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More US schools warned about gay censorship

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 12 Apr 2011, 7:00pm

    I’ve no idea how these filters work, whether there are words that trigger the operation of the filer or whether there’s something more sophisticated in play. So I do wonder about “This is not a case where overbroad filters are accidentally filtering out LGBT websites. These filters are designed to discriminate and are programmed specifically to target LGBT-related content that would not otherwise be blocked as sexually explicit or inappropriate.” How can one tell?

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2011, 8:34am

      I think they do just assume all Gay sites have sexually explicit. You get that they assume again never find out for themselves because most of the die-hards fear what they may see. Though not for the reasons they give I think more likely in case they finally realise something about themselves, they’ve been trying to hide.

  2. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2011, 8:31am

    Quite right. It’s nothing but laziness on some part and pure homophobia on others.

    These filter do not prove anything and should be removed. End of.

  3. When trying to write a comment on a memorial site for my deceased aunt, a filter blocked the word gay. I was trying to say how wonderful she was to accept my gay son and couldn’t do it. It took me several days to figure out why my post wasn’t appearing.

  4. I’d bet that GSA sites are being filtered out on purpose: “…Anyone who has been paying attention knows that anti-bullying/safe schools curricula are now the central means by which pro-homosexual propaganda is secreted into public schools….”

    1. “…Similarly, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a homosexual activist organization that targets schools, has spearheaded the formation of “Gay-Straight Alliances” among students. GLSEN encourages homosexual teachers — even in the youngest grades — to be open about their sexuality, as a way of providing role models to “gay” students….”

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