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Malaysia sends 66 boys to gay cure camp

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Reader comments

  1. Hope David Cameron reads this, brings it here and then we wouldnt have repeats of what occured in The John Snow Pub!

    1. Or we could have a whip-round and send you to a camp that reverses the labotomy procedure you appear to have had.

    2. Sending men to spend more time round men to do “manly” tasks to stop them liking men, are you serious, do you genuinely think that backwards logic will work?
      Why don’t you next try to cure my like of chocolate, maybe get me a job at Cadbury’s, that’s sure to work.

      1. Have you seen the front cover of George Rekers’ book “Shaping your child’s sexual identity”? I can’t link to it on this site, but if you fancy a laugh, it features a guy in a handlebar moustache dressed as a lumberjack in tight jeans striking a ‘macho posture’ with his legs akimbo in front of his 17 year old son whilst chopping wood. It looks like an outake from “the Lumberjack song”!
        No wonder Rekers has been so successful with his ex-gay therapies – why he even takes his work on holiday with him…

        1. A bit of Tom of Finland that cover looks to me ….only pedophile version. Not really healthy. They’ve been sending us to camps before. On the other hand when those boys come back to reality they will have experience of a life time. Hope it doesn’t scar them for life.

        2. SteveDenver 20 Apr 2011, 9:42am

          GOOD GAWD! I’m sure that photo is in every NAMBLA collection. Hilarious! It’s as if the father has just asked his son, “Which Village People character do you want to be?”

    3. We do have it here. we call them drama schools. People learn to act then graduate and go on having happy gay lives working in call centres!!

  2. de Villiers 19 Apr 2011, 12:29pm

    This appears to be a denial of many basic freedoms that we enjoy in the more liberal European countries. In particular freedom of expression, freedom of thought and conscience and freedom of association.

    If the boys were physically compelled to attend (I note that the article suggests otherwise but am sceptical) it would also infringe the freedom not to be assaulted.

    Considering the totality of this, it amounts to a denial of what we should consider to be the most basic rights.

    1. European liberality produces many gay-degenerates who spreading such nasty diseases like chlamydia…. That’s terrible!

      1. “Rich”: what are you talking about?? Gay-degenerates??? People are degenerate based on who they love??? How absurd!! Also, chlamydia is an STI that affects both heterosexual and homosexual populations. Your comments are offensive and demonstrate profound ignorance, and are a fine example of freedom of speech gone too far. And believe me, THAT’S terrible!

      2. Arabic religions produces many idiot-degenerates who spreading such nasty diseases like stupidity…. That’s terrible!

  3. Sean, you must either have a lot of hate in your heart or a lot of curiosity. Why would someone with anti-gay values ‘participate’ on a gay site? Mmmm?

    Think about it. Not for long, just a moment.

  4. Eddy - the real one, from 2007 onwards 19 Apr 2011, 12:37pm

    Reminds me of returning to university after the summer break and asking another student, whom I strongly suspected to be gay, what he had done during his hols. He proudly announced he had done two months in the army! I asked why on earth he had done that. “To make myself more masculine”, he said.

    As we continued through university I noted him wrestling with his sexuality. He still couldn’t the truth of who he was, despite the effort to rid himself of it.

    Twenty years later, I find he’s the leader of a gay outreach programme.

    Great. But what years he wasted, struggling with his homosexuality, trying to cure himself.

    But at least he inflicted his “cure” programme on himself. These poor Malaysian boys appear to have no choice.

    The treatment will, of course, only screw them up.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Apr 2011, 9:01pm

      I spent my childhood in the mid to late 70’s with a friend, both of us just children
      learning life as it happened.

      We did Star Wars when it first came out. Both awe struck as idiot children
      at the wonder of it all.

      We crapped ourselves at Jaws, despite the rubber shark.

      In essence, we were best friends, and remained that way until we reached

      Once Society kicked in we went off on our separate ways doing what we thought
      society told us we were meant to do.

      Go to University. Or get a Job. Or Get Married etc etc the end.

      He got a job as did I.

      He, after some time becoming an actor, myself eventually re-educating myself
      in stuff that I won’t mention as its’ boring.

      Years later we met up by chance, around 1995 and he was over me like a rash.


      I do not exist and it didn’t happen at all as even at 46 years old, he is scared of admitting to
      his bigoted family.

