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Derren Brown reveals he went to ‘gay cure’ church

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Reader comments

  1. It’s interesting to see how Derren’s outlook has totally reversed since his Christian days. He touches on loosing his religion in his book “Confessions of a Conjouror” and also the show “Derren Brown – Messiah” in which he dupes various groups in the US into thinking he has messiah-like abilities.
    Strange to think he used to be a card carrying proselytiser for the faith and now he’s a world-class cynic who can cut right through the smoke and mirrors.
    I’m just glad that he’s happy being himself now, and by his own account he’s a lot more bearable to be around!

  2. So he went to cure his Homosexuality, and instead cured his christianity. Epic Win!

    1. Totally agreed. More like him and humanity would be a lot better off.

  3. Just thought I’d comment because my parents sent me to the Living Waters people when I came out to them as transgender. I agree that they aren’t bad people, just misguided.
    When I talked to them about my situation they basically just said we disagree with what you are doing but we wouldn’t stop you. The people I spoke to were therapists first and Christian second so they wouldn’t mess with a happy person.
    Though one man told me his whole story of being ‘cured’ of homosexuality – I already believed sexual orientation was from birth, but this proved it more than anything. What he described was basically forcing himself back into the closet and fighting with it every day. It was rather sad.

  4. I’ve heard he still shouts the name of “God” and “JEEEEZUZ” whilst having a bit of gay sex though.

    1. LOL! Well the next time he takes you on tour you probably want to book rooms that aren’t adjacent to his, or wear earplugs. Knowing those mind control powers of his you’ll wake up in the morning thinking you’ve witnessed the ‘second coming’ ;)

  5. I also went on Living Waters in the early days of the ministry but never met Derren Brown! The vicar leading it was as camp as christmas but insisted he was str8. I was pretty vulnerable at the time and was badly bruised by the experience and got a half-apology off him about ten years later. He’s now left the organisation to become a prison chaplain but his wife now leads it and they’ve diversified from trying to heal homos into trying to heal all things sexual. They talk about brokenness all the time and all wear big wooden crosses which they make you hold while they pray for you.

    Are they good people? Well it depends whether you think that people can be good while they fck your life up. I’d close it down tomorrow if I could!

  6. Well this was always going to happen because he was in a heretic church and didn’t know the full truth.

    1. A heretic church? Sweetheart, they’re all nonsense, equally.

      Which brand of nonsense are you part of? The “I like to eat my god” nonsense, or the “angry intellectually challenged old git in the clouds” one?

    2. If all the Christians who have called other Christians “not really a Christian” were to vanish, there’d be no Christians left.

  7. See article :
    ‘Vulnerable gay people don’t need to be ‘cured’

    So-called “conversion therapy” for gay men can ruin lives, says Patrick Strudwick,

    “A study by the psychologists Ariel Shidlo and Michael Schroeder found that conversion therapy caused psychological damage in a majority of cases. Every major mental health body in Britain condemns it. Yet the coalition government is failing to protect patients against this psychological snake oil. Rather than pushing ahead with the previous government’s plans to regulate counsellors and psychotherapists, they propose a voluntary register. A central, transparent body is needed to discipline those involved in conversion therapy. Vulnerable gay people who stumble into the “care” of fundamentalist therapists need protecting – before more young lives are ruined. ”

  8. Jock S. Trap 20 Apr 2011, 9:23am

    I shall watch with interest. These kinds of scams are damaging and need to be highlighted. The fact they think pray can just change someone is ridiulous and it’s time we started seeing Christianity and other religions as the evil dictators they are. An excuse for every discriminating act there is.

    Not all I know but most.

    Live and Let Live.

  9. Bible: 2.Samuel 1:26.
    Google it folks.
    Love = Love.

    1. Its the bible, sorry, I don’t particularly care what it say. Its a book of ridiculous contradictions and silly stories.

  10. Quote: It had a bit of depth and psychology to it, but it was just based on a false premise……sounds like his tired stage act.

