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Four of five main Scottish parties promise action on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 20 Apr 2011, 11:32am

    Both Labour and the SNP’s attitude to this is way too wishy washy.

    No big surprise with the tories’ complete lack of commitment to anything for the LGBT community.

    Hope Scots do the right thing and give their second vote to the Greens.

    1. Katie Murphy Ex cath family 20 Apr 2011, 5:00pm

      the pope of the hate church will have a fit, but the people should be proud that Scotland will join much of W Europe in treating gays as equals.under our laws

      I’ve been seeing this come to be for some time. England and the rest of GB will join Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, spain and portugal – just in western Europe with marriage for gay people. finland is also changing to marriage from RPs as we speak.

      if there was a god, the vatican would long ago have been swallowed into the hellfires of the earth thanks to the arisen from the dead Vesusvius II.

      Be sure to reverse the 5 captial letters above to get the correct website. Need this since PN has a computer sensor.

      probably at the request of the church of Adoph H, still not EXcommunciated, while the church babbls about protecting life.

  2. Jock S. Trap 20 Apr 2011, 11:47am

    It’s good that Equal Marriage has such a large focus. Personally favour the Greens and Lib Dems but we can’t be such a small minority ( as some would suggest) if they feel the need to grab our votes.

    Tories ain’t got a chance so they can pretty much say or leave out what they like in Scotland.

  3. nevertheless it is sad to see an absence of commitment from Scottish Tories considering that they have moved on from their anti-gay position in the UK at large.

    1. de Villiers 20 Apr 2011, 3:04pm

      I agree. Very disappointing. The fact that they have not got a chance of winning should allow them to say anything they want.

  4. Its also weird as for many years there has been a gay scottish tory movt, way before there was one in england.

  5. paradox of being gay and tory, or anything right wing for that matter

    1. de Villiers 20 Apr 2011, 3:03pm

      That you consider there to be a paradox shows the limits of your thinking.

      1. expand it

  6. Is Pink News a homophobic website.

    Why on EARTH does Pink News refer to marriage equality as ‘gay marriage’.

    Are they pandering to bigots?

  7. I’m glad the Scottish Greens and the Lib Dems are just going to legislate, although they will only get a handful of seats between them. I’m disgusted at Labour going for a consultation first, isn’t the UK Labour Party in favour of gay marriage? I’m not surprised at the SNP, though, with the homophobia they’ve shown over the last 4 years. They say there is a “range of views” – that means the people who want gay marriage and the homophobes who don’t. A racist’s views wouldn’t be taken into account on race legislation, would it?

    1. D McDonald 21 Apr 2011, 1:49pm

      Good to see the SNP standing firm in its total commitment to equality.

      see here;

      Since coming to power in Scotland four years ago, the SNP Scottish Government have achieved a great deal in terms of equality legislation.

      As usual, we see people posting here, from a standpoint of complete ignorance regarding the SNP. If you wish to unfairly accuse the SNP of homophobia, perhaps you might like to get better informed – it’s stated clearly in their manifesto;

      1. This is the SNP who are funded by one of the biggest homophobes in Scotland, someone who’ve they’ve already dropped a policy for – the bus re-regulation policy. The SNP has some high profile people who are known to support discrimination against gay people, such as Fergus Ewing and Roseanna Cunningham who were both in Alex Salmond’s government. Both have publicy stated their opposition to gay equality. The SNP never actively initiated any gay equality legislation over the last 4 years and actually went out of their way to by-pass equality legislation from Westminister, the Sexual Orientation Regulations – the SNP government helped a catholic adoption agency in Glasgow to avoid having to comply with it and then gave it £20,000 so it could adapt to it! When the SOR legislation was being voted on in Westminster, only one of the six SNP MPs voted for it. Four of them, inculuding Alex Salmond, were absent and one, Angus McNeil, voted against it.

      2. The SNP are good at talking about gay equality, but they never seem to actually deliver. For the record, I’m not endorsing ANY party, just saying that the SNP aren’t not quite as gay friendly as you might think if you do a bit of investigating.

      3. Also, I used to be a fervent SNP supporter until I began to realise just how homophobic the party was, so I can hardly be accused of being ignorant about the SNP. Instead of blindy defending them, like most SNP supporters do, maybe you should actually do some research of your own and then say there’s nothing in what I’m saying.

