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Rapper receives death threats over ‘I’m Gay’ album title

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Reader comments

  1. I quite like that the word gay is being used in it’s traditional sense, however, I’m worried about the why he’s getting death threats; whether it’s because people are thinking he’s coming out as gay or because people are thinking he’s using the word gay in a derogatory way.

  2. ‘gay’ replaced ‘bad’ which replaced ‘cool’ so I guess it means its cool to be gay lol

    1. @cool dude, I thought the current cultural word for cool/bad is now ‘sick’.

      1. @wgb yeah ‘sick’ means cool, ‘gay’ means ‘f–ked up’ or banjaxed or bad. Cool dude is anything but if he can’t get his street terminology correct.

  3. If, as it seems, he’s genuine, then I’d suggest buy the album to support him (whether or not you like the music style), and say so…
    It could also be useful to help, as he intimates, in breaking down barriers. There are still sadly a great many between afro and caribbean people and the lgbt community- usually religious based; which is where the alleged death threats are probably coming from.

  4. Jock S. Trap 26 Apr 2011, 2:38pm

    Death threats over an album title?
    Have these people got nothing better to do or concentrate on?
    New Low!

  5. I don’t know how I feel about this, tbh.

    I mean, yes, due to homophobia, the word gay (which, let us be honest, means homosexual) has got a bad reputation now e.g. ‘that’s so gay’.

    But, this is another, albeit positively motivated, move to again tack away the word gay from meaning homosexual, and make it mean ‘happy.

    It’s just another dilution of the word ‘gay’. Soon it is not going to mean anything.

    1. Uhm, dude — ‘gay’ has always mean ‘happy’. He’s not forcing some ahistorical meaning on it. It’s also come to mean homosexual. But that never erased the original meaning from the dictionaries of the world.

      Look, he’s doing a good thing. And for a black rap artist, a brave thing. Not that I think anyone will actually kill him over it (though America has more than its fair share of nutters) but because he’s staking his career on it.

      He’s being an ally and yanking the word out of the mouths of haters and saying that gay means two things primarily: happy + homosexual, not ‘bad’ in anyway.

      Good on him. Never heard of him before but if he does entitle his album that, then I’ll buy it.

  6. Oh well he’s got the publicity he wanted. Marsha Ambrosious half of floetry, who is British, has a more sincere track called far away. It’s about homophobia and has been ignored by the British gay press’s but it’s huge in the USA.

  7. What was his point again in using the term gay for the old school original meaning? Seems like a lame title for an album anyway in addition to being used for publicity.

  8. Sounds like he is truly trying to “support” LGBT persons in a way that he knows how. I commend him for trying!

  9. PumpkinPie 26 Apr 2011, 5:39pm

    Ha! How delightful. Nice one, Lil B!

  10. Hodge Podge 26 Apr 2011, 8:59pm

    Nice gesture, if somewhat confusing

  11. Is he genuine or just the gay band wagon. Dunno but I do know death threats are worrying

  12. Brings to mind Derek Zoolander’s bizarre “Eugoogly” to his recently deceased male model colleagues: “Rufus, Brint and Mekus were like brothers to me, and when I say brother I don’t mean like an actual brother but I mean it like the way black people use it which is more meaningful I think”.
    It does seem like a needlessly confused way of expressing solidarity with a minority you’re not personally part of, by appropriating an anachronistic use of the word ‘gay’ which hasn’t been in common currency for the best part of 50 years, but I appreciate his good intentions.

  13. teenage whore 27 Apr 2011, 12:45pm

    i hope it was gay – not in the traditional sense of the word – people who sent him death threats.

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