      However, I still think it is up to the individual to out themselves.

  5. musclelad23 19 Apr 2011, 12:43pm

    Disgusting. This is what a theocracy does to people. I really feel for these poor boys.

    1. You are digusting, because you are a pederast! That’s why you have sexy feel for these boys….

      1. Rich: yet another disgusting, disturbing comment from you. wake up and smell the year: 2011! musclelad23 is expressing concern for the boys in the program, a genuine concern that arises from the abuse of their rights and the desire for governments to conform them to their own notion of “normality” or righteousness. You have displayed your own extreme prejudices by assuming the only “feel” he could have for these boys would be sexual. I pity you. And in case you’re wondering, no, i’m not gay. i’m heterosexual, but i believe in the laws of love and equality.

      2. Pederast? You mean like Muhammed? That dirty bugger….

      3. SteveDenver 20 Apr 2011, 9:43am

        Rich: You are projecting, again.

      4. @ Rich: “Why are you here btw?” Bored with wife or other way around?

  6. The teachers also had no right to report on them. That’s probably a violation of their privacy and will probably give them trust issues.

  7. What a marvellous country. I suppose the similarities in sending gay people to Dachau for “re-education” is lost on them?

  8. In my own experience of ex-gay programmes they are more likely to encourage trysts between attendees. Hope the boys had a good time ;)

  9. What can we expect from an overhwelmingly islamic society?

    1. While you have a point, let’s not forget that the good old US of A has also been known to have boot camps of a similar nature, like the inappropriately-named Love In Action.

    2. You can expect Dignity of Ethical Males!

      1. …and suicide bombers too.

      2. Dignity? There’s no dignity in sociaty that punishes gays by death, but forces very young boys to dance in women dresses and rapes then afterwards because they are forbidden to sleep with a women till marriage.

  10. It is a very backwards country that pays no attention to what medical science has established about how homosexuality is natural and attempts to ‘cure’ it only result in serious damage.

    1. The strange thing is that Malaysia’s current backward attitudes aren’t the result of a backward economy, quite the reverse, and that’s arguably more worrying since economic prosperity throughout a society generally goes hand-in-hand with increasingly liberal views. (Though the US tries very hard to overturn this neat theory.)

  11. Liz Church 19 Apr 2011, 2:29pm

    On a practical level, have a look inside your computer – you may see “made in Malaysia” on some of the components. Tell the Malaysian Embassy that you won’t be buying any more produce from their country if they continue with this policy.

    1. José Merentes 19 Apr 2011, 3:43pm

      I strongly agree with this comment. We should start campaigning right now.

    2. Spanner1960 6 Apr 2012, 2:20am

      Damn it, you’re right, I will rip the memory out of my computer as we spea…

  12. Rehan, I was going to say the right wing ex-gay cults in America would have a lot in common with them. I often wonder why they don’t move to backward countries. they’d be a lot happier along with the rest of the religious nutters. Stephen Green would be an appropriate candidate.

    1. Unfortunately, though they naturally seem identical to us, anti-gay Muslim and Christian fanatics may well have some other grounds for disagreement.

      Seriously though, this is just how US evangelists are succeeding in Africa in countries like Uganda.

  13. Jock S. Trap 19 Apr 2011, 3:08pm

    “We can’t force the boys to change, but we want them to know what their choices are in life. Some effeminate boys end up as a transvestite or a homosexual, but we want to do our best to limit this.”


    How far does ‘curing’ someone go? Torture?

    Shameful. All this will do is harm. This has no place in humanity surely.

    1. ^ What Jock said.

      It’s disgusting. Hopefully they will not be scarred for life.

  14. john sharp 19 Apr 2011, 3:38pm

    sick malaysia islam
    i have had so many malay gay lovers
    you should invite me to the camps
    religions are sick not the gays

    1. musclelad23 19 Apr 2011, 4:13pm

      That was a genuinely creepy comment, we are talking about kids here.

  15. Not all Malaysians are muslims so I guess this treatment is meeted out to muslims only. I’ve found the average Malaysian to be fairly open minded about sexuality. I’ve had no problems when I’ve visited there. I think the problem comes if someone reports you to the authorities or if you behave in an openly camp way. Homosexuality in Malaysia tends to be linked to being transvestite or transexual.

