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Gay dads celebrate 21 years with plastic baby

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 15 Apr 2011, 6:02pm

    “The doll’s reputation has grown to the extent that some of the world’s finest restaurants make preparations for his arrival”

    …meanwhile, back on planet earth, 400 million children go to bed hungry each night

  2. Why call them gay ‘dads’. They’re not dads, they own a doll FFS. Is this another late Pink News april fools?

  3. This was a Daily Heil story.

    The Daily Heil will have published it to show their far-right readership how ‘strange’ gay people are (while avoiding accusations of direct homophobia).

    With the Daily Heil’s history of grotesque homophobia, I would have hoped that Pink News would not be advertising for them,

  4. awwwwww

  5. Below contempt

  6. I’m sorry but that pic in the article is creepy as hell !

    And they aren’t dads it is an inanimate doll. Unless like toy story then I’ll class that as a living being.

    1. Hence why the word fathers was in inverted commas.

  7. skengaleng 15 Apr 2011, 9:17pm

    god you are all a miserable bunch of tw@ts! lighten up and stop being paranoid too david….must agree that it is a little bit creepy though @adam88

  8. Creepy but fun. If doll don’ wan to be with them it can leave now he is 21. But I’m sure he will stick around to get the inheritance money. But most of I I hope he is straight. Can you imagine the wedding or father’s funeral? Poor non soul.

    1. Say no to popper @’myself’

  9. UM no, I dont think so. These guys are a bit “out there.” its a doll and JUST a doll and that is all it is. Very sad.

    1. eh????? what does ”a bit out there” mean?????? you’re the one who sounds sad to me …. i suppose you have the whole world on your shoulders as well?????? loosen up and don’t take life so seriously ffs!

  10. My ancient dog has been pissing herself the past few days(cleared up with antibiotics), so right now I can see the virtues of a plastic doll.
    He may be Jewish, but I’m sure there must be a few evangelicals who would be willing to try to convert him. This act isn’t creepy it’s a work of art. Can’t you see?

  11. This is absurd, and yes, pretty creepy.

  12. When these two guys are inevitably sectioned who will their ‘son’ Digby the ‘vinyl person’ have to stay with? Is Spanner any good with kids???!!!!

  13. PumpkinPie 17 Apr 2011, 2:34am

    What a bunch of sourpusses you guys are.

    Obviously, the Daily Mail did print this story to try and smear gays as being “bizarre”, and I am disappointed that this couple were naive and/or irresponsible enough to agree to an interview with them.

    Nevertheless, I see this for what it is: a sweet old couple with a kooky sense of humour and a silly little mascot.

    They should not be blamed for anyone who uses them to stereotype us. Being a bit odd is nothing to be ashamed of, and if anyone wants to use that as ammunition against the gay community, then it should be those narrow-minded detractors who recieve our ire, not this couple.

    1. Nicely said, PumpkinPie. (But you surely agree the whole thing really is a little creepy!)

  14. Two queens with nothing better to do. Reveals to the world that many gay men are nothing more than boys in grown men clothes. A great ad for anyone opposed to LGBT rights and yes quite creepy.

    1. Err it is my experience that every man is pretty much a little boy. The more they deny this the more dangerous they are, because those are the ones who will, kill, maim, and destroy because they’re adults and big men do that kind of stuff…….

  15. Originally from ‘The Daily’ back in March and rehashed by the Daily Mail.

  16. SteveDenver 20 Apr 2011, 10:00am

    These guys certainly seem to have ample cash for a lavish lifestyle. Can’t find anything about them, other than they’re called “eccentric gadabouts.”

    Digby looks a little stunted for 21-years-old, perhaps there is family resemblance, after all.

  17. Everyone lighten up. This is funny. Besides, hetro folks do things like this or even stranger. Anyone even bother to note that these two men have been together for 21 years in a society which mocks gay men and say they can’t commit to each other. Good for them for having fun and sustaining a long term relationship. The rest of you go to Ebay ad buy a sense of houmor.

  18. It’s not about lightening up. And I have a sense of humour. I can see why it’s amusing. My grievance is that this is one of the only portrayals of gay life that the Daily (Hate) Mail shows – the gay couple as cooky…or weirdos, if I’m a little more unkind. Where are all the portrayals of happy gay families, with happy, highly-functioning kids?

  19. Paul Bacon 9 May 2011, 11:00am

    I don’t understand why these people are being labelled as “creepy”. They’re just different. I, for one, feel that difference should be celebrated – not mocked or feared.
    The way in which they are portrayed by the Daily Mail is the Daily Mail’s fault – not theirs. They don’t purport to be representative of gay family life.

  20. Debbie Dosen'tcare 29 May 2011, 8:49pm


  21. Gay Daily Mail Reader 6 Jun 2011, 12:56am

    I once saw a documentary called ‘Guys & Dolls’ about lonely straight men who are unable to get a girl friend or wife who spend £4,000 plus on lifelike dolls (not blow-up sex ones but they do come with lifelike parts) and treat them as surrogate partners giving them names and even travelling with them. Also the Daily Mail is not a homophobic newspaper. Known gay men appear in it all the time. What it does NOT do is give us gays special treatment and treats us like any other members of this integrated society.

    1. Dan Filson 8 Jun 2011, 12:44pm

      Daily Mail is not a homophobic newspaper. !!! Get real

      1. Dan Filson 8 Jun 2011, 12:46pm

        For some reason, my punctuation disappeared. For the avoidance of doubt the phrase ‘Daily Mail is not a homophobic newspaper’ is NOT mine and not my view!

  22. Now its confimed, it really does take all sorts to make a world.

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