia and had been bullied most of his childhood and teenage years, which is why he hated gays. He packed all of his bombs with nails and crap – so they would maim and cause infection.

      1. What a load of bollocks you racist pig. Gay people can be Black and Asian too

        1. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 7:58pm

          Thanks James – I appreciate your name calling but clearly you’ve not read the book that was written about the bomber – the research that was done to try and understand why he did what he did. Fact is he targetted Brixton because he saw it as predominately a black area, he targetted the Brick Lane area as he saw it as predominately an asian area and targetted the Admiral Duncan because he knew it was a gay bar. Clearly the racist homophobe was the bomber.

          1. Mark, I wouldn’t listen to Jamesw whatever the exc]amation mark after his username means as he is a loathsome retard!

          2. I am many things but I don’t discriminate. Retards is a disgusting insult based on your perception of disabled people. Shame on you

        2. James! I can only assume that the hostility and ignorance included in your postings it because you don’t really follow what is going on.

          The use of the term ‘retard’ was probably insensitive in light of this.

          Can everyone please use the term ‘special needs’ in relation to James! instead.

          We all know it means the same thing (with the exception of you I would guess James!) but its a little a little more diplomatic.

        3. You really need to sort yourself out James
          (of course there is the possibility that its not James at all – there had been a spate of people stealing names and pretending to be other people on here)

    4. Yoxi, well said. The inherent assumption, too, is that these minority groups are discriminated against differently and that there is no intersection between them.

      Additionally, this quote is also troubling and very emblematic of PinkNews’ racist bias: “… where he thought he would be attacking specific groups because the areas he targeted were known to be either gay areas, or ethnic areas, he faltered. In all three attacks, he injured whites and straight people.” This assumes that no people of colour were injured and that the injury of white and/or straight people is somehow more note-worthy.

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 May 2011, 11:54am

        Not at all noite12, you taking the comment wrong and labelling it something it isn’t.
        It certainly isn’t racist nor is PinkNews using ‘racist bias’.
        What this report does highlight is the twisted irony of David Copeman’s actions between those he targeted and those he actually murdered.
        Nowhere does it even suggest anyone’s life or injuries is more note-worthy than another.
        Your just choosing to read something not there and definitely not fitting to this whole cruel event.
        Actually I find your argument insensitive to the extreme.

        1. “Actually” I am taking the language used by PinkNews in this and other articles to its logical conclusion. I’m sorry that you chose to take offense rather than actually think. Just as you accuse me of taking the comment wrongly, I’m using your own offensive logic against you.

          1. Jock S. Trap 4 May 2011, 8:40am

            Really? Oh ok then.

          2. Yes, thank you for agreeing, Jock.

          3. Jock S. Trap 5 May 2011, 8:57am

            oooh, sense the tone dear!

  8. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 4:40pm

    Everyone has their own way of dealing with these events – but what often goes unreported is that a small group of people including survivors, families and friends have continued to gather each year to remember those lost, and to show their on-going support to those still affected by these crimes. My feeling is – that whilst they continue to gather, that the community should be there with them. For many years the gay press and media has failed to adequately cover and support these events – which means that generations of people don’t know what happened and why we must continue to remain vigilant. 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime is committed to doing what we can to support and facilitate these events each year (we would like to see more coverage in the LGBT press).

    1. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 4:48pm

      Here! Here! Mark.

  9. Eddy - the original one, from 2007 29 Apr 2011, 5:40pm

    While we prepare to remember tomorrow the horror that was inflicted on gay men in London’s Admiral Duncan, isn’t it extraordinary to note that today, amidst the supposed joy of the royal wedding, there has apparently been a questionable rush by thousands to Google to find out if that young man who read the religious drivel so splendidly is gay.
    What’s this all about? He’s good-looking, he read very well, and he’s young: so they automatically think he might be gay and they try to find out. I think it’s callousness which triggered that thought. And I think it proves, if we need any proof, and we don’t really, that homophobia is alive and well amongst us, still.

