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Video: Lady Gaga confronts anti-gay preacher

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Reader comments

  1. Peter & Michael 8 Apr 2011, 6:02pm

    Lady Gaga , where was your custard pie?

  2. Jock S. Trap 9 Apr 2011, 9:49am

    Good for Gaga, prehaps more people need to confront these evil hateful morons. Then again why bother, hopefully it’ll either get ‘cured’ or just die out and be only ever read about in the histroy books.

  3. I actually think she’s even more pathetic now that I’d given her credit for. She didn’t so much confront him as rattle off a list of things, “I like umm went to Catholic school for 10 years”. All done in that whiny imbecilic spoilt princess voice of hers. And it looks like she’s been watching “In Bed With Madonna” for ideas on how to do a docu film. Enough already with stories about her. She’s becoming more 2-dimensional with each day that passes.

    1. Cymb just shut up, you’re a serious downer and self hating queen.

      1. Well as you know zero about me I can’t be bothered to explain to you why I’m neither a self-hater or a queen. Now go back to fisting your elderly uncle.

        1. Well i know that you’re ungrateful and probably DO fist your uncle.

    2. Jock S. Trap 10 Apr 2011, 9:33am

      ““I like umm went to Catholic school for 10 years””

      Yes CMYB, though she said 13 years, she did but notice what the response was “Most of your problem is your were raised in a screwy religion”

      Leave aside “pervy ways… ya know the homo stuff”

      It seems these religious Nutjobs can’t tell on religion from another, they insist any other is the work of the devil despite the fact they all basically worship the same things.

      What does that way about Them. If they can’t be respectful of even other religions, they fail. They have no voice.

      They are just hypocrites.

  4. Cmyb I’m sure she’s done much more for the gay community ull ever do in ur lifetime! Don’t b a hateful ass person just cuz u dnt like the way she supports gays.she at least is doin something!

  5. BruceWillis 9 Apr 2011, 6:46pm

    Well done Lady Ga Ga, if I was you I would have murdered them all by gunning down all of Fred Phelps evil bastards to the ground, So which is the next celeb to challenge them, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson or even better how about Charlie Sheen, I think it would be awesome if he just said to them randomly ”why are you all such trolls” or ”I love all homo teenages because they are Bi-Winning” or G-Winning or just plain Winning. But Lady Ga Ga you are one of our Hero’s. :)

  6. good for you lady gaga to put your own safety at risk and even stop the car roll down window just to let him know you think he’s a dick if more people confronted these ass hole’s it might make just a little bit of a difference…

  7. martyn notman 9 Apr 2011, 11:47pm

    ok at least shes not doing a “bieber” and saying we are all monsters from hell…Give the girl a break, ok shes a talented madonna impersonator but someone is saying NO as we all should be,..

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Apr 2011, 9:37am

      Sorry but anyone standing up those these Nutjobs should be applauded.

  8. Good for her, shame she supports the screwy idea of god. Who needs god when we have each other?

  9. Hmmmm, just a wee question……
    Was I the only one that kinda got scared when I saw her “Born this way” video? I mean honestly that thing really scared me…

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