      4. As for the SNP manifesto, which you provided the link for, I’ve had, an admittedly quick, look through it and the only meniton I can find of the SNP’s “total commitment”, as you put it, to gay equality is the part on page 18 of the manifesto under the sub-heading, “A more equal Scotland.” All it says is:
        “We recognise the range of views on the questions of same-sex marriage and registration of civil partnership. We will therefore begin a process of consultation and discussion on these issues.”
        Hardley a “total commitment” to gay equality. As I said in my orignal post, the views of a racist wouldn’t be taken into consideration when discussing race legislation, so why the views of homophobes need to be recognised is beyond me.

        1. Perhaps you may wish to see what Alex Salmond said yesterday on STV when asked by Bernard Ponsonby.

          To suggest that the party is homophobic though, is frankly ludicrous. I know dozens of gay men within the party, and not one of them has ever complained about homophobia. I’ve worked for a gay SNP MSP and can tell you he has had no issues.

          Yes, you have “Christians” like Fergus or Roseanna, but for every one of them you have ten people like Shirley-Anne Somerville or Anne McLaughlin fighting tooth and nail for equality. Look at some of the motions on LGBT equality passed either internally by the party, or by SNP MSPs throughout the last party.

          I don’t know what your gripe is with the SNP, but accusing them of something that is demonstrably untrue is pretty pathetic.

          1. My “gripe” is that the SNP has homophobes like Fergus Ewing and Roseanna Cuningham in positions of power and influence. Their religion is no excuse for homophobia. The people you mention fighting tooth and nail for equality don’t seem to be getting very far otherwise the SNP government would introduce legislation for gay marriage and not simply promise a consultation, for exmple. The SNP government helped St. Margaret’s adotpion agency by-pass the SOR legislation and they are funded by a major homophobe. What do Shirley-Anne Somerville and Anne McLaughlin, who are not senior people within the party, say about all of that? Nothing, they keep quiet about it. At the very least, the SNP is inconsistent on gay equality, and at worst actively homophobic. As I say, I used to be a supporter of the SNP. I stopped when they took half a million quid from Souter in 2007. That alone was more than enough for this gay man to stop supporting them.

          2. As far as I’m aware, the party membership in general is gay friendly, but it’s the leadership in particular that doesn’t seem to follow through on this. It was the same with the bus re-regulation policy which the party voted for at conference yet was dropped when Souter donated his money. You refer to a gay SNP MSP who had no issue. Is this Joe FitzPatrick who made the SNP suspend Councillor Gunn of Borders Council after the party initially described his homophobic comments as “personal”? Just out of interst, what does Joe FitaPatrick and all the other gay members of the SNP think about Souter funding the party or St. Margaret’s adotpion agency, or the fact that only 1 SNP MP voted for the SOR legislation in Westminister, while that bastion of morality Angus McNeil voted against it and all the rest were absent? And are they happy that Fergus Ewing and Roseanna Cunningham were both in the SNP government after they’d publicy spoken out in favour of discrimination against gay people?

  8. Katie Murphy Ex cath family 20 Apr 2011, 4:57pm

    trhe pope of the hate church will have a fit, but the people should be proud that Scotland will join much of W Europe in treating gays as equals.

    if there was a god, the vatican would long ago have been swallowed into the hellfires of the earth thanks to the arisen from the dead Vesusvius II.

    Be sure to reverse the 5 captial letters above to get the correct website. Need this since PN has a computer sensor.

    probably at the request of the church of Adoph H, still not EXcommunciated, while the church babbls about protecting life.

  9. David, I have to agree with you. The term ‘gay marriage’ is often used by religious bigots and others like them in America to disparage and deny gay couples marrying. Its an incendiary term used to stoke the fires of intolerance and bigotry. Same-sex civil marriage is gender neutral, nothing gay about it. Maybe Pink News is trying to provoke the trolls to come in and stir up trouble.

  10. Don’t believe any on them. Remember the westminster lot. Last we heard was consultation on religious partnerships wtf >.> not what we are wanting.

    That has now disappeared and will be years before it’s comes round again. You can’t trust politicians it’s a rule of life.

