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European parliament calls for special protection of gay and trans asylum seekers

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Reader comments

  1. I wouldnt want special rights for LGBT people – just equal rights.

    I mean I would have thought (although clearly it is a mute point) that a gay person from Uganda may have significant evidence that they fear persecution in their home country from the regime in that country and deserve a fair hearing for asylum. Equally, a freedom fighter in Burma may have good grounds for asylum.

    The issue should not be about whether a person is gay, straight, Communist, Right wing, disabled, black or whatever – it should be whether the persecution is such that asylum ought to be granted.

    We already do allow some asylum seekers right to remain in the UK on ground of persecution they fear due to their sexuality

    1. Helen Wilson 8 Apr 2011, 2:56pm

      Equal right and treatment is all they need. LGBT asylum seekers should not have to perform a act of imagined stereotypical behaviour for the benefit immigration service to prove they are gay.

    2. “Special” protection? Just protection is fine. Take the word special out of it.

  2. I agree with you Stu. All I want as a gay is to be treated the same as everyone not to be treated better as that then leads to more problems latter on.

  3. Stu, I concur. Equal rights is all we need, no matter where we come from. Now if only the EU Parliament would recognise that civil marriage equality should be among them which isn’t t even a special right either. It would only be special if we were given more rights than straights. The term “special” in this context is code for right-wing “speke” to deny us equality. The right-wing nutters in America use it frequently to stir up homophobia, especially when the subject is marriage equality.

    1. Sadly you are right, Robert

      All the more reason I do not want “special” rights … Equal and transparent rights … but not special …

  4. unfortunately special is needed as many folk are sent back to the country that would hurt and kill them

    1. PumpkinPie 9 Apr 2011, 6:00am

      Yeah, I think that’s what they meant, too. Equality means that everyone gets protection appropriate to their level of need. LGBTs tend to need it a heck of a lot more than straight/cisgendered people. We therefore need a “special” amount of protection – they’re not talking about being PC or any rubbish like that.

  5. I should see the details of the proposal. Maybe it’s a necessary step to improve the examination system to probe the person’s sexuality, the motive to provide asylum. Maybe it’s not, and it’s a wider gap to allow people claiming to be LGTB to have a steadier foot on a stable country due to other reasons, like economics for instance.
    I hope the real LGTB don’t suffer a backlash if the later is the case and they decide it didn’t work properly.

    1. Totally agreed. There was already a case of a woman recently that claimed to be a lesbian when it was quite obvious she was trying to scam the system.

      There needs to be some solid evidence that these people are what they say they are. I know, it’s difficult, but I see no reason why we should take on every economic migrant that shows up, just because they claim to be at risk in their own country because of their sexuality.

      1. yea i can see the sea of asylum seeker invading uk just to claim gay asylum, please keep your racist views to yourself

        1. How is this comment racist? It’s about us taking on unwanted economic migrants. Go to Sangatte in France and see the hundreds of people pouring in there to try and smuggle themselves on trucks to get across the channel. These people will do anything to get into this country, so claiming asylum is just another way of doing it.

          I *do* see a lot of this happening, so stop being so bloody naive.

    2. paul canning 9 Apr 2011, 4:26pm

      Lexxs and others. You can read the proposal and more about the context at the EU on LGBT Asylum News

      1. Jock S. Trap 10 Apr 2011, 9:44am

        Thanks for that Paul. Much better.

        I think despite all going on about this should be equal not special I think the fact this is being covered at all is a huge step forward for Equality within Europe. It’s something that has deperately needed to be given priority with results to protect those genuine LGBT asylum seekers.

  6. Jock S. Trap 9 Apr 2011, 10:03am

    Well it’s taken long enough but at least now they see the need to act.

    I think the word Special is prehaps the wrong word to use however to just say given them Equal rights to stay is maybe the problem and reason why they have been sent back.

    Whilst Equal is whats needed I think this proposal means rather than special protection it sees the need to make sure LGBT people are given that protection they deserve ie proper protection, not special.