    1. And the fact the reporters didn’t say the dress was Alexander McQueen it was whatever her name is.

      1. Eddy - the original one, from 2007 29 Apr 2011, 7:14pm

        Yes, it was hush, hush, about Alexander McQueen and his likes, while the Dean and the Bishop took the opportunity to make it absolutely clear to all and sundry throughout the world that marriage is for “a man and a woman”, and “natural”, and that it is meant for “procreation”. They absolutely took advantage of the opportunity to bang in their homophobic prejudices.

      2. Spanner1960 29 Apr 2011, 11:36pm

        Is it me, or has this thread shot off on a tangent from gay pub bombings to the religious significance of royal weddings?
        James! Shut the fcuk up.

      3. It wasn’t Alexander McQueen who designed the dress. He’s dead, so unless you’ve got information that they got a psychic to contact him? If Lee was alive and designed it, it wouldn’t have looked like that. But what’s that dress got to do with the bombing at Duncan’s anyway?

        1. Spanner1960 30 Apr 2011, 8:21am

          It was Alexander McQueen’s company that produced the dress.

        2. A dress designed by a house like dior or gucci would not have the designer mentioned. Ive got an opinion if you don’t like it ignore like I do with the reactionary self haterz, I’m mentioning no names!

          1. You’re wrong James!, when alexander worked for givenchy, they always talked about alexander and not givenchy. Same with galliano at Dior, same with tom ford at gucci. I used to know Lee (alexander to you), who always said to me that when a designer dies, his house should go with him. So if lee got his wishes, Alexander McQueen house is no more. And CMYB is right, Philip GAY treacy got mentioned every five minutes cause he made nearly every hat in the abbey. Anyhows, I can’t believe I’m having a fashion conversation on comments about a homophobic bombing.

          2. Ac tually you’re right. But starkey is a git.

        3. Jock S. Trap 30 Apr 2011, 10:11am

          Ok to put to rest it was a Alexander McQueen gown, designed by Sarah Burton.

          1. Sarah burton will now start her own label at the expense of McQueen. Like it our not he is part of our gay heritage and even today BBC called it a burton dress no mention of McQueen. McQueen will not survive this she goes McQueen will fade away.

          2. Jock S. Trap 30 Apr 2011, 11:48am

            That’s called progressing James! Who wouldn’t given the chance.
            Weither she stays or goes McQueen will remain strong. Sarah Burton is but one designer.
            The whole idea of buisiness and fashion is not different is you work your way up and she has and good luck to her.
            You seem to be in the mind Sarah Burton is McQueen but she is one of many. One would hope all flourish however many will stay.
            McQueen wouldn’t suffer, it is a world leading brand.
            In any case there’s nothing to suggest she’ll move on but she’s allowed here glory for such a stunning dress.

          3. Fair enough we will have to disagree. I thought her sisters dress looked better anyways it was McQueen too

          4. Jock S. Trap 30 Apr 2011, 12:23pm

            Can’t agree on everything fella!! ;)
            Your right about her sister though I though the fact that the Newly weds had insisted people chose British designers was excellent and hope they continue to do so.

          5. Jock S. Trap 30 Apr 2011, 12:24pm

            There was a smiley but it didn’t come through so here’s hoping this one does

      4. @James! re” Like it our not he is part of our gay heritage and even today BBC called it a burton dress no mention of McQueen”. Are you trying to suggest that the BBC is in some way conspiring to suppress the efforts of the gay community by not saying the dress was from the house of McQueen? Cause you were clearly not watching the beebs coverage, I unfortunately was. A) they mentioned Alexander McQueen and b) you couldn’t get (openly gay) David Starkey off the f–king BBC’s coverage of the event yesterday. AND as for Philip (openly gay) Treacy, if they mentioned his f–king name once they must have mentioned it a thousand times yesterday designed hats for all and sundry yesterday. The only thing I’ve discovered about the beeb from watching their coverage yesterday was they couldn’t spot a celebrity in the crowd if their licence payers money depended on it.

