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08 April 2011

  • 8th April 2011

    Nepal’s gay MP: ‘Gandhi’s sexuality doesn’t matter’ 9

    Gandhi was bisexual, a book claimed

    5:25 PM — Nepal's only out gay MP says that Gandhi's legacy, rather than his sexuality, is what matters. This week, a new biography of the Indian leader claimed he had left his wife for a male bodybuilder.

  • Video: Lady Gaga confronts anti-gay preacher 15

    Lady Gaga confronted an anti-gay preacher

    4:46 PM — Lady Gaga has released a video of her confronting an anti-gay fundamentalist. The clip shows the gay-friendly star being handed a 'get out of hell free' card by a preacher as she arrived at one of her gigs.

  • Australian politician denies homophobia towards gay MP 10

    The policing minister denied his remark was anti-gay

    4:22 PM — An Australian politician has denied that a 'queen' joke he made about a gay MP was homophobic. Rob Johnson, who is the West Australian police minister, said his remarks had been misconstrued.

  • Judge rules gay rights group can canvass outside Target 9

    Target lost its case against the gay group

    3:20 PM — A judge has ruled against US retailer Target in its bid to ban gay rights campaigners canvassing outside its San Diego stores. Target, which has been criticised for supporting anti-gay groups, claimed that Canvass For A Cause, which is working for gay marriage, was driving away its customers.

  • European parliament calls for special protection of gay and trans asylum seekers 31

    The European parliament voted for pro-LGBT asylum measures

    2:26 PM — The European parliament says that LGBT asylum seekers must be given special protection. MEPs voted this week to adopt a series of measures, such as ensuring that physical examinations are respectful and providing expert advice to asylum officials.

  • Newly-out gay MPs attend Stonewall Equality Dinner 166

    Tory MPs Crispin Blunt (left), Margot James and Nigel Evans at last night's event

    1:26 PM — Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans and Conservative MP Crispin Blunt were among the guests at last night's Stonewall Equality Dinner. They joined 600 guests at London's Dorchester Hotel to raise £340,000 for the charity's gay rights work.

  • Racism and homophobia ‘worse in chaotic environments’ 32

    Chaos leads to stereotyping, the researchers claimed. (Rob Larsen)

    11:55 AM — People are more racist and homophobic when their surroundings are chaotic, according to new research from the Netherlands. Scientists tested 40 people at Utrecht railway station during a cleaners' strike that had left the station dirty and litter-strewn.

  • Lady Gaga to edit international Metro 4

    Lady Gaga is to turn newspaper editor for a day

    11:10 AM — Lady Gaga is to guest-edit all 17 editions of the international Metro newspaper. The star will take over the freesheet, which should not be confused with the UK Metro, on May 17th.

  • US military chiefs committed to ending gay ban 12

    The ban is set to be lifted in the summer

    10:35 AM — US military chiefs say they are making smooth progress towards lifting the ban on openly gay troops. During a House Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday, the leaders of the Navy, Army and Air Force and Marines said troops did not appear anxious about the change.

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