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New biography claims Malcolm X had bisexual affair with white man

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Reader comments

  1. No surprise but who cares? except homophobic peeps . Martin luther and Loretta scott king always supported equality for all as civil rights. . Take note UK.

  2. TheSuburban Bi 6 Apr 2011, 10:33am

    Glad this has been so well corroborated again. But let’s brace ourselves for the usual ‘how can you ‘defame’ the man after he’s dead brigade’ — but hopefully we all know by now that saying that someone is bisexual or gay or trans is not ‘darkening’ their name or any such nonsense.

    Dr Marable, who wrote the book, was a brilliant scholar and a lovely man. Sad to hear he has died so suddently.

    1. Good the bich had no use

      1. do u have to really

      2. Not like that has soo much use?!

      3. Staircase2 7 Apr 2011, 3:12pm

        ‘the bitch’…….? lol
        …….you ignorant arse………

        Malcolm was and continues to be a leading light in the African American struggle for equality

        Read his autobiography (co written with Alex Haley pre his Roots fame)

  3. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 10:38am

    Peter Tatchells new twist on the film The Sixth Sense…

    …”I Out dead people!”

    Seriously is this the trend of the moment? To out those who can’t speaks up for themselves?

    1. I guess you are no fan of history then? The past is the past eh? Well some of us are inspired when we are told that apparently being gay is a decease that is only modern.

  4. The Brutal Kremlin 6 Apr 2011, 10:49am

    1. It’s CORETTA Scott King. (no offense).
    2. I’m so glad, yet again, that charlatan provocateur Peter Tatchell found another cause to sink his fame-hungry claws into.

    Recommended reading: Clarence B Jones, “Behind the Dream” – the man who wrote the “I Have a Dream” speech gives vivd attention and credit to Bayard Rustin, homosexual, and key strategist to MLK Jr.

    (unfortunately, since its’ not flash-news, no one is aware of his work, *sigh*.)

    1. True dat

      Instead of praising the out proud unapologetic Bayard Rustin we get tatchell mud raking

    2. ok yes, i’m mistaken i knew, but was writing in a passionate rush ,but thanks for pointing out anyhow.

    3. Staircase2 7 Apr 2011, 3:14pm

      can I remind people that this article isnt about Peter Tatchell?

      once again you lot go off on your reactionary good foot.

      you lot are like the 2 old guys who sat in the box on the muppet show!

  5. This is why black people hate gay people tatchell did the same thing with the stop murder music. politically what is the benefit?

    1. 1. Not all black people hate gay people, and the one’s that do are driven by their religious beliefs and uneducated minds.
      2. If ‘Stop The Murder Music’ is foolish, then I take it then that you support ‘murder music’. Are you aware there is a BIG difference between freedom of speech and hate speech? Speech that says to go out and kill people?
      I think you have mental heath issues James.

    2. Murder music is still being made today. That campaign was rubbish and the bitch stopped it as soon as he got a death threat while the people on the street had to deal with the heat that continues today.

      It was an amateurish attempt to cause controversy and if he knew anything about Jamaican culture he would have known they would go to the grave before they bow to him ( and I don’t blame them)

      He also said if a few people die it’s a price worth paying the cheek. He didn’t put himself on the line but he was willing to sacrifice gay Jamaicans lives without their consent.

      And to counter the accusations of racism the black gay men’s advisory group was setup which was a sham.

      But you’re right not all black people hate gay people

      Accusing me of mental health issues is a cheap and discriminatory shot.

      Come with a better argument or shut your hole

      1. The fact that the music is still being performed today is not entirely relevant: it can’t be performed with impunity in the UK any more, so I think it has in fact achieved something.

        You could just as easily argue that since you’re never going to stamp out racism there’s no point trying on any level. I don’t think that’s an argument worth considering.

        1. Actually radio 1 xtra still plays it. Anti racism campaigns were done by the people experiencing the racism in the UK. Stop murder music should have been handeled by gay Jamaicans or they should at least have been consulted

          1. James!, I think tatchells campaign did more to stop ‘murder music’ in the UK than any campaign you were responsible for. Unless you can show us what you did? And I think homophobic black people hate LGBT for the same reason that homophobic white people do – there’s no difference in skin colour. Homophobia is homophobia. It’s usually caused by certain religious, political or family beliefs. Not by a gay rights campaigner.