  16. Peter & Michael 19 Apr 2011, 3:59pm

    Absolutely disgusting! hope our hard earned taxes don’t go to fund this ‘cure’ behaviour by the malaysian government.

    1. Our taxes? Why on earth should they? Malaysia doesn’t receive UK aid for education, does it?

  17. Keith Lynwood 19 Apr 2011, 4:05pm

    This is a Muslim country. They use Muslim law to deal with homosexuality.
    Do not visit under any circumstances. They have already stated that even diplomats who are gay and have diplomatic immunity will be deported. We have to hope that this”camp” is one these lads actually return to their homes from.

    1. Right! Don’t go to Muslim countries! Stay where you are and die as a homosexual degenerate!

      1. Yeah, thanks for the low brow travel advice, but unlike you I have plenty of money, I can afford to holiday in nice places and real countries, not flea ridden pits of religious lunacy.

  18. It’s discriminatory unless they also send overly masculine guys to beauty school and to learn deportment…so they too can learn what their choices are in life etc.

  19. So ridiculous. I can guarantee that being forced to play football at school didn’t make me enjoy it or stop me being gay, and the fact that I ended up liking beer and rock music failed to turn me straight. Why do some people/countries still insist that masculine = straight? Idiots.

    1. Idiot is you because you have no understanding of Islamic society.

      1. Oh, but we do.

        idiot muslims + virgins in the sky = suicide bombers.

      2. woman + bin bag over head = burkha

      3. (qur’an x stupidity) + Muhammed = paedophile prophet

        No wonder muhammed gets upset when you draw cartoons with bombs on his head, he should be on the sex offenders list instead.

      4. Sorry for all of my uneducated misinformed comments above. I admit that we muslims are deluded foolish and uneducated. We know no better because the even more deluded clerics keep us dumb so that we can do their dirty work. I agree, the islamic society in which i live is backwards. We have much to learn from the west.

  20. I hope this matter will be proceed soon by all the LGBTIQ defenders, especially in SE Asia region.

  21. I’ll bet those kids had an educational experience they’ll never forget and forged bonds that will last a lifetime. I doubt the officials that came up with this plan ever stopped to think that a much more likely outcome than reforming potentials gays was building a future activist movement.

  22. Keith Lynwood 19 Apr 2011, 5:59pm

    They will of course be made to wear pink triangles whilst in the camp……

  23. Every individual Country has its own individual law, which is of no concern to us, we should not get involved, look what happened In Moscow with the millitant homosexual and scrounger Peter Tatchell.

    (Freedom of speech includes the right to criticise and mock, and to say things that many of us find offensive)

    1. musclelad23 19 Apr 2011, 6:26pm

      Yes, we should not get involved…

      Like we didn’t until it was too late with the case of 2 million jews being exterminated in germany.

      My freedom of speech allows me to say you are a miserable nasty piece of work.

      If you are gay you should probably be deported to saudi arabia as most of the luxuries of freedom you have right now are because of “militants” like peter tactchell.

      Seriously, what a bell end…

    2. What about when you fall in love with a person of the same sex who comes from such a country?

      The world is not as big as you think, especially with the creation of the internet, and I sincerely hope you never find out just how easy it is to have something which is “of no concern to us” completely ruin your life.

    3. You are absolutely correct! Perfect! I am kissing your hands, man!

      1. I bet you want to kiss more, don’t you, you saucy little bugger! You just love the gays sites!

  24. Oh dear country of mine, you’re always getting press for all the most ridiculous reasons.

    This is just…thoughtless and embarrassing.

  25. Step 1: Place a suspected gay kid in with a group of others.
    Step 2: Expect them not to fool around with each other.
    Step 3: Imprison them for 20 years and blame western civilization.

    Do we give aid to malaysia while this is going on?

    1. Whi is “we”? Few degenerates like you? Heheheh…..

      1. David Myers 20 Apr 2011, 3:14am

        Fork Oft troll creep!

      2. Well believe it or not but some of us actually work to make the money you take in benefits Rich.
        We have a say how that money should be used.

  26. Disgusting. But honestly, it’s effeminate men (particularly effeminate gay men) that the homophobes find the most objectionable. It’s almost like a separate branch of discrimination. The amount of people I meet who “don’t have a problem with gay people” but have a problem with “the ones” that act “like women” is incredible. Many gay people are guilty of the same nastiness and ignorance. Convincing them that masculinity is not a necessity to equality or validation of someone’s worth as a human being is impossible. And that’s in the UK.

