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Gay US politician abandons plan for gay marriage this year

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 4:35pm

    With the Presidental Elections due next year I’ll be surprised if the LGBT community get much more on the subject of Marriage Equality in the US.
    The fights already started dirty so Lets hope Obama gets another term and something happens from 2013.

  2. I think civil unions are a good stepping stone towards marriage, because it desensitises the populous to the idea of two men or women marrying each other.

    In the UK civil unions are marriage in everything but name. Pretty soon we could be seeing that name changed to “marriage” – true marriage equality. I think having civil unions come first set a precedent towards a more equal society.

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 5:00pm

      Yeah, thats fair enough, though I do get the feeling for some civil unions are more than adequate. Thankfully here we have a more supportive government so yes hopefully it won’t be too long as way off.

    2. Hi guys – I hear and understand what you are saying. I would agree but the problem is that companies over here do not respect civil unions and so won’t give benefits to spouses in a civil union as they do a marriage. I think perhaps the definition of civil union in the US is different than in the UK. No federal benefits either way and it is not recognized in many other states.

  3. Jock, a friend of mine in New York told me that marriage equality has a better chance of passing in that state this year. Right now it only has domestic partnerships which are on a par with civil partnerships for both gay and straight couples. It could well happen.

    My only hope is we get it in the UK before year’s end. We are more fortunate to have a more progressive conservative government in history, unheard of in America I think as far as conservatives go. We’re a lot luckier for sure.

    1. One problem with civil unions is that they confuse people about what rights same-sex couples have.

      NY state does not have domestic partnerships (perhaps your friend was thinking of New Jersey, which has civil unions). NY does, however, give some recognition to out-of-state marriages.

      New York City offers very limited domestic partnerships. These provide only a few rights, mostly related to housing and hospital visitation. They do not provide key rights such as inheritance, taxation, parental rights or partition of property, partly because NYC DPs are underpinned only by the very limited powers of the city authorities. NYC DPs are certainly not on a par with marriage or with British CPs.

      I suspect your friend is not the only New Yorker who is unaware that same-sex couples do not have proper protection even in NYC.

      Anything other than ‘everything but the name’ unions (e.g. UK CPs) runs the risk of leaving couples unaware they are unprotected.

      1. You are absolutely correct Atlanta. I was in a domestic partnership with my partner in NYC. There are basically no rights at all compared to civil unions (which is nothing really as corporations will still not recognize them)

    2. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 7:09am

      I really hope they get it this year.
      We’ll get religious Civil Partnerships by the end of the year but sadly not marriage equality. Though I think it won’t be long after, they just need to show that giving the religious element to Civil Partnerships doesn’t make world cave in on itself.
      At least we have a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who support bout marriage equality and civil partnerships equality. It’s a good start.

    3. Sadly there is no chance of New York getting marriage equality. They couldn’t manage it last year when the Democrats controlled the state senate, the Republicans are in charge now and they will never pass it. The only hope that they have is that the Democrats retake control next year and that Governor Cuomo can strongarm some of the more conservative Democrat state senators into voting for it this time, something that the previous governor couldn’t manage.

      1. I would not right it off so quickly Marjangles – there is a lot of fighting with the GOP over seats – and an Independent party just recently came out for gay marriage which is a big plus because theGOP always looks for the Independent voter.

  4. Shur they have better things to be doing with their time in the US senate, like proving the nationality of the president. Sheesh.

  5. I am glad! Would be the best if he just die soon from AIDS!

    1. Idiotic bigot and truly awful grammar, your mother must be so proud!

      1. You will be punished for your slander!

        1. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 7:16am

          As will you for yours.

        2. No he won’t, and certainly not by you. Besides, your mother is dead because you were such a tragic disappointment to her. She’s is being sexually assaulted by suicide bummers (yeah correct spelling there) in heaven as we speak.

  6. I don’t think it is always right that civil unions should have to come first before marriage. They can be a stepping stone, but they can also slow momentum.

  7. I think he’s a coward. Giving up on equality settling for a lesser thing that keeps us unequal. It’s a cop out. There aint the support? So? You get the support and make it clear it’s pur right. It don’t hurt or affect you. Why stop us being with who we love.

    1. I don’t think you read the article, the guy is gay, it does affect him. But there is no point bringing this to a vote if it’s just going to fail.

      What is more surprising is that they are struggling to find the votes for marriage equality in Rhode Island. In both houses of the state government, the Democrats have overwhelming majorites, both of its neighbouring states have marriage equality and the governor has said that he will sign a bill granting marriage equality. Why are they struggling for support?

  8. He was stupid from the start.

  9. I wanna know who the two guys are in the photo that accompanies this story. Pink News seems to use this image whenever there’s a gay marriage story. LMAO, they’re probably not even partners but some generic photo from a ‘Kay’s Catalogue’ advertising cheaply made black-tie suits.

  10. Got to say, doesn’t seem fair to criticise him for not going far enough. In a climate as convservative as the US, it is perhaps wise to take small victories where we can.

    It may be best to think of the fight for gay marriage equality as a war of attrition, best won with patience and wisdom in choosing our battles, rather than a blitzkrieg.

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