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Australian politician denies homophobia towards gay MP

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Reader comments

  1. dont get your pink jockstraps in a twist girls

  2. I do think his apology is a bit disingenuous … but I wouldnt be offended to be called a queen (not a label I aspire to or resemble but not offended by)

  3. He sounds like a nasty person who shouldn’t be in office. He’s clearly not capable of performing his duties, which surely include promoting equality etc.

  4. The reference to Oprah Winfrey is not fully explained in this article. According to the Sydney Morning Herald

    On Friday Mr Johnson said he was not referring to Mr Hyde’s sexuality but to earlier comments by Mr Hyde that he would prefer “talkshow queen” Oprah Winfrey to come to Perth instead of Queen Elizabeth.

  5. There are many like that in Australia’s Conservative parties! Just nasty and horrible!

  6. Ex-Pom in Perth 9 Apr 2011, 2:27am

    Fred – Oprah Winfrey did a big tour of Aus recently, except she stayed in the eastern States, which upset a lot of the Westies because she would have brought money and tourism publicity with her. The West frequently misses out on celebrity visits due to our low population and the massive distances involved. We are about as far from Sydney as London is to Istanbul.

    He is a nasty little git but don’t let him put you off visiting Perth. It is certainly the most lesbian friendly place I’ve ever lived. Don’t know how good it is for the lads but the gay ones I know seem to be happy.

  7. Whilever we have a bigotted Prime Minister who thinks it is un-australian to support gay marriage and an opposition leader who finds us `threatening’ then we can expect little better from their minions on both sides.

    1. Get over yourself – life for gays in Australia is so horrible isn’t it?
      Quite obviously you haven’t been reading what has been in the UK of late i.e bashing, murder etc etc

  8. Jock S. Trap 9 Apr 2011, 9:53am

    A foolish remarks that was clearly only made because the other MP was gay. He clearly didn’t regret it and well it wasn’t really an apology.


  9. If it wasn’t for his earlier comment I could easily believe he didn’t mean it offensively. Meh Spose you have to have heard how he said it.

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