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Hundreds to stage kiss-in at Soho pub

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  1. Chutneybear 15 Apr 2011, 11:06am

    I for one dont want to sit in a pub looking at a straight couple or a gay couple wearing the face off one and other . Are we sure this was homophobia? A peck on the cheek or a sneaky snog is fair enough but otherwise get a fu<kin room! Honestly though is it homophobia , are we playing the victim card? Or is a genuine case the landlady doesnt like gay peopel? Im sitting on th fence on this one

    1. Witnesses state that they were not wearing the face off each other and that the landlady was rude and aggressive.

      I’m sure the ‘Shocked from Tunbridge Wells’ brigade of Daily Mail readers will be here shortly to express their prudishness towards public affection.

      1. Here here..

        it’s public affection. Why should it bother anyone?

        What are we living in? Victorian England?

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Apr 2011, 3:19pm

          Clearly these people need to be brought into the 21st Century.

      2. So david is confirming what I felt all along:

        I’m sure the ‘Shocked from Tunbridge Wells’ brigade of Daily Mail readers will be here shortly to express their prudishness towards public affection.

        This is not about homophobia but about public affection.

        In that case why make any form of public affection illegal? Why not allow sex in public and nudists? Doesn’t hurt anybody right? Who cares if you are offended by sick behavior of others, your right to be left alone from sexual harassment is non-existent in the the gay sex liberal world.

    2. Looking at the picture of the men involved they don’t look like the sort of lads who’d be “wearing the face off one another” and the news article makes it quite clear that their behaviour wasn’t offensive to others in the pub, many of whom were straight. Of course they should be able yo kiss in a pub, especially in Soho where the gay community should feel able to be themselves, when so much of the time they have to constantly check their behaviour to make sure they’re not “offending” Joe Public.
      I’m hoping to attend the Kiss In with my husband, my gay son and his partner.

      1. Chutneybear 15 Apr 2011, 11:41am

        Just read the reports I think the lads themselves were in the right. Lizzie I might call the pub between five and seven and just make a few kissing noises down the phone! I’ll join in virtually !

        1. As reported elsewhere, by some other patrons of the pub whom witness this taking place, the kissing pair were not snogging their faces off or being sexually suggestive or offensive. Thus, there was no sane reason to ask them to leave.

        2. Well done Chutneybear (love the name), and even if they don’t answer the phone just keep hanging on, its Soooo annoying for the staff!!!!!!!!!

      2. Looking at the picture of the men involved they don’t look like the sort of lads who’d be “wearing the face off one another”

        Yet we are told by the gay sex liberals not to “judge” gay people based on appearance, but I guess its okay when they do it to suit whatever argument is convenient for them.

    3. I was in that bar, kissing my girlfriend that night. We were cuddled up to each other, and I had my arm around her all night. So clearly it wasn’t everyone that was osculating that was being asked to leave. Blatant homophobia.

  2. JOPIN US at tonight’s event. 7 PM at the John Snow.

  3. JOIN US at tonight’s event. 7 PM at the John Snow.

    1. Ditto , they’re not getting a penny from me, i’ll go offy before ,


    Don’t fund homophobia

    1. Wouldn’t ordering only tap water give the pub an excuse to ask people to leave? Just asking.

      1. If there are loads of people ordering tap water then it will be impossible to enforce.
        Unless they shut the bar this evening. In which case they will lose money anyway.

  5. As I said on the previous thread, the John Snow is not full of gay people normally, a bit away from Old Compton Street, so not exactly in the heart of the gay area of Soho. If snogging offended other customers (and the landlady isn’t under an obligation, I think, to cite exactly who objected) then I don’t think it unreasonable for her to tell the relevant customers to tone it down. She hadn’t refused to serve them on grounds of sexual orientation, so is not in breach of law at that point. I doubt a flash mob will achieve much, save publicity (its primary aim). So the best course of action might be to round up 50 people who can spare a fortnight to go into the pub every day for a fortnight, and between 5 & 7 order a half of mild (not just water), sit nursing it for long periods (an hour say) before ordering another, meanwhile conducting quiet but perhaps obviously gay conversations, with the occasional light peck on a cheek. This should either make it a gay pub or ruin it– a win-win.

  6. The Guardian article notes that one of the guys involved is a journalist. This won’t have done his career any harm, will it?

    Nevertheless, the original incident is pretty depressing and the pub gets all it deserves.

  7. At the moment I’m actually more interested in @ MODERN1ST’s face pic..phwooar!

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Apr 2011, 3:21pm

      Oh get a room… or a Gaydar profile… no kissing though!