  7. That’s just like this interfering bunch of tossers. Why don’t THEY take them in instead of forwarding them all the way through Europe until they hit the English channel?

    1. THEY (our MEPs) don’t have their own territory to take them in. That seems pretty clear to me.

      I see this “them vs us” mentality has taken hold on this side of the pond as well. It was only a matter of time, I suppose.

    2. @Spanner

      You seem to forget that the UK is a member of the EU – so the decision is made by us and our partners …

      A nuance that is easily forgotten when entrenched views on immigration and Europe are at the fore

      1. Yes. I am well aware of that. The fact that we pay £48m a day to be there with this bunch of incompetent bureaucrats. I want out NOW.

        We were supposed to be given a referendum, but Labour sneaked us in under the radar and illegally changed our constitution. Now the Tories want to keep it that way and now want us to bail out tin-pot countries like Portugal to the tune of £4.4m

        Please don’t even get me started on that subject.

        1. Tough luck. You ain’t going nowhere. :)

        2. oh, so uk does not profif from membership of eu?

        3. @Spanner

          I kind of gathered your Europhobic credentials from the manner of your comments …

          Nonetheless your argument of them and us doesnt wash – these are decisions by UK and all other representatives, so trying to say there is no UK involvement in the decisions is inaccurate

          1. They are only made by our Europhilic politicians because they have no choice. If they were to go against the grain, they would be slapped down by Brussels anyway.

            I go with Jock too. Having a common trade agreement is beneficial, and when it was the Common market, it was all good, but now some want to have “The United States of Europe”, and take all control away from individual countries, while we have to pay out for all the weak ones.
            I can guarantee Portugal won’t be the last. The Eastern bloc countries will soon be holding out their begging bowls while we continue to hack off huge sums off our health, education and defence budgets.

            And er, And: No we don’t even break even. Have you any idea what £45m a day could get us? We could settle our national deficit in under four years.

        4. Jock S. Trap 10 Apr 2011, 9:53am


          I would prefer the UK was in Europe the same way that Norway and Switzerland is ie more trade than state but even I can see if it countries aren’t bailed out that leave very serious consequences for the rest of the countries around them. Even if we were to split from Europe because those countries trade with us it would still affect us.

        5. Eastern bloc? Begging bowls?

          Someone either loves Kipling or hasn’t opened his window in a decade.

          1. “Ex-Eastern Bloc” to be specific. There is no other way of describing the geographical region it encompasses.

  8. gay asylum should be a standard procedure like the political one, no one hooks up polygraph to political asylum seekers so why do they have to hook up wires to someone’s genitals

    1. Polygraphs are sh|te. Many people have proven they can get round them.
      Mind you, a quick jab of Scopalamine might do the trick ;)

      1. It should be a standard asylum system – regardless of being gay or not.

        Clearly for some, the reason for seeking asylum will be due to fear linked to their orientation.

        As with other reasons of seeking right to remain in the UK – they should have to prove what they are fearing and the reason we should consider granting right to remain. Immingration officials seeking stereotypical demonstrations of orientation are ridiculous. Equally, we should not merely accept someone because they purport that there is a threat to them – they must provide some evidence to substantiate their claim.

        Having met a lot of asylum seekers (both in the UK and overseas), my experience is that there are many who claim asylum that is not justified and are economic migrants. There are also a number who are removed who have genuine cause to fear for their lives. There are also many who are granted right to remain.

        1. I think that is a pretty level-headed approach.
          I think the point is though, in any case, asylum should only be granted to those that have extreme prejudice against them in their native country. Being called names etc is just not enough.
          It may sound harsh, but these people should be in fear of their lives before action is taken. I’m sorry but the inn is full and we can only accept the most extreme cases. We are not the world’s social workers, and anyone else just has to take their chances.

          It’s a cruel world out there, but we can’t help everyone.

  9. moses walusimbi 19 Jan 2013, 2:54pm

    Icome from Uganda right now seeking assylum here in europe but the way people treat us is like being gay is also a threat here in europe , i dont care what im going through all i want to see is how it feels to be what you want in this free global universe. pliz respect the gay

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