    The notion they were “invited” is ridiculous. If I invite someone to a party but on the side tell them if they don’t RSVP they’ll be socially rejected, bullied, harrassed, not to mention mentally and physically scarred, I’m pretty sure my party would be banging.

    This is what happens when fear and ignorance team up and bully the other kids.

    1. David Myers 20 Apr 2011, 3:16am

      They are also potentially at risk, if they don’t change of going to prison. That’s more like “an offer they can’t refuse” than an “invitation”.

      1. It’s because women are inferior, you see, so men who act like women are degrading themselves.

  27. I doubt if the couple would comment on same-sex marriage, but I would hazard a guess and say William’s mother would have supported it had she lived.

  28. only 66, why not 666

    1. Or better still, why not 0.

      1. sausage planter 20 Apr 2011, 12:26am

        suck my plums

        1. Jock S. Trap 20 Apr 2011, 8:30am

          No thanks, they gone off!

  29. larry Doisher 19 Apr 2011, 8:32pm

    The article is poorly written. There are no facts, name of the camp, and a camp for straight and gay boys is not a gay cure camp. In grade school I learned to great and shake hands, how to act in public, teaching a 4 day camp in behavior mannerisms it not so different. Nothing states the boy has to maintain the training or that it is a cure. I read a book in the 70z to lean how not to be effeminate, it was not a gay cure, it was an effeminate cure guide…

    1. Larry, did you even read the ‘poorly written article’?……. State education director says “some effeminate boys end up as a …… homosexual, but we want to do our best to limit this”. Sounds like a ‘homosexual’ cure to me.

    2. Jock S. Trap 20 Apr 2011, 8:34am

      The question is why do they feel these children need ‘curing’ at all. This is showing the worst of humanity which I have to say a lot of Muslim countries do show. I mean Christian countries can be bad enough but it’s better the devil you know.

      If someone is effeminate so bloody what. People always think how these things effect them never the person who may be considered effeminate.

      1. Abdul Azeem 20 Apr 2011, 9:32am

        Homophobia is wrong in all instances wether from a Christian or Muslim country. Some Muslim countries have a better level of understanding of humanity in some instances and in this case surprisingly Pakistan can take a lead. A third gender is recognised on National Identity Cards for all those who feel they are neither male or female. I’m also well aware of Pakistans record on many other human rights issues and am not saying any of that is OK because of this forward thinking. Just bringing to your attention some good things from a Muslim country.

  30. Terengganu is a muslim state and as a Malaysian, I totally not fond of this and condemn these fanatics and bigoted society. The state is not a nice state to live in….

    1. You are an ignorant feminist and you have no brain to understand principles of Islam. That’s the reason for your opposition to Islamic education of boys, regardless their predisposition to immoral homosexuality in Islamic society.

      1. Commander Thor 19 Apr 2011, 10:28pm

        You are an ignorant religionist and have no brain to understand principles of human rights. That’s the reason for your opposition to equality for all humans, regardless of their difference from what your imaginary friend in the sky is claimed to have claimed 1600 years ago by a nomad merchant. In the modern world, he would be tried for crimes against humanity.

      2. David Myers 20 Apr 2011, 3:18am

        Why are you even here spewing your religous bigotry. Go away troll!

      3. Serious Rich, you are the very same bigotry slut with no sense of humanity progress in your brain (if you have one). So just go away if you want to spread bigotry thought as this place does not belong to you.

      4. Jock S. Trap 20 Apr 2011, 8:38am

        Wow, ignorant, homophobic and sexist, what a surprise… Yawn… Not.

        Newflash Rich…

        I am Gay and I am still a human being.

        Unlike you I do not spread hate, esp of how people are born.

        Religion is Evil esp for people who insist on using it as an excuse for discrimination.

        Ironic, eh?

      5. I wish I had boy. I write number on toilet, but no one ring. I hate you gays!

  31. Sending 66 boys to camp together …. Yes I’m sure that will make then straight. .. Hell where was this when I was younger.