  8. i personally couldn’t give a flying f@@k about this story…. it’s drivel……it has got everyone’s back up judging by the comments left…. at the end of the day it was the landlady’s decision and no one was hurt so get over it….manager’s seem to have the right to throw anybody out who they don’t like for whatever the reason…… i wouldn’t want to go back to the pub after what has happened anyway …….this will all be forgotten about by next week

    1. It will be forgotten if attitudes like that persist. And the landlord can refuse entry to anybody they like, but not in a discriminatory fashion, ie don’t be dumb enough to say it’s for any other reason than “I just feel like it”. The moment you make it an “equalities” issue, you’re bound by other rules.

      If anyone persists in saying how dumb this is and how it’s not worth getting het up about it, might I point them towards the famous little quote from Pastor Martin Niemöller:

      First they came for the communists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

      Then they came for me
      and there was no one left to speak out for me.

      Just remember that one day it might be you and then you’ll ask who will stand up on your behalf?

      1. Oh, for goodness sake, George. The Niemöller quote has become so degraded and stripped of its power now, largely because people like yourself use it in the most inappropriate and trivial circumstances. Yes, it can’t have been tickety boo for two middle-class queens, drunk with entitlement, to get ejected from a pub; yet these are media savvy people not without power – they are on the front page of The Guardian today and the story is told in many other media outlets. To compare their botheration with those persecuted and murdered in the Holocaust is quite offensive, to be honest.

        1. Well said Joe! The quote makes it clear that we shouldn’t stand by and let any group be persecuted, yet I see blatant racism going unchallenged on PN blogs. Secondly, are we going to organise a protest every time anyone is thrown out of a pub? Or does it have to have the faintest whiff of homophobia against white middle class young gay men with contacts in the media industry?

        2. i stand up for myself george always have done always will…. you have to when you have been bullied all through childhood and that’s WHY this story sucks so much because it is NOTHING compared to real issues….. sit ins/kiss ins safety in numbers pot kettle black…… just get on with life there are much worse things happening around us!

        3. Eddy (the other one) 15 Apr 2011, 12:58pm

          Don’t forget Joe, gay guys were murdered in the holocaust too. I don’t see gay guys being remembered on holocaust memorial day. Perhaps gay guy’s need to bring the holocaust up more. It took ‘civilised’ society another twenty years to even legalise us after the holocaust. And even in the 80’s were weren’t to be spoken of in the classrooms. And don’t forget the middle east where there is a continual state murdering of people because of their sexuality. Perhaps people like George should be able to use the holocaust to point towards intolerance towards gay people, just like the Jews do. Perhaps the quote doesn’t have any power for you, but it does for others.

          1. Rubbish, Eddy. This is not a comparable situation. George is aggrandising himself and these middle class white men, who are entirely privileged in Western societies, by comparing them to the victims of the Holocaust or theocratic regimes.

    2. Aside from that, if you lay your hands on someone to remove them that’s assault, and if you do so while being overtly homophobic it’s aggravated assault.

    3. skengaleng – But they got thrown out becuase they were gay…gay people kiss just like straight peple……equal treatment… may be a petty incident, which most people wouldn’t report, but really it’s a bit worrying in 2011 in a pub in the UK that 2 guys showing affection to eachother is an excuse to be treated differently to a hetero couple……we’ve got to take the guys word for it, there is no counter arguments coming from the pub ….how serious does an incident have to be before you take action, I’d rather take an action on a petty one before the serious one happens!

      1. skengaleng 15 Apr 2011, 7:27pm

        all i am saying john is the fact that it is up to the landlady at the end of the day….. there has been something on the news where a spokesman from the brewery has said that it is up to the landlord/lady’s discretion right regardless of all the ‘equality” nonsense that is flying around……if some people don’t like it fair enough life is never going to be ‘hiunky dory’ all of the time,,,, especially when some of ‘us’ push the boundaries again and again…….. remember there are straight people in the world too who should have their own say in matters as well……. and before any body replies i am not sad, lonely, bigoted, homophobic or whatever you want to call me as there seems to be a lot of name calling on here which harks back to my school days and is just as bad and proves the high level of inequality which exists in a ‘so- called’ community…… talk about hypocrisy!

  9. Jock S. Trap 15 Apr 2011, 12:37pm

    Excellent. Really looking forward to seeing this.

  10. PeterinSydney 15 Apr 2011, 1:00pm

    Would love to be there to join in.

  11. While I agree that what happened to the 2 gay customers isn’t exactly the crime of the century and is actually simply an unpleasant and discriminatory experience; whether we like it or not it has become a major story – being reported on in the Guardian; BBC; Telegraph; Mail etc.

    The story can serve as a warning to businesses that there will be repercussions for needless discrimination.