    2. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2011, 8:08pm

      not just gay men – there were people of all sorts in the bar at the time of the bombing. Two of the people who died were gay men – John Light and Nick Moore, and the third person was a straight woman Andrea Dykes and her unborn child. It is really important not just to remember the gay men involved, but all the people involved and affected by this horrendous attack.

      1. it’s all about me me me ‘i’m gay’ with james – he is a selfish self loathing little twat who is the type that incites hompophobia in the first instance

        1. From you an insult is a compliment. I could think of nothing was than having you agree with me

    3. Eddy (the original (and braindead) one), maybe the google search rush was actually a load of gay fellas who wanted to find out if the good looking fella at the wedding was gay too. Why so paranoid to think it was homophobes? And how does a google search prove homophobia exists? As if you need that to prove it anyway. And what’s he got to do with the bombing at Admiral’s?

    4. Or perhaps there were gay guys watching the wedding who thought ”phwoar I’d give him one” and googled his name with the word ‘gay’ attached. WTF has that got to do with the Admiral Duncan bombing?! As for the Alexander McQueen conspiracy theory, they did mention on BBC as soon as Middleton made her appearance that the dress was designed by whatever-her-name is Burton who works at the house of Alexander McQueen. AGAIN- how does this figure in the Admiral Duncan message board???!!! Eddy you’re up to mischief!

      1. That is; Eddy from 2007 is up to mischief.

      2. I was one of them!

        1. And what was your conclusion??!! I’d defo bone him in the ‘pastry pantry’ though. Was gutted there was no sign of “White-lines Freddie Windsor” at yesterday’s event, he has that posh aloof arrogance I’d just love to roger out of him.

          1. Charming!

          2. The upper class like it that way!

      3. I believe the suggested connection, clearly, is homophobia or at least the possibility of it.

        1. And yeah I googled him because I’m homophobic, and several of my mates did as well for the same reason, and all those people who googled him after Pink News ran the story are homophobic as well.

          I’d sh@g him rotten, gay or not!

          If someone could point me to some picture of him naked it’ll make the whole wedding weekend nonsense worthwhile!!

  10. Eddy….that’s why civil marriage is totally different from the religious one. There is no mention of a deity, no mention of procreation or that it is for one man and one woman. This is what bigots such as Rowan Williams et al can’t discern, or retuse to acknowledge. They think they own civil marriage. That he mentioned procreation during the ceremony or alluded to it, I wonder what the significance of that would mean to an older straight couple marrying beyond child-bearing years and those who are infertile? Its a load of bollocks, unnecessary and irrelevant. In civil marriage, there is NO mandate to procreate, not even for the sake of it.

    To digress, all of the trolls who come to this site to agitate, Rich and Jane come to mind, are the unsavoury, maladjusted types who are responsible for promoting hatred by the words they choose and supporting discrimination against us. Their words incite and fan the flames of hatred and vicious, violent attacks of this nature.

    1. We’ve got a new troll bumscum how imaginative from an anti gay idiot it’s probally spanner or paddy he’s been quiet for a while. And I think it’s about time rich and lu were banned

      1. There’s another one called James! as well.

        1. james the freak! you have no idea at all have you pet? x

          1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 9:47am

            At least James! actually comtributes whereas you just get personal and add nothing to the debate.

    2. Galadriel1010 3 May 2011, 3:38pm

      The reason he made such a deal out of the one man, one woman thing and the childbearing-ness is because he was using the standard service wording. Not the most modern one, although that still refers to one man and one woman, but the wording of the greeting, the vows, the blessings etc etc doesn’t vary between services. It’s just the sermon that does, and I have to confess that I wasn’t paying much attention to the sermon.

  11. Peter Gregory 29 Apr 2011, 9:53pm

    I think everyone is missing the obvioius here: the officers stated that they believed the perpetratotor to have a bomb. They followed him to the bar yet didn’t intercept him; he was arrested soon after the explosion. WHY did the police allow him, knowing that he had a bomb, to enter the gaybar? This has always been covered up. Now is the time to get the records out and examine them and see who in the police lied and allowed the bomb to go off, having followed the guy to the bar and observed him. A public inquirtry is the least we can demand.

