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Court backs Wal-Mart sacking of anti-gay Christian worker

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Reader comments

  1. Jonathan Savell 6 Apr 2011, 10:57am

    If you want to let the world know about your anti-(anything) go work in a place that supports that idea. Oh, right, there aren’t very many of those are there? Gee I wonder why.

  2. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:01am

    Excellent. Wal-Mart too.

    No chosen religion lifestyle has the right to dictate how others born should be.

    Enough with the victim attitude of these Nutjobs. Equality or bust? Your choice.

  3. Great news! And before the fundies appear with their false cries of ‘Christians are being discrinminated against’, let’s repeat this bit:

    “Wal-Mart fired her “because she violated company policy when she harassed a co-worker, not because of her beliefs,” the court found.”

    Christians have to obey the same rules as everybody else, and one’s religion (Christian or otherwise) isn’t an excuse for a special opt-out clause.

    1. Exactly, Iris, but I can almost guarantee that the fundamentalist Christians will simply use this as more “proof” that Christians are being “persecuted”. Glad to see the court gave her a good smackdown. If you have to be a bigot then do it on your own time and away from the property of whatever business you work for.

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 3:28pm

        Yep agree, excellent comment.

    2. Helen Wilson 6 Apr 2011, 8:29pm

      Nobody has any human right to discriminate against anybody else and no human right will ever exist for the harassment others.

      Religionists arguing for the right to discriminate and harassment is getting ridiculous now.

  4. Whilst there are still many US LGBT stories which reveal prejudice and bigotry; it is good to see an increase in the number of cases recently that have been positive and supportive of equality.

    Its good to see a company such as Walmart effectively using their company policies without histrionics or agitation to support the rights of one of its employees – and being prepared to stand up to potentially high profile fundamentalist Christian publicity.

  5. I’m impressed, and that’s not something I’d say about Wal-Mart under any other circumstances.

    1. Yep. Gotta give them credit in this instance. Good job!

  6. it looks that even in usa you cant play your christian victim card.
    and courts verdict states clearly: you can belive in what you want but you cant force your views on others

  7. From what I’ve read of WalMart, its policy of inclusion of LGBT people and protections for gay employees is quite poor. There are no benefits extended to a legal partner of a gay employee and are reserved only for married heterosexuals. This employee was sacked for harassing another employee, nothing more.

    1. That may be true Robert, and if so then clearly there needs to be lobbying of WalMart but I still think in this instance they deserve credit as they recognised harassment – they could have gone down a freedom of speech route given the contentious nature of religious beliefs – to their credit they supported the employee. Ultimately, it doesnt need to be a specific LGBT policy – the employee was harassed and it was dealt with as a harassment

    2. I think it’s even better that this was not made not a gay thing and that the harraser was the one who made it into a gay thing.

      Shows those Christians for what they really are. Judgmental irrational bullies who want everyone to live according to a book that is centuries old, yet they pick and choose which bit of the book to follow.

  8. johnny33308 6 Apr 2011, 1:01pm

    Funny, isn’t it? When the people who are bigots and express hatred for others are called out for such wrong ideas, they quickly resort to suddenly becoming a victim of prejudice against their ‘religion’. They then claim they are victims due to their religious beliefs, when in fact, they victimize others with those same religious beliefs and hide behing the ‘religious’ beliefs as ‘victims’. What losers.

  9. Good on wal mart. Its good news when you know a big corporation does not tolerate homophobia within its staff.

  10. Hi Iris – Just popped by after a while to see anything interesting – I have to say in this case I agree with you. The lady who was sacked did act in an inappropriately offensive way. Wall Mart has a reputation of being quite sympathetic to Christians, which makes there action even more poignant. Take care :-)

    1. Hi John. I’m pleased that you agree :)

    2. just popped in to peddle some hate, just popped in to tell you how disgusting you all are, just popped in to your space but not tell you were my church is just in case your as poorly behvaed there as i am here, just popped in with more of my double standards. now why is church membereship falling again?

  11. Good for WalMart! I’m so tired of people screaming race and religion reasons as some sort of excuse or allowance for bad behavior!

    1. @Karyn

      I can see religion is an emotive reason that is annoying particularly as some religious people seem to feel they have a right to have bigoted views and to share those. They don’t. Equally, as many on here will say repeatedly religion is a matter of choice – race and gender/sexuality factors are not.

      I would empathize with you views on religion but would not share your comments on race.

  12. “She later dropped the claim for racial discrimination but took the company to court for discriminating against her for being an Apostolic Christian.”
    Is that a typo? I read it as “Apoplectic Christian”!
    Did she stop for one minute to consider that if a gay person had shouted the equivalent anti christian at her diatribe on company time they’d be up against a diciplinary too?
    There’s freedom of concience and then the freedom to hurl homophobic abuse at co-workers whenever you see fit. The latter is not protected by law. Go figure.

