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Travel: Warm welcomes and good food in India

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Reader comments

  1. plenty to offer travellers willing to pay extortion rates to be treated well……doubt very much if they are over terlant of gay people or could offer anthing particular for gay people….hope Sam Feller paid PN for this adver…think I chose a cheap location where tolerance doesn’t come with a huge price tag..

  2. It’s as well to remind yourself that India today covers a territory equivalent to the whole of Western and Central Europe combined, with something like 3 times the population and, for what it’s worth, double the recorded history. In such a context it’s perhaps as well not to generalise too glibly (unless you think people from Denmark and people from Portugal can be seen as being of the same culture).

    1. India is the only country that has a type of aparthide. A group called the Dalits are born destined to do the worst jobs they can’t own land and are treated like dirt. I would never travel to India.

      1. Yes, but that’s a cultural tradition not official policy, and is to be found in many countries in fact (talk to a Brazilian about the likelihood of someone black being successful).

        The president of India 1997-2002, K R Narayan, was a Dalit, which perhaps undermines your argument a little.

        1. Fair enough

          Maybe he’s an Obama or Thatcher a one off

          1. I think he was certainly unusual. But as for any form of apartheid, official policy is very much against the restrictions of the caste system. (In practice of course it’s not easy to overturn the customs of centuries, but at least they’re trying.)

  3. Staircase2 8 Apr 2011, 10:24am

    Mykonos it ain’t.

  4. I would never go to a place like India, for many different reasons. I would worry for my own personal safety as a gay man for starters.

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