    The christo-fascists in this country are campaigning strongly for the right to discriminate against LGBT people in the provision of goods and services.

    The John Snow can serve as an unwitting example to other businesses that discrimination is unacceptable.

    If these protest actions drive the John Snow out of business then it’s unfortunate. But oh well there are plenty of other Soho boozers which don’t engage in needless discrimination.

  12. To the people on here who have made it clear they think this story is a storm in a tea cup I have this question: “Is it acceptable for two people to be kicked out of a pub for a romantic kiss because, and only because, they were of the same sex?”
    If another customer complained about the same sex kiss then I say the correct course of action would be for the landlady/landlord of the pub to ask that complainant to leave. Two men kissing is not illegal. There is already one poster on here who indicated that he was involved in a mixed sex kiss with his girlfriend and was not asked to leave.
    By kicking these two men out of the pub the landlady/landlord is sending out the message that homophobia is acceptable. This is nothing more than the old chestnut “I don’t care what you do in the bedroom but keep it there – don’t push it in our faces”. The message that being gay is “OK” with the proviso that we are invisible and pretend to be straight is unacceptable.

  13. Clark Downes 15 Apr 2011, 1:21pm

    Love it! If as many that say they willl show it’ll make a nice protest. Look what happened with East London at least this is showing we exist.

    Just wish I could attend.

  14. Someone at Sam Smith should just say that the EDL is behind this, given the example of East End Pride that seems to be the way to stop gays standing up for equality and cancel such events these days…

    1. Oops, I see Clark Downes kind of beat me to it by 5 minutes…

  15. Where’s William? He normally jumps in to these stories and rants about us all being so called gay militants and how we should shut up and be quiet.

    He’s up there with those religious morons on intellect, but how I looooove to see him froth at the mouth like the rabid bottom feeder he is.

  16. Well said, David. If they’re banning only gay couples from kissing, then they MUST ban straight couples to level the field. What’s in a kiss anyway? I’d rather see that than someone being beat up or killed because of who they are. Snogging is one thing, but a peck on the cheek or lips is hardly offencive. Some straights complain that we’re always shoving our sexuality down their throats by displays of this kind, yet we are constantly bombarded with theirs when they do it in public, in the streets, at the beach, on t.v. and in films, often very explicitly as well as holding hands publicly. We don’t complain about that or that they’re shoving their sexuality down our collective throats. Its a double standard, hypocrisy, bigotry all in one. One rule for straights, another for gays. That’s why full equality matters for LGBT people.

  17. The Daily Mash has a funny send up of this controversy entitled ‘Kissing lesbians offfered a free bottle of wine’

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Apr 2011, 3:24pm


  18. SICK!!!

    1. There, there.

      *pats hand*

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Apr 2011, 3:24pm

      Ain’t ya just!

    3. It’s okay you CAN come out of the closet these days

    4. Has anyone got any spare meds for “honest”? Seriously people, this is a humanitarian call for those in need with mental health issues.

  19. Well done for standing up to them.
    It’s times like this that make me proud of this community for what it can achieve when we work together without fighting and arguing (like whenever Lady Gaga is mentioned for instance).

    Why is there a vote AV advert at the top of this page here mentioning the BNP?
    AV will HELP the BNP, NOT harm them because they’ll get multiple votes with AV and more power to form coalitions, only an idiot would deny that.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Apr 2011, 3:25pm

      I know I’ve been talking about that. Why to target a wrong message.

    2. Yet the bnp are not in favour of the av referendum and their policy on AV is to vote NO. Can’t see bnp having a hope in hell with AV, if the winning candidate will have to achieve 50% of the vote rather than the first past the post system already ,although that candidate may not have a majority %of the vote. labour n tories would like us to believe this, although they have the same view as the bnp regarding av, as AV would mean they do not have safe seats or jobs for life and will have to reach out to all the community they represent to ensure success.

  20. I don’t know how to feel about this. The situation is terrible but is this the right action. Surely a boycot would be the answer. I fear this could lead to arrests and negative press coverage of more radical gays disturbin the peace. :( that’s the headline or there abouts the mail will give. :(

    1. Social radicalism dnt work anymore thatcher saw to that. Police kettling and beating harmless protestors

  21. Kiss away the hate!!

  22. Today is the John Snow Pub

    Tomorrow is the mickey mouse club…

    The gay media elite and their minions sure know how to control the thoughts and opinions of the community without looking at the evidence first. Oh that’s right… its all about control. And that is what it boils down to.

    We are told to feel angry over something we almost know nothing about.

    1. Read the story. Available in detail (and from multiple sources, including national press, BBC, and personal testimonials). There are at least four separate accounts on PinkNews alone. Most of us have been responsible enough to read the coverage before commenting.

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