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Brighton Pride announces ticket price concessions

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Reader comments

  1. “Feedback from the community”, well of course people wouldn’t be happy paying for entry to an event that had in previous years been free.

  2. Once again those outside the nearby area, ie London, Kent, Hampshire etc lose out- including a fair number who may be on various low incomes.
    Train fares on the sardine cans that pass for such are bad enough, but additional costs of entry make going to Brighton Pride this year, just for the day, pointless if not impossible. I won’t be able to go now, not that BP bosses give a damn.

  3. Let’s freeze out the disabled, eh? How inclusive…

    1. Not sure how the “disabled” are being frozen out. If you mean that they haven’t offered the disabled a further discount, then surely that’s asking for preferential treatment?

  4. Jock S. Trap 14 Apr 2011, 4:04pm

    I can see why the need for pricing but they do need to be seen as fair.

    There has to be a need for concessions for disabled and low incomed etc. They surely don’t do any justice excluding.

  5. The event has lost all traces of its roots, this is no longer a LGBTQ event, just a party in the park. If they brought back the main stage as a focal point where LGBT acts of all kinds could be the centre of the celebrations then it would feel like a LGBTQ event.

  6. Visitors were too tight to make a donation in the past and it costs money to stage. Who do you think should pay for it, Santa Claus? This is s great example of the hypocrisy of the gay community.

    1. Staircase2 15 Apr 2011, 7:18pm

      that isnt actually true, Gary

      The reason theyre doing this is for reasons of ‘safety’ – not to do with not being able to afford to stage it

      Ive said this repeatedly on the other comments boards regarding the story of Brighton.

      Why dont people actually READ the article theyre ‘commenting’ on?

  7. Paul Halsall 14 Apr 2011, 9:55pm

    I was one of the organisers of London Pride in 1966 and 1987. The whole idea of charging for pride events has so disgusted me that I just do not go now.

    1. Staircase2 15 Apr 2011, 7:17pm

      here here, Paul

      ITs like theyve all forgotten what the event is ACTUALLY about as opposed to what it has become about

  8. I live in the midlands I was tempted to go to this pride. But because I’m not local I should pay more?


    Screw Brighton pride then.

  9. Its a massively profitable event, for those who make money from it.

    I was rather disappointed last year seeing it as nothing but a comercial venture rather than a celebration of LGBTQIA culture, I hope there’s going to be a Real-Pride event to counter this corporate showboating event…

  10. The principle of charging is fine but there should be a commitment that the charge is to cover costs only. £17.50 is pretty high – is someone profiting from this?

    Also discriminating against non-locals is a shame – to some extent Brighton Pride has always been a national event (especially as London Pride often fails to live up to expectations). The organisers should embrace that, not price out non-locals.

  11. I think this is so regrettable. £17.50 will deter a lot of people. It also impacts on the spontaneity of the event – people in Croydon, Balham and Bedford can no longer just get out of bed and say ‘hey, let’s go to Brighton Pride’. Organisers maybe don’t want those folks as they won’t be in costume, just T-shirts (their own) and jeans. Yes, possibly they wouldn’t have pitched an equivalent into a shaken bucket. But who would for a noisy party a couple of miles inland from the sea where the beer and wine do not flow free from fountains?

  12. what are the tickets actually for? to take part in the parade? or just to be on the street watching?

    1. Staircase2 15 Apr 2011, 7:21pm

      nothing to do with the ‘Parade’

      this is solely to do with the party in the park afterwards – which is what most people DO call ‘Pride’ anyway.

      The concept of a march has long since been replaced with a ‘Parade’ – ie “lets entertain people with how funny us LGBT folk are with our big wigs and our long dresses” just like they do once a year in Sydney lol

      There’s about as much political or social commentary involved in a ‘Parade’ as there is in hot cross buns being about Easter….

  13. Tom wilson 18 Apr 2011, 6:46am

    RIt’s Brighton & Hove Pride not London or Kent etc! Actually if you read about Brighton pride they were told to fence it along with previous years struggling to pay because people can’t put a pound in a bucket.  It all costs money some £600’000. Who is going to pay for it??? If you don’t like it don’t attend! Have a party in your house, or just go to the pub! Manchester charges and is very successful. Pride is now in the 24th century. Yes it is political etc but most people just want to enjoy the day with friends, drink and be happy!!

    1. When I was dating somebody from Manchester I did Manchester Pride for about 3 years and yes, it is successful because they have a proper system with the wrist bands and the gates being properly patrolled to keep the wrong ‘uns out. The only reason I don’t do Manchester Pride anymore is because I moved back down south and I’d be forking out on accommodation and travel as well as the ticket and cannot afford all three.

      But I’d still rather pay all that than have to pay for entry to Brighton Pride this year

  14. No surprise that I’m not going this year

    I am not paying to be gay! I’ve made my donations in the past but I’m not paying a set ticket price!

  15. Pride Brighton (The Offical Alternative) 10 May 2011, 11:46pm

    There is a alternative, Pride Brighton (The Official Alternative) will be having events all across the city ran by local community groups, this is supported by national campaigns like the NUS LGBT as well as local community groups, organisations and businesses that understand the current Pride is nearing being bankrupt and may do so before the event itself and that it is inaccessible and offers nothing for the local community. Save Pride and attend the alternative!

  16. The fact that 3 pounds suggested donation would have cover the cost if all donated, tells you that 17 pounds is simply not standing, beside when it was free hundreds of people cruising around for days prior the event and after collect bucket load of extra donations. Perahaps the organizers want to join local Hotels business trends, that during pride rent any dump for 100’s a might to the idiots who dont care and pay whatever. Don’t forget those in the know will get in on the guest list so they can feel superior too !

    Ask yourself do you really want to be part of this circus ???

  17. I would pay £10.00 but not £17.50 its just a party in the park, parking, train fare, food, drink it makes it an expensive day out, lets see how much the numbers drop. I think watch the parade then head to the bars….why do we need to go to the park to see stalls of the Age concern and NHS? Beer tent and food stalls, we can get all that on Brighton sea front.

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