        2. Eddy.

          While you were worrying about people singing hate song gay people in Jamaica were actually being killed with this ham fisted attempt to stop murder music. The irony is the attempt to stop murder music caused more deaths. If you were there living in the sitcks and heard about this campaign by an idiot in London you’d know you would either have to run or be killed on the street. The campaign had no consideration for black Jamaican lgbt. That is a wicked thing to do And remember boom bye bye came out in 1992 wha did it take 10 years for the campaign to start? Pure foolishness

          1. James!

            Whilst you were doing nothing, gay people in Jamaica were being killed. And still are. What have you done about it? I don’t know why it took 10 years for Tatchell’s campaign to start. How long will it take for your campaign to start? Or are you just going to moan about other people’s attempts, whilst doing nothing yourself?

          2. Eddy

            I’ll tell you what I do. i got an education and I work with people who were initially homophobic and the ones who don’t like me respect me. They will think differently the next time they meet a gay man.
            Thats how you change things for good.
            Respect is more important than being liked.

          3. Staircase2 7 Apr 2011, 3:19pm

            ignorant twat Part III (the return of ignorant twat….)

            “The campaign had no consideration for black Jamaican lgbt” what a load of bollocks! that campaign was run in CONJUNCTION with the LGBT organisations in Jamaica. As I understand it they requested the help in opening up the debate internationally.

        3. Funnily enough, I was in the Admiral Duncan in Soho this week with a gay Jamaican friend; we found that there were some extremely homophobic tracks by Capleton on the jukebox – I can’t think of a less appropriate venue!

      2. Staircase2 7 Apr 2011, 3:16pm

        actually he didnt stop it when he got death threats you ignorant twat….

        and not all black people hate gay people – only ignorant twats who lack the consciousness to link their own experience of oppression to that which others face too.

    3. I am gay and black so I hate gay people?

  6. Helen Wilson 6 Apr 2011, 11:00am

    I really don’t understand why it was necessary to include the prostitution bit in the book.

    Some things are better left unsaid.

    Plenty or evidence exists Dr King was bisexual that’s fair comment, but the prostitution stuff is not substantiated.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:03am

      Yep, makes sense that. Totally agree.

      1. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2011, 9:27pm

        @ Jock S Trap…..
        …..You totally agree……Really ? Did you actually read what Ms Wilson said? And you think it makes sense! Confirms what i always thought about you…You either only see what you want to or you just don’t understand plain English. Go back and read Helens piece again numbskull.

    2. This book is meant to make life difficult for black gay people. The man who wrote it and published it after his death knew exactly what he was doing. just like tatchell with his stop murder music foolishness where is that campaign now?

      1. I can’t follow your logic, James! – I doubt the book was in any way meant to make life difficult for black gay people (how, exactly?), and Tatchell’s campaign has certainly prevented a couple of those murderous thugs performing in the UK, which at least is something: would you prefer they were allowed to perform freely?

        1. I would prefer that they were challenged bu J-Flag the gay Jamaican oprganisation who know the culture and the best action. They were not consulted before he decided to take action. You stop them performing in the uk and gay Jamaicans get chopped up with machetes for revenge. There is no easy answer but I know this was handeled badly and selfishly

          1. So what should have been done? Let them perform in the UK without any protest? I strongly suspect the activists would have been hacked apart with machetes anyway, I really doubt events in the UK have that much effect in terms of retaliation.

          2. I’m afraid you’re wrong there used to be a gay club in Kingston and gay people could get on with their lives not ideal but bearable. Once Tatchell got involved from London there was no way Jamaicans would back down absolutely no way

            The only way it would change is if the campaign was run by respected people know to the communities

          3. Staircase2 7 Apr 2011, 3:21pm

            not true – JFLAG requested his help as I understand it….(as I said)

        2. My logic i had a knife pulled on me just after that murder music campaign and my life became very difficult over night. This book will have consequences.

