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Hungary approves new ‘anti-gay’ constitution

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Reader comments

  1. Then that’s one place I will never visit.

    1. Yap, because you are born fool!

      1. Yap? What’s a “Yap”?

        You should also be aware that the letter “a” (and “an”) function as the indefinite forms of the grammatical article in the English language and can also represent the number one.

        And a degenerate muhammed-arslicker like you is calling pothers a fool????

        1. A ‘Yap’ is a creature like Rich, all bark (yap) and no bite.

          1. Ah. A dog.

            Makes sense.

          2. I am dog, it true. Mother mated out of season with a mongrel, so mes damaged.

            Is it nice to be gay? I wish I could be proud of myself. I spend all day in gay site thinking I am big man, but really I want boy to love. I wish Allah made me pretty.

  2. This “Easter constitution” is an obscenity. However, the people voted this qualified majority into parliament. I say let them live with the consequences. (The old constitution is from 1989 though.)

  3. Christine Beckett 19 Apr 2011, 11:49am

    So let’s see…

    A right-wing “christian” government, and a new constitution that includes no gay marriage, no LGBT protection and no abortion..

    The largest christian religious group in the country is Catholic, but I guess that’s just a coincidence, hey?


  4. Christine Beckett 19 Apr 2011, 11:51am

    Someone remind me what the feck these countries are doing in the EU…


    1. Look at Finland. The recession screwed everything up.

      1. Agreed. Civil rights, in all their form, always takes a back seat when the “fear factor” rises in times of economic uncertainty.

  5. Jock S. Trap 19 Apr 2011, 11:57am

    A massive step back for Hungry.

    Will they also insist that all LGBT people not pay taxes even though they will be just as ‘vital for ecomonic growth’?


    1. You are a fool – that why you perceives an intelligent decision of Hungarian people as disgusting….

      1. It appears that Rich lacks not only the indefinite article `a’ (as in his previous email) but also the definite article `the’. Moreover his understanding of verbs `you perceives’ is also wanting.

  6. Jenny Bliss 19 Apr 2011, 12:36pm

    somhow i dont think they quite understand the concept of a whats generaly acepted of the purpose of a constitution, IE guaranteeing certain rights and limiting the power of those in charge (in theroy) and not meant as limiting rights of the people but oh well, more importantly isnt it a bit of a bad messege being their current position in the EU parliment? (curses my spelling is worse than normal today >.<)

  7. Jenny Bliss 19 Apr 2011, 12:39pm

    EEK! forgot to add, does this now mean that constitutional challenges can be made against laws made that did give rights to LGBT people? as if they’re no longer constitutional they can be easily struck down, i mean i find it unlikley they would go down that line but then i dont count anything out these days

  8. The EU would be a great idea if we had stayed with only the inner six and outer seven countries (probably could have done without portugal).

    As its expanded and included any tom dick and harry it has become a disasterous monolith in which backwards countries who have no similarity to enlightened western european nations have been allowed in.

    Kick them out of the EU, let them go back to soviet communism if they like it so much.

    1. Would the best idea to kick you out of the Mankind!

      1. Rich 3 hours ago Reported – thanks. Reply

        Yap, because you are born fool!

        Rich 3 hours ago Reported – thanks. Reply

        You are a fool – that why you perceives an intelligent decision of Hungarian people as disgusting….

        Rich 3 hours ago Reported – thanks. Reply

        Would the best idea to kick you out of the Mankind!

      2. Please forgive me, my mother feed me dog food as she cant read, so me’s angry all the time. So sorry.

  9. Countries that discriminate against their own citizens have no place in the EU.

    1. All countries which tolerates homosexuals should have no place on Earth.

      1. But they do. They’re there, aren’t they? Maybe we should speak to you at a level you understand?

        Like this “here you stupid you take silly and no muhammed-kiddie-fiddler like you cos you doggie and mother shagger, man.”

        Understand that better, Rich? Its okay, English is usually learned at school…..

      2. Earth flat?

  10. Scott, are you aware Portugal, a catholic country like Spain and Belgium, has full civil marriage equality as do the other two? The sad truth is, we don’t.

    1. May I, in addition to what Robert says below about Portugal, point out to you that the post-Soviet (then) Czechoslovakia had equal age of consent full 10 years before enlightened western UK?

    2. My point about portugal was that its economy was unsuited to the EU, as are all the eastern european countries. Of course congratulations to portugal on gay civil marriage.

  11. They won’t see a penny from me. Restrict as best you can all your money for those countries and organizations that are truly LGBT-friendly, and don’t just pretend to. I’ve yet to meet a person who’s self-righteous “morals” were stronger than cold hard cash.

