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Horses killed in Midwestern barn fire in apparent gay-hate arson attack

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Reader comments

  1. Yes – so much hatred inside the arsonists. They clearly don’t care about killing.

  2. Ashlee Kelly 27 Apr 2011, 12:06pm

    That’s just disgusting.

  3. Jock S. Trap 27 Apr 2011, 12:09pm

    Yet again the worst of humanity shows through religion. Yet again more proof that live is far from precious from those who preach the Bible.
    To kill these gentle animals is beyond contempt and surely proof that mental health problems is rife within religion. To use these animals in such a savage attack just because of how a human being is born… words fail me.
    Such a cowardly act deserves, I hope, the harshest of punishments.

    1. Exuse me Jock but where in the artical dose it say that chirstins burned down the bulding. I’m getting sick and tired of this small minded view of people like you. I am a christion and I am gay. Yes I’ve been told by my chaplien at school that I’m going to hell and people like me are cousing all the problems in South Africa (I’m from SA) but I have also found a place where people acept me for who I am and it is a church. So before you blame chrisins maby you should get out and look at lgbt churches.

      1. Jock S. Trap 27 Apr 2011, 4:09pm

        The part about the remaining walls with spray-painted slogans “fags are freaks” and “Burn in Hell” kind of gives it away don’tcha think?!
        Actually re-read you comment and see what you have written and ask yourself is this right?
        I’m sorry darling but if you have people telling you that your going to hell and people like you are causing all the problems in South Africa that is far from them accepting you. They are mocking you and us as a community. Are you sure your in the right place?

        1. Just becuse a person says burn in hell dosen’t meen that they riligious. I’ve heard a lot of athist use that responce.
          I’ve reread my comment and sorry it is a bit confusing. I’m part of a diferent church and they are diferent from my church at school.

          1. If it was against a person who is known to be gay, then ‘burn in hell’ can’t really be taken in any other context, considering that many religious people do believe that gay men and women are destined to burn in hell.

            I ask you- if it wasn’t a religious comment (or even symbolic, considering that the barn was burnt, potentially in the way that the arsonists believe that the barn owner’s soul will burn in hell), then why wouldn’t they just write something else generically homophobic along the same lines as ‘fags are freaks’? They could have easily written anything else if they didn’t have any religious viewpoints about homosexuality and were merely dangerously intolerant as opposed to genuinely thinking that God backs them up on killing horses and punishing fags.

            TL;DR – to say that they weren’t religious or didn’t at least have some religious convictions is kind of daft, really.

          2. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 1:13pm

            Glad to hear you moved on and I would like to apologise if You thought I was being patronising, I wasn’t it’s usually my way of comforting before the expressing bad news or thoughts. I would worry as would most if you were being subject to that kind of intimidation.

        2. “I’m sorry darling” – Jock S Trap, where do you get off on being so patronising to people? You sit at home on your fat arse all day typing into the comments boxes here – you clearly do no other work & are over 100 posts ahead of your nearest rival for “Top Users”. Your views are almost always predictable, one dimensional and add nothing to the debate. No doubt you will continue to grow over this site like a poison ivy, but I am sure I am not the only one that is tired of seeing your pestilent postings sniding up the site.

          If you must be on nearly every article commenting, at least try not to patronise other users with your high-handed tone. Clearly, having so much time on your hands, you do little to earn the right.

          1. Jock S. Trap 28 Apr 2011, 8:47am

            So all you can do is get personal then?! Score!! LOL

          2. why do some people here do nothing but attack each other? The enemy is people who burn barns abd write filth not jock.

          3. ““I’m sorry darling” – Jock S Trap, where do you get off on being so patronising to people?”

            When you get off the high an mighty religious crusade, Joe, thats when. On another thread you said if Catholics can’t “do what they want” we should ban gay marriage, that would be equal. Apart from that being a downright stupid and idiotic comment to make, it shows where you sit. And to be honest, when you come out with crap like that, Jock has every right to condescend. Its the best religious based idiocy deserves.

          4. Jock S. Trap 29 Apr 2011, 8:14am

            Thank you Yeah right :)
            Thank you Will :)

    2. i never read anything about religion in this article, after all St Francis of Assisi would have been mortified by this…..Im Catholic proud of my faith….Any christian gay or not need to stand up for there faith gay and proud with faith

    3. I think most religious people would be disgusted by the killing of animals as “revenge” against humans, whether they are supportive or otherwise of homosexuality.

      However, whilst religion isn’t directly to blame for such attacks, it is repeatedly used to legitimise morally abhorrent actions. Clearly if religion, and faith, did not exist then people would rely on reason instead. Religion causes complacency against questioning and rationalism – and in that sense it is perhaps correct to say that the worst of humanity shows through assumption, belief and conformity, all of which are promoted by Christianity.

  4. How did the arsonist know the horses were gay?

    What a pathetic act of homophobia, how I pity the perpetrators who must live very sad lives

    1. Here is the problem- hate to hurt. The person/s who did this knew that the man loved horses so in their mind the most horrible thing would be to hurt the animals that he loved. SO SICK.

  5. Hate me, hate my horses. What revolting specimens of humanity.

  6. My heart just broke reading this story,,,who gives birth to these monsters who cannot mind their own lives and bring such horror to the lives of others?? This story is horrifying. Im so very sad for this man and his loss.

  7. So sad…..the world can be such a sick place and it’s down the lowest of humanity!

  8. Christianity has a history of violence with the use or threat of fire.

    Christian leaders will be keen to distance themselves from this but anti gay vitriol has played it’s part.

    You have to ask yourself that by supporting this religion, are you in some way perpetuating these horrifying stories?

  9. Is it wrong I think to put them in a room and set it on fire ? I think it is as I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. :(

    To kill innocent animals. The world is so sick.

  10. Well that has cowardice, animal cruelty and rampant homophobia all rolled into one.
    And these are the people who think we’re sick in the head.
    I’ve never understood the mentality of people who consider “I resent this person so I’m going to do something sadistic to their pets” is a reasonable response. Isn’t that page one of “how to be a raving psychopath”?

  11. “As the fire marshals declared the blaze to have been arson, the slogans were enough for police to launch an investigation into whether or not a hate crime had been committed.”

    Is this just vague journalism or are the police not sure it was a hate crime?

  12. Thats one of the most cowardly and disgusting things I have heard of. I wonder if the perpetrator/s see themselves as morally superior?. What a mad house we live in.

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