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Lesbian judge in Chile fights for new US anti-discrimination laws

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Reader comments

  1. two stories in one here; the obvious one, of course and the second is OUT gay judge…..

  2. It’s disgusting that a mother can have her children taken away from her because of her sexual orientation.

  3. Jock S. Trap 11 Apr 2011, 4:02pm

    It’s good these people are finally being heard. Heres hoping they get listened to enough for things to change.

    As for loosing her children because of here sexual orientation, thats just shameful. Those who force these barbaric laws should be dismissed. They have no place in a decent society.

  4. I hope her battle for equality will be successful and that we have judges etc who can be as demonstrative in their desire to see equality in the UK and Europe

  5. Commander Thor 11 Apr 2011, 6:34pm

    “could become “objects of social discrimination”

    WOW! Blame the victims? Will all the children of jewish, black and/or disabled people be taken away to protect them from social discrimination?

    1. Beat me to it, Commander Thor. What a pathetic excuse for bigotry. I hate it when ignorant bigots try to pretend they’re just being ‘helpful’.

      I can’t believe that the Supreme Court overturned the decision granting this lady custody. Disgusting. I wish her all the best in her fight.

  6. Very brave of her considering that Chile is still one of the most conservative and “Catholic” countries in the south. Day and night compared to Argentina and Uruguay. Not at all strange considering that homosexuality was decriminalized as recently as 1998. Homophobia is deeply embedded in the society, so what they’ve done to that mother may have been seen as the “natural” thing to do.

  7. Jock S. Trap 12 Apr 2011, 8:26am

    Change your name do but seriously most people if they don’t like things, especailly those things of choice, they don’t do them.

    You however seem to come here and carry on saying the same ol crap which makes me wonder…

    Disgruntled ex-employee or slightly obsessive tendencies?

  8. Lazy, what is not relevant to your life may well be relevant or even just interesting to others. Egocentric, or what? I am not lesbian, Chilean, etc, but actually I found the article interesting. As this site is (a) free (b) not compulsory reading, maybe you shouldn’t carp if it doesn’t ring your chimes all the time. Personally, I find it a great resource.

  9. Each to their own, Lazyexcusefor, but I personally found this article interesting. It was one of the few articles I clicked on on the PN front page yesterday. I don’t expect every article to interest me and I appreciate PN having a good mix of stuff.

    PN is also a very good way to keep up to date with LGBT news from around the world, and I appreciate that a lot.

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