  13. “i can say what i want to anyone, praise the Lord, but if yous says anything back, then yous a racist coz I is black.”

  14. Super.The Christian victim thing has got a bit thin. Even in the USA.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 3:02pm



  15. A good precedent set by a company with a very mixed reputation. Believe in the Easter Bunny if you want – but obey the same rules as the rest of us.

    1. Absolutely. Must admit I do like easter eggs

      1. Me too. I just wish they would put more sweeties inside them.

    2. Actually, sorry to be a geek but the Easter bunny has nothing to do with Christianity. It’s more a folklore.

  16. was’nt lilian ladele a prostitute before being brainwashed to christianity, or was it she did not know fathers name of her litter? considering she is such a good christian? Their hypocrisy is nauseating.

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 7:36am

      The latter one. Another cherry picking Christian.

  17. well done Wal-Mart and the court too – Nice!! :-)

  18. Stu, from what I know of the Human Rights Campaign in America, they’ve been lobbying a large number of corporations, ongoing. Many have signed on for LGBT benefits and protections in the workplace but WalMart remains off the list, year-in, year-out, in spite of steady lobbying. Exxon is another one that refuses to grant gay employees any benefits for their partners or protection from discrimination in the workplace.

    1. Interesting …
      It makes their decision to follow this path even more remarkable …
      Lobbyists should continue to encourage Walmart to prove this positive action was not just a one off and ensure parity for all staff

    2. Wal-Mart prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. HRC rated them 40 out of 100 this year. 89% of the top 500 American corporations protect LGB employees from discrimination and 57% offer same-sex partner benefits.

  19. John, WalMart was one of the large contributors to the Tea Party nutters in the republican party too! Need I say more?

  20. I am Gay, a Christian and go to church every Sunday. My fellow parishoners don’t have a problem with my position in life, because they are ‘Christians’…The Lord will not turn away anyone who turns to and trusts him. Nor does God!

  21. Disgusting. I hope ASDA Ban Jock S. Trap from all their stores.

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 7:37am

      No problem, never shop there anyway.

      1. Somehow don’t see Jock S Trap shopping in Chavda

        1. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2011, 2:33pm

          Or Asda somehow, not my kinda place.

  22. “bo 11 hours ago Report Reply

    it looks that even in usa you cant play your christian victim card.
    and courts verdict states clearly: you can belive in what you want but you cant force your views on others”

    But its fine for homosexuals to force their lifestyle choice on others and DEMAND they be accepted.

    I hate millitant homosexuals, and that is most homosexuals.

    1. and yet you come onto this site

      suggests something very wrong with your mind

    2. what exactly is a ‘homosexual lifestyle’ and how is it ‘forced’ on others? I suppose that when women stood up for their rights they were ‘militant women’ in your book were they? And when black people stood up for their rights they were ‘militant black people’ were they? How exactly does expecting to be treated with the same dignity and respect and wanting the same justice and fairness as everyone else amount to a demand for special rights and priviledges?

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 7:47am

        I think you’ll find it the religious Nutjobs way of saying you can’t be just like everyone else you have to be labelled. Because once they accept we are just other members of society they have to question themselves.

        It’s all the throwing the toy out of the pram tantrum. They’ve had their own way for so long, they’re chosen lifestyle with Their own religious agenda they can’t help get nasty knowing that things have changed and we are hopefully progressing into a more civilised society.

        There are no such thing as ‘militant homosexuals’, we are not an army or a political group. They son’t want to see that we are contributing members of communities.

        its basically that it’s the final stage of some nasty bitter christians who feel constantly threatened by an equal society.

        I find it funny that these people throw accusations of the very things they do. I mean for another example they usually the ones who accuse us of being bitchy, yet…


      “…As a result of this serious research, Rabbi Steinberg-Caudill is completely convinced that THE ORIGINAL HEBREW TEXTS OF THE TORAH (the Hebrew Chumash – the Five Books of Moses) HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY CONCERNING HOMOSEXUALITY AS WE UNDERSTAND THE TERM “HOMOSEXUALITY” TO MEAN IN TODAYS WORLD!…”

      “…Sadly, the reality of our human history is that the texts of Leviticus (and Deuteronomy) which were utilized by the teachers and rabbis of the Jewish tradition to condemn homosexuality, were so employed under a direct and constant danger and THREAT from the dominant and controlling Christian governmental and ecclesiastical authorities who needed to have the “perceived” Jewish interpretation of the texts, as taught by the Jewish rabbinical authorities, to be in accordance with their own Christian commentaries…”

    4. Stupid comment Azi. Who is forcing you to have a gay partner or gay sex? No one, that who, you obsessed fool. Can’t say the same for the religious, though.

      What’s it like to be full of hate all the time? As I have a happy life, I’m not sure how it feels. Please, enlighten us.

