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11 April 2011

  • 11th April 2011

    Former National Organization for Marriage strategist turns gay civil marriage supporter 17

    Louis Marinelli says he now supports civil marriage equality

    6:52 PM — The former online strategist for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has defected and now says he wants to help gays and lesbians win the right to civil marriage. Louis Marinelli helped organise the US group's 2010 Summer Tour but said that during the event, the lesbian and gay activists he met "became real people" to him.

  • US HIV patients want right to HIV organ transplants 6

    US law forbids HIV-positive organs going to HIV-positive recipients

    4:05 PM — HIV-positive patients in the US are lobbying for the right to receive HIV-infected transplant organs. They argue that there are hundreds of HIV-infected organs available every year and that making the change would save lives and give more people the chance of a transplant.

  • US students charged with indecency for lesbian library sex

    The students were in a library study room

    2:42 PM — Two female students in the US state of Georgia have been charged with public indecency offences for allegedly having sex in a college library.

  • Lesbian judge in Chile fights for new US anti-discrimination laws 10

    Karen Atala's children were taken away from her

    1:57 PM — A lesbian judge from Chile is calling for new anti-discrimination laws to be introduced across North and South America. Karen Atala, 47, lost custody of her three daughters in 2004 because of her sexual orientation. She won custody of her children in two hearings, but they were overturned by the Supreme Court in 2006.

  • Glee and Modern Family tie at GLAAD Media Awards 9

    Glee (pictured) and Modern Family won GLAAD awards

    1:43 PM — Glee and Modern Family tied in the GLAAD Media Award for best TV comedy series on Sunday. The two Emmy-award winning shows feature gay characters and themes that have helped build acceptance of the LGBT community, the gay rights group said.

  • HIV charities surprised at gay blood ban reports 50

    HIV charities dismissed the reports

    12:09 PM — HIV prevention charities say they are surprised at reports that the government is announce the end of the gay blood donation before a review has been completed. The policy, which currently bars any man who has had gay sex from donating blood, is the subject of a review due to end this summer.

  • Gay soldier raises £4,000 for Stonewall 15

    Lance Corporal James Wharton (R) and Chris Gibbons, Stonewall’s senior education officer (L)

    11:45 AM — A gay soldier raised £4,000 for Stonewall on Sunday by running the Brighton Marathon in four hours and 52 minutes.

  • Boy George: ‘Most gay men just want to fit in now’ 351

    Boy George's close friend Philip Sallon was attacked in London (Photo: Ariadne Barroso)

    11:27 AM — Boy George has said that gay men are now less willing to stand out and attract attention. The star was speaking a week after his close friend, the socialite Philip Sallon, was viciously attacked on a night out.

  • EastEnders to have first gay civil partnership 37

    Syed and Christian are set to tie the knot

    10:17 AM — EastEnders producers are said to be planning the soap's first civil partnership. According to reports, Christian Clarke (John Partridge) will pop the question to boyfriend Syed Masood (Marc Elliot).

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