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Lesbian raped and murdered in South African township

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 27 Apr 2011, 4:17pm

    My heart goes out to Noxolo Nogwaza’s family and friends. Such a shocking horrific act. Yet another senseless killing because of male egos.

  2. Reported to police, yeah let’s see if anyone is caught and charged. The details of the crime are horrendous.

  3. So sickening I hardly know what to say. There aren’t words to describe this disgusting crime – nor the pathetic little pieces of cr@p that did it.

  4. I have to read about this on a international site. Nothing about this crime in South African news. No1 cares about “corrective rape”

    1. As a South African the reson you don’t see this in the south african news is because there is so much rape and crime in south africa that most of them don’t make it into the news. Only the realy radicual ones make it.
      I must admit that it is sad what hapend and is haperning.

  5. all men should be castrated.

    1. You are a moron and a bigot!

    2. Lila, you sound as extreme as the men who think all lesbians should be raped. You’ve got big issues if you really believe that. Get some therapy.

      1. Well said Eddy.

      2. I second that, very well stated EddyTwo!

    3. FeministSmithie 27 Apr 2011, 9:58pm

      Rape is not about sex, it’s about violence. Even if your suggestion is an attempt to solve the rape endemic, it wouldn’t work: the castrated men would rape with other weapons.

    4. All women should stick to cleaning and cooking. And shouldn’t have the vote.

      [Sorry to any intelligent people reading this, sometimes answering absurdity with absurdity is the only choice.]

  6. Dreadful. It’s possibly another US cultural export either Rap or religion.

    1. That’s a little patronising, James! There are cultural attitudes that, for better or worse (and a good deal worse in this instance), can be ascribed to local ignorance and stupidity and brutality without assuming that the US has a part in it.

      1. Evangelical Americans quite regularly go to Africa and spread the Homophobia its well known I’m afraid

        1. Evangelical Americans can be found everywhere, even in the UK. I certainly know of their pernicious influence in Uganda but that, as I’m sure you’re aware, is as far away from this part of South Africa as London is from Istanbul. Is it not making an unfortunate generalisation to assume the whole of Africa is one single culture?

  7. @Lila. Clearly you have no sense of irony or self-censorship. If this, and other comments are to be believed, and not just another bigot blowing off steam, PinkNews should consider you as dangerous as the homophobic nutters that haunt these boards and forward your IP address to the police. Women are equally accountable under the law – a fact your misplaced anger and bizarre sense of entitlement has failed to take into account.

  8. Helen Wilson 27 Apr 2011, 6:38pm

    What can you say about a culture that believes you can rape a lesbian straight. How can they call themselves the rainbow nation when part of that spectrum of colour is be so violently eradicated?

    The change has to start at the top with the president Jacob Zuma. He is a well known misogynist and known to be homophobic, even supporting Uganda’s homophobic laws in the African Union.

    The man is not fit to walk in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps.

  9. Horrific, heart breaking news. My thoughts are with Noxolo’s family and friends.

  10. Why is this in the UK News, what interest is it to us?

    1. Helen Wilson 28 Apr 2011, 12:19am

      This is world LGBT news site not just the UK, the story is relevant to the whole world as we all share a common humanity.

    2. lady tanya 28 Apr 2011, 4:40am

      My heart goes out to Noxolo Nogwaza’s family and friends

      Jane you need to wake up to what happens not just in uk but all over the world. or are you one of them people who do not give a dam about some poor woman 3000 miles away, but then when it happens on your doorstep then you cry out
      We all need (and you Jane) to stand up and be counted and tell theses F***ING so called men,,,,, that we as women have rights as well as them

    3. Jane, if you are not interested in the story then why did you not only read it but also take the time to comment on it (twice)?

  11. If that lesbian was a some sort of underhuman, then she became a victim of zoophiliac. Possible!

    1. Rich, if I were in a really generous mood I’d feel sorry for you.

    2. Can someone tell me what an ‘underhuman’ is? And what has bestiality got to do with this story? Not projecting your own sexual desire for animals are you Rich? Ewwwww.