    1. Google it mate. Its all explained what went wrong with picking him up before the bomb went off. There is/was no cover up. No one lied. No one allowed the bomb to go off.

      Another paranoia pill maybe … or have you had enough already

  12. I am glad that nasty military creatures, Admiral Duncan and his men, were killed! And I hope thay will go to Hell forever!

    1. Posted 5 hours ago? Well, seems as well as being a retarded closet case homosexual, you also have no life. Sounds like you’re already in your own hell. What’s it like? You see, I wouldn’t know, my life is wonderful.

      1. Will using retards is uncool

      2. I agree, I’d never use the term. Its offensive to the intellect, James. However, Rich is not intellectual, and he’s offensive to civilised people in the extreme, so the term seems somewhat apt to him. And him alone.

        1. and you sre a spacktard will

          1. But at least I’m not illiterate.

            Glad we got that cleared up, aren’t you?

    2. 3am. Wake up have a wank feel guilty post abuse on gay site feel better sleep

      1. Basically, yes.

      2. LMAO!!! You been b!tchslapped Rich, now off with you to Hampstead Heath this fine sunny day for a little furtive fumbling and then church first thing tomorrow morning.

    3. I reckon Rich is openly gay, and leaving homophobic comments to stir up debate or something. I read someone’s comments recently who said they do that, I think his name was Pepa? I can’t be bothered to locate the comment, but that’s what they said? Weird. Either way, Rich’s a basket case.

      1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 8:51am

        I think Pepa is Rich’s S&M master. Seems possible.

        1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 11:32am

          Or to put it a better way I think Rich is Pepa’s ‘bitch’!! :)

        2. You have perverted mind of degraded animal, that the reason why make idiotic statements.

          1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 3:30pm

            You leave my Saturday night fun out of this, get yourself sorted. I was gonna say sit down and get sorted but realise you probably got a very sore bootie!! LOL

      2. Eddy Two, you are stupid! I am not a gay in ANY sense. I am worst enemy of every gay in the world. I am wise as a snake, and my bite is deady for every homosexually inclined creature in the world. Remember that. I have diabolic mind and my advices are very great for all who wants terminate homosexuality on Earth. I will not tell you the specifics, but you must feel deep fear of what will come for perverts like you in the world. Allah is my Protector! Allahu Acbar!

        1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 3:44pm

          Keep taking the drugs dear, your clearly in need of sedation. The only thing you probably resemble to a snake is it’s slippery quality and the fact you can gobble things down in one. Your bite is about as deadly as Scooty and as for the ‘you must feel fear’ your Not Paul McKenna you know.
          Seriously I actually feel sorry for you. Your Homophobia, your threats, you shallowness. The fact you say ‘am worst enemy of every Gay in the world’ but just can’t drag yourself away from a Gay News site.
          Thankfully Gays, Lesbians aren’t bitter people like you. Prehaps thats what you can’t stand. The fact that why you and your like are consumed with so much hate we have the absolute ability to love. Prehaps Jealousy is your biggest demon along with your ‘diabolic mind’.
          Get real. Get a life.

        2. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 3:48pm

          And for Pity sake man, Grow Up!

        3. Rich wrote

          ” I have diabolic mind and my advices are very great for all who wants terminate homosexuality on Earth. I will not tell you the specifics,”

          Go on Rich, you can tell us. Are your Muslim friends planning an attack on a gay venue in the UK?

        4. Rich, you’re as wise as a snake are you? LOL. Snakes are not wise, in reality or symbolically. Any god fearing person sees the snake as a symbol of a demon/jinn, so therefore you’re either possessed by a devil, or your comment is proof that you know nothing about islam or any other religion. Then you say you have a diabolic mind, another word suggesting you’ve got the devil on your mind. But IMO your comments sound more like they’ve come from a diarrhea mind, not a diabolic mind. You’re full of shlt. You’re a fraud Rich, I don’t believe you think one word of what you write, you’re just trying to cause trouble, how boring is your life? You’ve got issues mate, big issues. Get some therapy, or some friends, or just get a life. YAWN. and btw, acbar is spelt with a k, as in akbar for your next fraud post. But if I was you, I’d invent a new alias because Rich has been proven to be a con man. Try an arabic name next time, it might be a bit harder to work out you’re not what you say you are.