          1. Yes, but James!, the ‘respected people known to the communities’ hadn’t been able to stop the murder music spreading in the first place, had they? It sounds almost as though you’re saying “don’t rock the boat” for fear of reprisals, and I don’t think most people would find that acceptable any more.

            In any case this book is published in the US, isn’t it? I really don’t think it needs to be censored there, of all places.

          2. Rehan

            If Tatchell moved to Jamaica and did the campaign from there I would have no argument. He started a war without letting those people who would have to deal with the consequences have a say some of them are dead.

            Is that fair?

          3. Maybe it is, James!, but I’m not sure he has the resources to move to another country, and then he might have been accused of interfering in another country’s affairs – as far as I can remember the main aim was to prevent it being performed here.

            I don’t really know enough about Jamaica’s music culture (don’t want to, frankly), but I would guess that if there was an increase in savagery towards gays, it was as a consquence of the murder music’s popularity itself, not reprisals for limits imposed against it in the UK.

          4. Ok maybe one day you’ll be on the receiving end and you’ll geddit when someone says if you die its a price worth paying.

            It’s not nice.

            and BTW hiphop and rock are just as bad but he would stand a chance challenging them

          5. Of course it’s not nice – but attacking gays is advocated by the music itself. If you say that banning it causes people to be attacked, then the choice is between a rock and a hard place!

            Speaking of rock, I’ve never heard that rock is as bad in murder-music terms – do you have examples?

      2. TheSuburban Bi 6 Apr 2011, 11:56am

        James, your ranting…. the man who wrote it died suddenly of complications from pneumonia, I think it was. He did not intend to publish it after his death or any other of your nonsense…. how it Malcolm X being bisexual making life difficult for black gay people? What utter rubbish.

        1. Oh well I’ve been told

          1. Yes. You have.

          2. I’m a black gay man-how is this bad for people who stupidly claim being gay is a white men decease? Take not homophobic African pastors.

    3. I don’t agree, Helen – “some things are better left unsaid” shouldn’t be the motto of an objective biographer. It’s been the argument used to ‘de-gay’ many figures from the past which, in turn, may have made generations of gay people feel they were unlikely to succeed because of their sexuality.

      1. TheSuburban Bi 6 Apr 2011, 11:57am

        Thank you, Rehan. Well said.

        1. Helen Wilson 6 Apr 2011, 5:24pm

          If you read what I said again you would see I’m not saying it about Dr Kings sexuality, just the whole male prostitute claim that’s unsubstantiated. Dr King being Bi has been substantiated by several sources its old news.

          This is the biggest icon African Americans have, going around saying he was a prostitute is not going to go down well. I would hate to think that some poor sod will of get his head smashed in (or worse) because of unsubstantiated claims in a book.

          You have to tread lightly when dealing with other peoples heroes.

          1. I don’t agree – that’s giving in to censorship. If the claims are unsubstantiated, then you can record the fact. If some moron misinterprets it, tough – we shouldn’t give in to the lowest common denominator. That’s what happens in places like Pakistan.

          2. Exactly.

            What are heroes? Why do we have them? Why are we so desperate to put human beings-who are born and die flawed-as messiahs? We need to get a grip as a human race and actually look at reality.

      2. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2011, 9:30pm

        @Rehan …..
        …….Really ? Is that all you don’t agree with in Helens post. You should go back and read it again……

    4. Ciaran McHale 6 Apr 2011, 12:56pm

      Malcolm X clearly stated in his autobiography that he stole, sold drugs and helped to safely escort white clients through black ghettos to visit prostitutes. He also carried a gun and was prepared to use it while committing crimes (but his autobiography neglects to state if it did ever use it). All of this was before Malcolm X spent time in prison and found Allah.

      Because of Malcolm X’s freely admitted history of relatively serious crime (robbery and drug dealing), I don’t see why a claim that he had engaged in a lesser crime (prostitution) should be considered defamatory.

      Was he a prostitute during his crime years? I don’t know, and I don’t particularly care. But if he was, then I *assume* he decided to omit that information from his autobiography because it would have leads to questions about whether his clients were men or female, and he preferred to keep that information private due to fear of homophobia.