  11. I don’t always approve of what Derren Brown does, as he is (IMHO) more of a ‘deceptionist’ than an ‘illusionist’, but in this case those skills have worked to his advantage in being able to expose the mind-maipulations used by people attempting to cure those of us of the non- hetero disposition.

    I think he has matured in recent years and uses his talent to expose sham trends rather than exploit it for cheap laughs on Channel 4.

    It took a lot of courage for him to come out of Narnia, and he did it in such a way as to keep his Partner out of the limelight. For that I can only respect him.

  12. We ban terrorist organisations. Surely we can ban these hideous groups that cause so much pain.

  13. Respect to Derren Brown for this explanation and his honesty – almost restores ones ‘faith’ in humanity –

  14. fleur black 20 Apr 2011, 1:37pm

    Religion can’t cure homosexuality but it would be interested to know if homosexuals can be turned straight by being locked in a room filled with female scent pheromones to try erase the addiction to male pheromones that seems to bring on/out homosexual feelings in men.

    1. What would be really interesting would be if you can come up with any wilder theories than that bag of garbage! What utter nonsense! Addiction to pheromones? LOL! Its staggers me the stupidity level of the religious.

    2. “the addiction to male pheromones that seems to bring on/out homosexual feelings in men.”

      I totally agree with Will!!!! Are you suffering from a stroke? This is the stupidest thing I have heard in a while. Since when, and by all means dazzle me with proof, is homosexuality (or any sexuality) caused by an “addiction” to pheromones?

      Do you even know what a pheromone is?

      A recent study showed, that in contrast to heterosexual men, and in congruence with heterosexual women, homosexual men displayed hypothalamic activation in response to testosterone derivative 4,16-androstadien-3-one. This is a biochemical response, not an addiction [Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 May 17;102(20):7356-61. Epub 2005 May 9]

      One can conclude form this study you are a complete idiot.

      1. Well put Gavin. Mr Black here is another of those fools who thinks by plugging stupid theories on “gay cures” on a gay site where no one really gives a toss what he thinks (but has to endure him anyway), he can make himself feel that one bit less the sad closet case he is. Its pathetic really.

    3. Fleur – By that rationale, if it was that easy to change someone’s sexuality you could be turned homosexual by simply inhaling the pheremones in any given gym locker room. I grant you there are guys in my gym that would turn my head but overall the sexual preference I walked in with is the same as the one I walked out with. Pheremones aren’t like some magic gay fairy wand you know!
      Your theory is almost as daft as praying away the gay.

    4. Er, yeah *rolls eyes* Because gay men spend their lives totally in the company of men and never come into contact with any female pheromones at all. In fact, they move in a parallel gay universe, don’t they, dear?

      It all makes sense. Not.

      Tip: keep off PN when you’ve been on the booze. That way you won’t embarrass yourself by coming out with infantile rubbish like that.

    5. fleur black,
      Then why is pornography so effective, for any sexual orientation, and with no presence of smell? This was a theory, now thought to be hogwash. Read up, fleur. If you’re trying to figure this out for intimate personal reasons, then keep at it. You ‘aint there yet.

  15. fleur black 20 Apr 2011, 1:48pm

    Faith healing is a well documented reality though most of today’s healers are just scamming a stupid, gullible or perhaps desperate public.
    If a healer won’t do it for free it might indicate a scammer.

    1. Faith healing should try cure you of your lack of intelligence. Let us know how that goes for you, and we’ll get back to you.

      I am assuming you want to be cured of that stupidity? I mean, who wouldn’t?

    2. Go away fleur black with your superstitious nonsense or there’ll be gay demons coming at you.

      1. Careful Fleur, they might waft their magic gay pheremones under your nose, then where would you be?

    3. fleur, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at such daftness. What ARE you doing on a gay site? And what on earth are you ON?

  16. ooer missus 20 Apr 2011, 4:38pm

    I could tell he had tried that out just from his body language. Also that he was thinking of the number 7.

  17. I looked at his photo and now have a strange compulsion to rob a security van.

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