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Poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy composes royal wedding verse

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Reader comments

  1. A whiff of sour grapes, perhaps, Ms Cope?

    1. My thoughts exactly.

  2. With all due respect to Miss Cope, the idea that the Royal bard, the official poet of the British monarch, would fail to mark the occasion with a poem is ridiculous.

  3. James Incer 18 Apr 2011, 2:43pm

    It shouldn’t be news, it’s her job.

  4. Stuart Neyton 18 Apr 2011, 2:48pm

    Joy, yet more royalist propaganda

  5. She’s the poet laureate and it’s a massive public event- what more would anyone expect.

  6. It’s her job to write these types of poems for the repellant royals.

    Wouldn’t it be great if she wrote a poem entitled ‘Off with their heads, these unelected parasites’.

    William Windsor does not deserve his position – itn is a mere accident of birth.

    The royalty needs to be abolished when Elizabeth Windsor dies.

    A democratically elected figurehead president should replace her.

  7. David – Thank goodness your Soviet style blood-lust for royal slaughter isn’t shared by the vast majority of society. Who would you murder first? – prince William, Kate or their first born child?

    The last non-royal head of state we had was Oliver Cromwell who butchered his way through Ireland and here on the mainland killing off anyone who didn’t support his band of joyless roundheads.

    Better retreat to your socialist-worker drill hall on April 29th as the sight of all those hundreds of thousands of people enjoying themselves celebrating will be all too much for you!

    1. All I’m saying is that once Elizabeth Windsor dies, the rest of the ‘royals’ should be made to get a job. They should still be able to vote for a democratically elected head-of-state like the rest of us.

    2. Thomas I don’t get the connection between anti-royalty and blood lust. And as for Oliver Cromwell the Civil War was not only his doing but royalty aswell funny how royalists tend to forget this aswell as the fact that royalty has through the years killed thousands if not millions of people.

  8. When she accepted the ‘position’ what exactly did she think she was expected to do? Just sit on her ass having added the title of ‘poet laureate’ to her cv?

  9. The old queen and her brood
    Along with Prince Philip who’s rude,

    Should be dethroned and placed
    in Council houses without grace,

    The rest of us then, could elect President Tony Benn

    and haveSerena McKellen as his vice…

    Wouldn’t that be so fluffily nice???

  10. Ray, don’t quit your desk job.
    (Still better than Duffy though, even with that said.)

  11. She’s obviously considered it and thought it was an OK subject for a poem. It hardly means she’s a raging royalist. Perhaps she just sees to young people in love?

    Wendy Cope should mind her own business, in my opinion. It’s not up to her to dictate what other poets do.

    1. *two – obviously!

  12. crazydiamond 18 Apr 2011, 11:20pm

    I’m a very proud member of Republic and if the monarchy was abolished tomorrow it wouldn’t be too soon. I’m a citizen not a subject and I object strongly to £20 million of tax payers money going on the security for this bloody wedding. Carol Ann Duffy should have told the whole bunch of parasites where to go……

  13. When she took the job, it was on the very firm understanding that she wouldn’t write any poems about royal events if she didn’t want to.

    Either she’s decided she does want to, or pressure has been put on her after all. Shame.

    Unless, of course, the poem turns out to be a glorious anti-monarchy diatribe.

  14. Couldn’t care less is Duffy writes the poem or not, but what’s up (yet again) with PinkNew’s avoiding the simple use of the adjective ‘bisexual’ (unless of course the story is contentious or negative):

    “Ms Duffy, the first out LGBT person appointed to…”?

    “Ms Duffy is the first openly bisexual poet laureate.” — Simple enough to say isn’t it?

    If she were lesbian or trans, there’d be no hesistation on PinkNew’s part to just say it. But, as usual, when it comes to a bi person of note, their sexual orientation is either elided, omitted or hidden. It’s called ‘erasure’, PinkNews, and it’s not okay.

  15. I don’t mind a royal wedding poem but I do object to the amount of tacky memorabilia on sale. For instance look at the rubbish for sale here:

    I mean who in there right mind would pay for a solar queen statue with a waving hand? Seriously. Let them get married and that be the end of it.

    1. And your point is? Its not like someone at Buck Palace is knocking out the solar powered queen statue, someone with an eye on tasteless Americans’ and their dollars came up with that one.

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