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US student charged for lying about anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. its shameful

  2. musclelad23 20 Apr 2011, 11:46am

    arggh again with the picture!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, they should show his face instead- he’s a goodlooking guy. Shallow, moi? What man would have him now though? He’s got more baggage than a departure lounge during a BA strike.

      1. Haha, like the baggage analogy.

  3. Jock S. Trap 20 Apr 2011, 12:26pm

    I can’t even think where his mind is to inflict such harm on oneself.

    One thing that does ring out though is the university’s LGBT alliance’s support and acceptance of him going back.

    It’s funny in a way that we look at protests from groups like those seen recently in London. Whole groups Violent, aggressive and doing millions of pounds worth of damage.

    Though when it is a LGBT protest, apart from an isolated incident that those extremists here only focus on to tarnish our good names, they are generally peaceful, good humoured and just as effective. We clearly show that the LGBT should be proud of the fact we are far more forgiving and accepting that our counterparts. Especially those bigots would only ever know the word hate.

  4. Is any else worried why he felt the need to do this??

  5. Helen Wilson 20 Apr 2011, 12:38pm

    He deserves all he gets.

    1. that’s heartless.

      1. Helen Wilson 20 Apr 2011, 12:54pm

        Its not heartless its the truth, if I pick up my phone and falsely report a fire or any other crime I would deserve to be prosecuted too.

        I feel sorry for the person who genuinely reports a hate crime at this university and its treated with suspicion because of this twerp.

        1. The problem is you’re viewing the sequence of events in reverse.
          He didn’t just ‘falsely report a hate crime’, what he did was inflict harm on himself, then once questioned about it he was too embarrassed to tell the truth, and claimed someone else did it to him. When you’re in that state of mind you think up all sorts of stories in an attempt to sound more convincing, and the homophobic method obviously seemed the best bet at the time. Unfortunately he didn’t contemplate the repercussions.

          1. Yeah, that’s called flasely reporting a hate crime.

  6. I just hope he gets his head together. Life’s too short. I know it’s wrong that he lied, but being charged and appearing in court when his mental state is obviously already in a bad place seems crazy. He’s not hurt anyone else. I hope he’s got support from some loving friends and relatives.

    1. Agreed.

  7. TheSuburban Bi 20 Apr 2011, 1:28pm

    If we’re going to have to keep seeing that ‘painful’ image, it’d be nice if the journalists would tell us what he used to make it? And how and why he did what he did? More info please…

    1. LOL. So you can repeat the process?

      1. TheSuburban Bi 20 Apr 2011, 3:47pm

        Uhm… no. What a bizarre suggestion. I, and many others, are curious over just what figure-8 shaped object was used to create such a unique pattern. And if the object had some significance to the poor kid. Where he got it? Why he did it? What set this whole sad business in motion? The whole thing is still very mysterious, particularly the way it’s been reported.

        1. Helen Wilson 20 Apr 2011, 3:52pm

          Consensus seems to be he tried to do one of those stupid branding tattoos on himself and burnt himself too much. Maybe his false report was to fool the medical insurers or his parents?

          1. Are you kidding us? It looks like he’s into a bit of self harm and possibly attention seeking, I feel sorry and embarrassed for him, as for trying to dig his way out of it and save some face with the medical insurance company and his folks- that’s a stretch.

        2. It looks like an AA size battery, heated to buggery on both ends probably with a cigarette lighter and he branded himself three times hence the shape. I’d be more concerned about his motivations actually rather than what he used.

  8. One question that’s still in my mind is whether he did lie or if the uni is just trying to cover it up. Somehow I find it hard that a person can do this to himself.

    1. You could ask the same question of people who self harm but they still manage to inflict horrendous wounds on themselves- much worse than what’s in this picture. As for a uni cover-up; yeah right.

    2. Pain is not that much about the physical or is that similar between people, it’s more how your own mind interprets it. I remember one lecture being told about people unable to take anaesthetics but being given drugs that reduce anxiety to undergo surgery. Anxiety is not a type of damage or pain so it shouldn’t affect it but just by reducing the patient’s anxiety and worry over the pain, the pain appeared to be reduced. The point I’m trying to make, anyway is that how you feel about the pain can affect the pain, if you think a particular pain isn’t that strong or could even help how you feel better then it can be greatly reduced. I don’t know whether this is a similar mechanism or something but it also appears that if you have a very strong lingering, almost unbearable pain then to cause a second pain helps to reduce that pain.

      1. You’ve never burned yourself with anything really hot, have you?

        I have (by accident).

  9. They need to get him psychiatric help not charge him. This was an obvious cry for help. Maybe he cannot deal with sexuality. I would rather see him cry wolf about an alledged attack than do some real harm to himself.

    1. No..they need to get him Psychiatric help AND charge him.

      How will one ever learn from mistakes, especially this severe if there’s no penalty for them, or responsibility as an adult?

      Everyone today wants to understand what’s wrong and explain it as a cry for help… So get him help, but help the people and public harmed by the action and file charges where they should be filed. Quinn Matney needs help — Learning mistakes have consequences and facing them as an adult responsibly is not a disposable part of that process. It is in fact, essential to it.

  10. “…but police soon determined he had injured himself and made up the incident.”

    I’m skeptical of their claim. Anyone who’s ever singed themselves with a soldering iron understands the level of agony a burn that severe would produce.

    I suspect that the young man in question has been coerced (by his attacker’s associates perhaps) into recanting his initial report to the police.

    I look forward to reviewing the evidence in this case.

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Apr 2011, 11:20am

      I can believe that and have thought about the same in this case, I have to admit.

    2. It’s been almost a month…Hows that review?
      Coerced by whom exactly? For what reason?

      What I’m skeptical of, is unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.
      What benefit would it be for ANYONE to coerce Quinn Matney of anything?

      Explain, just with basic physics how someone had a fire going, heating a red-hot branding iron, then met him on a bridge, grabbed him and positioned that long enoufgh to HOLD IT TO A STRUGGLING “victims” skin, (A 2-hand process!) and kept it there long enough while Quinn finally “punched them full in the face”

      Explain again how he claims to have seen this person on campus, but they where not a student or recorded on a single frame of video from the security camera’s all over.

      Explain further, where the branding iron fire was…or did the assaulting “Go to hell” branding fanatic take the fire and burnt wood with them?

      Explain what you base your conspiracy theory on, because you and Quinn might be able to save money by getting a group-rate with a therapist.

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