    3. Commander Thor 28 Apr 2011, 9:24am

      The only kind of animal that would wear a condom before raping a woman and hurting her until she died, is a sick man that thinks “corrective rape” of lesbians would turn her straight or would terrorize others into submitting to the oppression. In other words, a sick and evil animal like you Rich – a subhuman intelligence that sadly has far more privileges and freedom than its level of intelligence justifies.

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 10:14am

        just hoping Rich gets bored of coing here, I know I’m bored of his trying to be all controversial like. He’s doing it to shock us… yawn.

        Yet another maniac who projects his own actions and blames everyone of doing it.

        1. Well I am actually quite shocked by what he wrote, considering how free it is to put messages on here that is surely the most extreme and nuts things I’ve read on this site.

          1. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 11:56am

            I know, I think he is only doing coz he knows he’ll get comments for it.

          2. Oh, I am glad that you are shocked! I never expect it, but I am glad!

          3. Shocked? Yes at you, Rich. Shocked that a grown man can be so silly and not realise it. You might also like to bear in mind, if you’re able, that your more offensive comments are probably breaking the law. I hope you receive the appropriate punishment. Mental illness isn’t an excuse for hate speech.

  12. South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world when it comes to LGBT issues. On paper.

    As a South African please believe me when I tell you that almost all black africans (and a large portion of the white population) are very homophobic.

    Blacks are proud to say that homosexuality is a “European disease” and is unafrican.

    The current ANC government, led by Jacob Zuma (charged with rape and many, many other charges that all seemed unable to stick to him) is thoroughly corrupt, believe in the ancestors, and only included LGBT rights in the constitution because they were accused of being just like the homophobic Apartheid government before them.

    I don’t mean to attack my own country, but unfortunately it is what it is. It is HUGELY religious, and that, together with wanting, at all costs, to show how different (and superior) you are to your previous colonial oppressors (their words) often results in chronic homophobia.

  13. “Jock S. Trap 3 hours ago

    just hoping Rich gets bored of coing here”


    I would like to hope you would get bored of coming here Jock T Strap, Im sure the govenment dont pay you EMA to sit and comment on forums every hour.

    1. the government don’t pay anyone EMA any more and what makes you think he is a college student aswell??

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 3:17pm

        I provide very well for myself thank you but why that seems to matter to you when the comment is irrelevent I don’t know.

        It seems I have yet another stalker. Why I’m here doesn’t really concern you. My life and whats going on in it really shouldn’t concern you either but I am happily with partner so no thanks your not my type.
        As for AGAIN the ‘here for hours’ comment, do your Maths.

        Again, what do you hope to achieve by being so personal, I, and everyone, I’m sure would love to know.

        1. Jock, I suspect that ‘Rich’ and/or ‘Jane’ have been here before under a different name. They/he/she are clearly mentally disturbed and need help.

          Ignore the poor thing(s) and report any comments that are extreme. I’m sure that their IP address can and will be traced if they continue to post the kind of racist, homophobic and threatening comments I’ve read on PN today.

          1. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 7:59am

            Thank you Iris.
            Your right of course, this site does seem to attract ’em.

  14. “Corrective RAPE” This term must be
    throw into the out-house with other straight
    terms used to describe, acts of horror, againest Lesbians/Gays.What these unhuman brutes did was “Horrible Rape,
    Ruthless Torture, and Murder.” for their own perverted, sick, demented,urgees,,,,
    Purnish? Forceable Rape,Torture,Skinned
    slowly,with in an inch of death.Bet they never tortue,rape, murder another Lesbian, or anyone else.Some understanding for 2LILA, She HURT ANGRY,HELPLESS. So am I, BUT WHAT CAN I DO? Cry, curse,throw things, kick
    chairs? this I have done.I AM ALSO active/of service in the lesbian/gay community,I hear we are going forward,
    sometimes I wonder, perhaps we are unknowingly slipping backward.
    NOXOLO NOGWAZA,as I drum,burn sage ,I will make my prayers, in your honor. Thank you for your sacrifice,I
    pray Your death will not be in vain.

  15. At last! Someone who udenrsatdns! Thanks for posting!

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