    5. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2011, 7:52pm

      @Helen Wilson….
      ….I’m confused….. are you talking about Malcolm X or Martin Luther KIng and if the latter why?. Isn’t the story about Malcolm X???
      Are you saying Dr King was bisexual and a prostitute. Please clarify.

    6. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2011, 8:17pm

      @Helen Wilson…
      ……I’m confused. Isn’t the story about Malcolm X not Dr martin Luther King and if so why are you saying Dr King was Bisexual when there is no evidence for that or that he was a prostitute. Please clarify…..

      1. Helen Wilson 6 Apr 2011, 8:46pm

        Looks like my brain was frazzled and getting the two mixed up!

        But I’ll stand by my comment that you have to tread lightly when dealing with other peoples heroes.

        1. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2011, 9:08pm

          @helen Wilson……
          ….phew… I thought my eyes were fooling my brain and what was more confusing I seemed to be the only one to notice. I did sorta think it was confusion on your part. The old FBI woulda had a field day with that little tibit on Dr King if it was true.

          1. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2011, 9:22pm

            @ Helen Wilson…..
            …..That little mistake of yours confirmed something about a lot of the commentators on these threads and that is that they either dont read comments before replying to them or they only see what they want to. 7 people commented after you made the mistake twice and non noticed it.
            Btw i agree about other peeps heros but i wonder how many actually read the original story and knew the story was about Malcolm X not Dr King or do they think they are both the same man …I am very confused by this inadvertant discovery as i’m sure you are Helen. It confirms a lot with regard to the response to many of my comments over the months. I was always of the opinion that a few of the commentators on here either dont properly read the comments before replying or they simply don’t understand a lot of what is being said.

        2. “You have to tread lightly when dealing with other peoples heroes”

          Thank you Helen

  7. What I do dislike is a headline like this: “had a bisexual affair” – how exactly, surely you can only have a bisexual affair with a man and a woman at the same time?

    “An affair with a white man” would have been perfectly adequate, and more accurate.

    1. Seconded. PN really mangles the English language sometimes, semantically as well as grammatically.

  8. Human rights shouldn’t be affected by color, gender or sexuality. He was hot thou.

  9. Some of the comments on here are silly, if the evidence suggests he was gay or a prostitute then a academic must include this in their work. The fact some people may be offended by this in no way should impact on the work.

    I mean really what type of country do you people want to live in, one where academic freedom is limited due to the fact some people are bigots?

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Scott.

    2. I know! I’m actually shocked by some of the comments here! Are they saying as I’m finishing my masters, instead of looking at all the arguments and presenting it in my thesis, I should omit stuff in there that some people quill find offensive thus write a thesis that is so subjective it might as well be fiction? I’d get a fail.

      Remember when they used to make Africa smaller then Europe and used to say Africans had small brains? I’m sure they did this to not offend people. So by the commenters logic here, this should never have been done and Africans would never have believed there were anything more then dumb slaves?

      Wow, thanks.

      Hurah for people like this men who seek the truth because man, people like me would continue to feel like crap because I’m told I am nothing but a stupid dumb gay n****.

  10. de Villiers 6 Apr 2011, 5:48pm

    Goodness. First Ghandi, then Malcolm X. Soon we will be hearing that Moses fancied a slave or two.

    1. Gandhi.

    2. No,no,no everyone one was straight, white, pure and conservative before the 21st century silly.

      All this sexuality and stuff is all part of modernization!

    3. Paddyswurds 7 Apr 2011, 2:31pm

      @de Villiers……
      …..or even a ten year old girl or two…..

  11. Good for him!

  12. Well Malcolm X has just debunked the whole “once you go black…” theory for me.

  13. I would never believe this. RUBBISH

    1. Staircase2 7 Apr 2011, 3:41pm

      why is that rubbish? lol


  14. Wasn’t he a male escort as well? Serious question btw.

  15. There is a rather depressing undertone here, that “outing” a dead person is somehow disrespectful. Of course that because revealing that someone is gay is “defaming” them and they aren’t here to “defend” themselves. The implied homophobia behind that sentiment is both astounding and nauseating in equal measure.

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