          1. Rich is obviously a child. One with a hilarious remedial grasp on metaphor.

        5. Galadriel1010 3 May 2011, 3:40pm

          Rich, if Allah is your protector, why are you using imagery more commonly associated with Satan?

  13. Adam Thomas 30 Apr 2011, 1:16pm

    As a 20 year old, I’ve never even heard of this event.

    It totally shocks me that something like this happened as I didn’t even know.

    Times have changed…(hopefully)

    1. Mark Healey 30 Apr 2011, 2:15pm

      Which is why it is important for the gay press continue to support these acts of remembrance and make sure that they are adequately reported each year. Check out this wordpress site for more information – and if you want to come along to the act of remembrance today feel welcome to come over and say hello.

      1. And why, unlike what others said above, your vigils/acts of rememberance are a good idea. To remind/educate people like Adam of what has happened to us in the past. I’d go but I’m working.

        1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 8:54am

          You forgot people are young enough not to know about this so Yes it make the point that remembrances and vigils even more needed.

          1. I didn’t forget. I wasn’t saying anything bad about Adam, or anyone else. Was just saying how important they are for those who don’t know.

          2. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 9:49am

            Soory Eddy that comment wasn’t supposed to be aimed at you just a general thought.
            I was though agreeing with your sentiment.

          3. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 9:50am

            That could have been written better but think you get what I’m trying to say. ;)

    2. I am glad that you are shocked! You are young and stupid, consequently. Its take a time to get smarter, boy! Good luck!

      1. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 3:54pm

        Where as your clearly just stupid!

      2. Rich, it sounds like you are not an idealistic teenager, or a Muslim man in his 30s?

        1. You want to know too much….
          Asta la vista, baby!

          1. Rich, why is the strong man suddenly so nervous?

          2. Its obvious he’s about 13.

          3. Rich, O dear
            Still sitting your GCSE resits

  14. CMYB, too funny, but your comment is most apt! He’s nothing more than a sociopath, a menace to society and in dire need of psychiatric help.

    My advice to him… come out, come out whoever you are! Step into the light, abandon the darkness of the hellish closet.

  15. Paddyswurds 30 Apr 2011, 9:03pm

    All we can do is hope fervantly that it never happens again and remember the dead. However given the evil that can fester in mens haerts we must be forever vigilant.

    1. Paddyswurds 30 Apr 2011, 9:06pm

      fervently**, hearts**, obv

      1. Paddyswurds 30 Apr 2011, 9:07pm

        fervently*, hearts** obv.

  16. Dave North 30 Apr 2011, 9:24pm

    I am so sick of this Rich guy and his ilk.

    Dear Pinknews editors.

    Do you wish to be responsible for yet more young gay peoples deaths.

    Allowing this Rich character to espouse HATE to be published is irresponsible if not illegal.

    Given that you own and operate this forum, do you not see your responsibility to stop this.

    As publishers of this rag the bottom line is cash. And Im sure that your advertisers will not wish to be aligned with this garbage.

    Gay people come onto this forum to discuss, not to be abused.

    Why do you not deal with it.

    1. I am very happy that you, Dave North, are so sick! I hope that you will die soon!

      1. Rich, way do you wish a premature death on a valued member of this forum?

    2. Jock S. Trap 1 May 2011, 3:53pm

      Either that or the comments need to be visible so that the Police can investigate the clear crime of incitment to hatred.

      1. Your police are impotent. I am immune to any idiotic assumption.

        1. Rich, tell us more!

        2. LOL! This is hilarious. I’m guessing as impotent as Rich. Both mentally, physically, and sexually.

    3. Article 10, Freedom of Expression of the Human Rights Act 1998, which is a qualified right, states everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This guarantees the right to pass information to other people and to receive information that other people want to give to you. It also guarantees the right to hold and express opinions and ideas.