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 8:42am

        Exactly Will

        I religion makes people that bitter, nasty and obsessive then leave me out of it.

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 8:42am


          If religion..

          Cor Blimey

      2. Azi, yeah, you’ve got me… it’s a fair cop. I’ve just made homosexuality compulsory and anyone who doesn’t toe the line is treated as a pariah. Are you having gay sex right now? If not why not?
        I think it’s disgusting that all this hetrosexuality goes on, straight people holding hands in public and kissing each other, yeuch!
        They claim it’s for making babies but it just makes my stomach turn etc. etc. Why can’t they just keep it to themselves in private? It’s nothing to be proud about.
        You can’t turn on the TV these days without some trendy hetrosexual having sex in movies or displaying their 2.4 children like that’s normal. I think we should lobby the BBC to get it banned.
        Projection much?
        Thank your lucky stars there isn’t really a ‘homosexual agenda’ with ‘militant homosexuals’ forcing their ‘lifestyles’ on other people, cause if we were all as heterophobic as you’re evidently homophobic, your social life would be hellish.

        1. Flapjack:
          Don’t forget the Gay mafia meeting tonight, and remember to bring your pink violin case.

          1. Don’t worry Spanner… my boys already procured the severed pink poodle head which I is intending to leave in Azi’s bed!
            I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse (after three pints of lager) baddabing baddaboom ;)

        2. Well said, Flapjack! But the irony of that will be missed by most homophobes sadly. They’re blinded by their own hate and have lost the power to reason and empathise in mnay cases. Sad.

        3. Well, actually, there is a homosexual agenda Flapjack.

          I have to be up front about this. My militia (the 43nd Homosexual Special Operations Division – 1st Grade) is, as we speak, forcing innocent christians to engage in actse that will ultimately turn them homosexual. These include:- tastefully decorating their houses, forcing them to look at gays getting “married” in plain sight to diminish their own marriages, forcing them to get a college education and converting children to homosexuality by standing within a 100m proximity and using super mind powers (which all gays have)

          Its a huge success. The 23rd and 56th divisions have successfully infiltrated governments to promote equality, which will diminish the god given rights of discrimination of christians to persecute others, and hence weakening their resolve for easy conversion to homosexuality, and as such they will “practice out lifestyle”.

          Viva la revolution!

          1. Will – it was supposed to be a SECRET homosexual agenda, whaddaya have to go blabbing to the straights like that for?
            They’ll bust dis whole carefully planned ‘gay mafia’ operation wide apart!
            Tonight you sleep wid de fishes! (y’know dem multicoloured tropical fishes which form a fantastic aquarium centrepiece of the type that sets of any desirable feng shuied lounge interior ‘just so’) ;)

          2. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 10:14am

            Sorry can’t comment now, I’m too busy teaching Azi and William how to ‘mince’ round the May Pole.

            I didn’t know pink lycra could expand that much, it ain’t pretty.

          3. Opps, sorry Flapjack. I will be court marshalled for this little faux pas…. the gay agenda will no doubt make me pay by going to straight bars and listen to dull and witless conversations about, well, the “gay agenda”….

            ….still, I might be able to redeem myself. Perhaps if I pose difficult questions to religious people on evolution, I can confuse them enough to use my mega gay mind powers to “influence” them and “force my sexuality upon them”, as the delightful Azi says?

          4. Will – I guess that might be one way to redeem yourself. I hear George Rekers needs someone to ‘lift his luggage’ at the airport, now if you can use your gay mindpower to influence someone that fundamentally hetrosexual, then maybe there’s a promotion in it for you!

      3. Very arrogant comment Azi.

        Firstly, homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice.

        Secondly, no one is campaigning for more gay people to join our throng. Unlike some religions who harass and intimidate people through door to door or street evangelism.

        Thirdly, no one is attempting to force being gay or gay sex onto anyone. If anyone is physically forcing gay sex onto someone (I am sure many on here would join in condemning that).

        What we do demand is to be treated with respect and like human beings.

        Expecting to be treated fairly does not mean we are militant – merely that we believe in equality for all.

        Your suggestion that we can not seek that – suggest you arrogantly believe some are more equal than others. Fortunately, that is not true.

    5. Azi, how are gay people ‘forcing their lifestyle’ on anyone?? By simply existing, it seems.

      How insecure you must be about your own sexuality to feel threatened by other people’s.

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 10:16am


        I think thats the whole problem. Why else who they be so obsessed about this site?

    6. Azi; You cannot “make” someone gay, but Christians often “convert” others. Jehovahs Witnesses will go so far and knock on your door in order to convince you about God.

      So you tell me who is forcing who.

      That’s is like a black person trying to convert a white person that they should change the colour of their skin; it’s not a lifestyle choice, it is a biological fact.

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