    They promise a lot but what they deliver I dunno. But I dnt see any difference between them and Westminster.

    1. This could be no more than Salmond trying to get gay people to vote for the SNP, saying he’s in favour of it is one thing, especially when it’s not even on the table. Also, why didn’t he do something about it in the last four years? His government shot down a parliamentary petition on gay marriage a year or two ago. The article makes it clear that this is Salmond’s personal view, not official party policy. I’m not anti-SNP or anti-independence, I’m just worried that the SNP can’t be trusted completely on gay equality, given the views of some of the people in the party and some of the things that the SNP government have done over the last 4 years. If they’d only clarify their position on gay equality then I’d happily vote for them, providing they were for it, of course!

      1. I think the manifesto is pretty clear?

        It promises a consultation – I very much doubt any Government would legislate while there’s a live court case (the Equal Love campaign). I think it’s important to see what folk actually want first – is there a demand for both-for-both, or should we have one system or what?

        There are also some very confused issues in terms of Reserved or Devolved issues, and I don’t think the Parliament will want to test the water there while the Scotland Act is still on the table.

        Depends who the Presiding Officer is in a couple of weeks time though, I would suggest.

        1. Promising consultation on gay marriage, like the SNP (and Labour) have said, is not exactly the same as promising to introduce it, like the Scottish Greens and Lib Dems, for example. Either you are in favour of equality for gay people or you aren’t. The SNP have said that they recognise there are a range of views on the issue. Why should the views of homophobes be taken into account? The views of racists wouln’t be taken into account on race legislation. As Peter Tatchell said in his recent interview on Pink News, you don’t consult on equality, you just do it.

    2. Also, this interview with Alex Salmond saying he’s in favour of gay marriage shows he seems more interested in appeasing religious people rather than being in favour of gay equality, and my worry is that if it comes to a choice between the two, he’ll side with the religious just like he did with the catholic adoption agencies.

  11. John Derwent 26 Apr 2011, 2:48pm

    Methinks the poster, BennieM, considering how much he has spun, and lied regarding the SNP just doesn’t like the SNP.

    The simple fact is, that Michael russell, the SNP Scottish Education Secretary said only a few weeks ago

    Quote “The SNP is a social-democratic party which believes in equality for all, regardless of age, race, background or sexuality. Just like we have stood side-by-side with the National Union of Students in support of free education we are more than happy to stand by them in this pledge.”


    That really doesn’t sound homophobic at all.

    Alex Salmond the leader of the SNP just last week said he personally favours Gay Marriage.

    Sorry, but it looks like the poster on this site called BennieM, who has posted misleading posts about the SNP around ten times on this one subject is just anti SNP, and chooses to ignore the facts.

    1. John Derwent 26 Apr 2011, 2:57pm

      Just like the anti SNP poster BennieM, I’m replying to my own posts. Take a look at how many times he replies to his own posts.

      To suggest the SNP is homophobic is absurd – it’s even in their manifesto. It cannot be clearer, than when the SNP education secretary says, just a few weeks ago, that the SNP is committed to equality regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.

      Most of what ‘BennieM’ has posted above is just quite literally made up nonsense.

      1. As I have said several times, I actually used to support and vote for the SNP. I stopped when they accepted £500,000 from Brian Souter just before the Scottish Parliament election in 2007. Since then I have looked into this and discovered quite a few instances of people within the SNP being discriminatory towards gay people, depspite the party’s official stance and code of conduct that they should not discriminate against gay people. I would happily vote for the SNP in future if they would only sort out these instances of homophobia that occur in the party. I’m talking about things like Fergus Ewing and Roseanna Cunningham being given government jobs when they are both in favour of discriminating against gay people, why the SNP government intervened to help an adoption agency get around the Sexual Orientation Regulations, why only 1 of the 6 SNP MSPs voted for the SORs in the first place. I’ve never actually been given answers to these by anyone defending the SNP.

      2. Frankly, I do not believe that BennieM is replying to his own posts.

        He is in fact sharing his train of thought with us, just as you are doing. Mr. Derwent.

        Also, on the whole, I think BennieM knows very well what he is talking about, and he has tried time and time again to communicate the facts on which his opinions are based. His comments are always rooted in reality while yours are rather vague and idealistic.

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