    1. Who need your filthy pennies, man? Only other filthy creatures like you….. Heheheh!

      1. Pennies? Is that how poor you are? Oh, dear.

        Well, if I met you, I’d at least be decent enough to throw a few euro at you, you sound like you need the help, and besides, I’m loaded thanks to my better breeding and edcuation. Might get you into a hostel for the night, or pay for your medication.

        1. If we’ll meet, you’ll go to grave earlier then expecting…. hehehe!

          1. LOL! What are you, 4 years old?

            Oh, no! The silly muhammed-shagging-muslim make me scared! Boo-frickin-hoo!

            You stupid fool, there are things on their backs at the bottom of ponds I would fear more than you.


            But funny.

          2. I laugh because I fall down when small and hurt brain. Me think say to you hehehe is wicked clever, man.

  12. johnny33308 19 Apr 2011, 1:47pm

    Very well. Hungary can do what it likes, but the millions and millions of gay people do not have to like Hungary as well. We gay people will not visit or spend our gay money in or on Hungary or Hungarian items. Simple really, if someone claims to be your enemy, do not fund them with your money. That would be stupid, So goodbye Hungary. We do not need you. There are many places that welcome us so we will visit them and not you. Hungary is entitled to be bigoted and we are entitled not to go there and see to it that our friends know about this little country as well.

    1. Im sure Hungarian establishment will be relived at that prospect, but you as a UK tax payer still will be paying towards their EU subsidy.

      1. johnny33308 20 Apr 2011, 3:07am

        Not me, I am American and live in Florida, friend. That is bad enough, believe me-with the Quran burning Christian ‘pastor’ only 30 miles from where I live-and there are many more exactly like him around here, to my horror and dismay and all of them hate gay people. So much for nice Christians. They are NOT!

  13. Sorely, sorely disappointed in this move. My wife (sorry, “CP”) and I have been twice to Hungary and absolutely love it. Had hoped to keep going back many times more! Never encountered any queerphobia in Budapest, and the gay scene was small but unique and vibrant. I am shocked that this new Const. has passed by such a majority…what a shame.

  14. One small step forwards for Hungarian politicians, one giant leape backwards for Hungary. 

  15. Katie Murphy Ex cath family 19 Apr 2011, 8:46pm

    Hungary is still so far ahead of the USA in eg recognizing gay people.

    Welcome to my country, the HHSA

    The homophobic hate states of America. You should break diplomatic relations witht he USA and tell it to go to hell until it changes and grants gay people equal status

    Which gays have to a degree in England etc, and it appears that marriage is around the corner.

    Be prepared for another visit from the pope who grew up in the uknowhat era in germany. Give him a reception heard around the world.

  16. Won’t be going on holiday there anytime soon then.

  17. Another naff hole I shan’t visit.
    Running out of countries to go to at this rate.

  18. This is wonderful news, especially on abortion! And get over the fact you can’t get married! No one cares :P

    1. You should’ve been the load your mother swallowed.

    2. and you will be glad to know that we dont care what you think so next time you might not bother, ta love

  19. “…the opposition left-wing Socialists and green LMP party boycotted the vote.”


    1. Why gutless? It wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever.

      A celebratory occasion was turned into a rushed through farce.

  20. Isnt it strange that people who lived under communism and had few rights, are now equally as repressive and discriminatory?

    1. Not in the least, the bullied often if not usually become the bullies. Enlightenment is a long slow process that usually parallels increasing general prosperity.

  21. Stephen Green @ 20 Apr 2011, 2:41pm

    It’s disgusting. Any EU countries with anti-gay laws should not be in the EU. End of.

  22. Muhammed likes little girls so I like little boys? Is that wrong? Me stupid. Me no understand.

  23. In Hungary the old constitution is from 1946 (post WWII communist government) only modified in 1989. Creating a new constitution was just timely.

    Declaring marriage a bond between men and women is mainly of traditional reasons, not aiming to bias gay people. There are ways to get the same rights for gay pairs as well, just differing in labelling.
    This isn’t discrimination just a different usage/definition of legal terms.

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 30 Apr 2011, 3:09am

      Would Prince William been allowed to marry a Catholic today? In England and Wales Royals are not allowed to marry Catholics and if they do they have to marry in Scotland or elsewhere outside England and Wales and renounce their lineage to the throne.
      Before you condem Hungary I consider it to be a great country and while it has come a long way in LGBT rights it still has a way to go and that is up to the people who elect their polititians. You should concern yourselves with the likes of Uganda who wants to murder gays.

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