  17. Helen Wilson 30 Apr 2011, 11:46pm

    R.I.P. to all those killed and I send my love to all those still suffering from this horrific crime.

    My hart also goes out to the victims of the bomb on Brick lane too.

    1. I send my congrats to all those brave men who terminated nasty U.K. homosexuals!

      1. Helen Wilson 1 May 2011, 11:52pm

        You have just celebrated the bomb that killed and maimed Muslims on Brick Lane.

        If you are a Muslim Rich (and I doubt it), you have just spectacularly failed with the above comment to respect those fellow Muslims killed by David Copeland.

        Still when you go back to school in a few days, I’m sure this wuming will make a great essay about what you did on the half term break.

  18. This was supposed to a rememberence for people who were murdered 12 years ago….how did it turn into a load of name calling and general nastiness? I think some of you need to take a step back and have a little respect for those people.

    1. I have no respect for idiots, dead or living :)

      1. Rich, it is quite clear that you have no respect for any one on this site, but very little in the way of respect for your self either.

    2. It must be awful to have such a lack of respect for yourself then, given you are one of the biggest fools we have ever had in here, Rich. No valid argument, no reason, just gibberish and silly threats that you can’t carry out.

      How does it feel to be so powerless against superior intellects like ours? Did you not have enough money for school, was that it?

      1. Helen Wilson 1 May 2011, 11:54pm

        I think Rich is feeling sore because the half term holidays are about to end and he has to go back to school.

        1. It must be terrible, when you are resitting your GCSE resits for the third time.

  19. Mark Healey 2 May 2011, 12:37pm

    Here is my blog about the act of remembrance that took place in St Anne’s Gardens on Saturday 30th April:

    And a link to the poem that was read out by Terry Morely on behalf of her 10 year old grandaughter Jessica, which I have read out, recorded and posted on YouTube.

    I have read many of the comments above, and in many ways find it difficult to understand the vile banter that some people choose to engage in whilst hiding behind the anonymity that the comment system provides.

    But I welcome those negative and disrespectful comments because they show how truly misguided some people are, and how much harder the rest of us need to work to raise awareness, educate people, and continue to fight racism and homophobia in its forms.

    I celebrate the good work being done by so many people across our communities – it give me great hope!

  20. I think Rich may be from America when he says “your police”. By the way, he must have failed at Spanish. He incorrectly states…’asta la vista”… It is “hasta la vista”. Just goes to show hoe poorly educated he is.

  21. My apologies for the typographical error, I should have said…”how poorly educated he is”. Indicative of a lot of right wingers, all hot air, no substance or facts, no intelllectual curiosity whatsoever. He sounds more like a religious tea party republican, maybe a paid shill to agitate. He’s done quite a good job too. The more he rants, the more absurd he becomes.

  22. No comments are removed from Pink News. This was confirmed to me, all comments are left, they do not moderate or police the comments.

    1. Yes they do. They recently removed all comments by that odious cretin LU for calling on the death of homosexuals.

    2. They do remove comments. I’ve reported many comments over that last few months that have been removed.

    3. I can add a third testimony to the removal of trolls on PN

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 May 2011, 8:58am

        Yep have seen too.

  23. A Geordie abroad 11 May 2011, 8:00pm

    Some really crude observations written about this… except; Somebody mention a hierarchy in hate crime…. Ever heard of Stephen Lawrence? I’m sick of bl**dy hearing about it! Quite a comparison to this though eh. Only in the gay media is this raised, except for maybe on the anniversary…… Well done PinkNews

  24. All comments on David Myatt removed.

    1. i remember the tabloid coverage
      exclusively focusing on the poor pregant lady that was killed and her severly injured hubby.
      to the exclusion of all else
      it felt like they were saying to the readers “it ok to sympathise folks
      normal people where victims too,it wernt just those hell bound weirdos”
      i stopped reading tabloids after that

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