  32. Logical decision of government. Boys need to lean something about muslim male indentity. Surely!

  33. ANDREW MESSINA 19 Apr 2011, 10:35pm

    This is sick!!!! being gay is not a desiese! its merely a lifestyle that isnt a choice. its not better or worse than being staight! If you are born gay, you are gay, and there is nothingwrong with it!

  34. Can we have some straight cure camps too? Too many straight people in the gay clubs these days :/

    It shows the world has a long long way to go if people still think you can cure something that isn’t a disease. THEY are the disease.

  35. David Carpenter 19 Apr 2011, 11:14pm

    why every time people refer to effeminate behaviour, total crap, you can not be more buch and masculine than me just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I have pink handbags. I just love men, men are men not women!! Once people accept the norm then they may ignore the supposed effeminate poofs

    1. David Myers 20 Apr 2011, 3:22am

      How higher than thou of you. We have no business workling for gay/lesbian rights if we plan to draw the line of “social acceptability just “below” us and continue with straight society to disparge and put down “effeminent males” or trans persons. Everybody deserves human rights and respect. If you want straight respect as a gay person, but you want to put down others who are gay in a fashion different from you, then you are no better that straight people who abhor gays and lesbians. Get some prespective!

  36. johnny33308 20 Apr 2011, 3:40am

    Well there’s another country we gay people should not go to or bother with in any regard.
    While I normally would not direct a comment to an individual in this format, I feel I simply must do so on this one rare occassion.
    SEAN, you appear to be a secret homo-normal straight men do not care about any other man’s sex life. If not, then you are just one dumbass.

  37. johnny33308 20 Apr 2011, 3:44am

    RICH, you are a moron, and a closet case to boot. Grow up, mind your own business and try to find a life somewhere where your bigotry will not be on display like some trophy of which you are disgustingly proud. Turd!

  38. johnny33308 20 Apr 2011, 3:50am

    RICH, so you are a Muslim? Of course, you are, with viwes dating froma thousand years ago-there is no social progress in your ‘religion’ either-it is degenerate like you are. Leave a free country and go back to your savage land if you do not like life in a free country. No on here needs you. If you get neutered you can become a harem guard!

    1. He’s just drunk or mentally challenged. Probably a queer himself.

    2. musclelad23 20 Apr 2011, 7:27am

      Yeah I don’t think Richard is a very muslim name.

  39. Peter & Michael 20 Apr 2011, 7:57am

    Rehan, Yes the British Government does provide education funds under the Malaysian Special Provision Scheme.

    1. But that only enables people to come to study in the UK, where – with any luck – they’ll get away from the sort of barbaric attitudes extolled by our friend Rich above. And that’s a good thing! Cutting that sort of assistance off will only result in everyone potentially being trapped into an archaic mindset.

  40. What’s the problem?

    It was voluntary.

    1. Oh, right. In a provincial conformist society teachers contact parents and advise that their sons are in danger of becoming unacceptably effeminate and you think the teenagers submit to this voluntarily? What planet are you living on?

    2. Well, school isn’t voluntary Adam, yet you seemed to give it all a miss. Too poor, were you?

  41. See article :
    ‘Vulnerable gay people don’t need to be ‘cured’

    So-called “conversion therapy” for gay men can ruin lives, says Patrick Strudwick,

    “A study by the psychologists Ariel Shidlo and Michael Schroeder found that conversion therapy caused psychological damage in a majority of cases. Every major mental health body in Britain condemns it. Yet the coalition government is failing to protect patients against this psychological snake oil. Rather than pushing ahead with the previous government’s plans to regulate counsellors and psychotherapists, they propose a voluntary register. A central, transparent body is needed to discipline those involved in conversion therapy. Vulnerable gay people who stumble into the “care” of fundamentalist therapists need protectingbefore more young lives are ruined. ”

  42. Staircase2 20 Apr 2011, 1:44pm

    what a bunch of ignorant wankers

  43. Note the usual idiotic conflation of heterosexuality and masculinity. Gore Vidal’s memorable description of his WWII experience was that he and his butch GI friends cruelly mocked the effeminate sissies – and screwed each other daft.

  44. Spanner1960 6 Apr 2012, 2:12am

    The new Malaysian self-help butchness tapes are now available for everyone to remove all effeminacy and make everyone act like real men:

  45. omg why would people do this being gay might not be something u want but its part of life there are other people just like u and there nothing wrong with being gay its who u are inside that counts

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