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Civil partnerships legal on Isle of Man

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 10:41am

    Erm… congratulations? Welcome to the 21st Century. Better late than later.

  2. Except that it isn’t in the 21st Century. The Isle of Man has no outgay politicians and most of the gay’s there are firmly in the closet. Have a look at the homophobic comments out of their parliament as recorded in Hansard when Civil Partnerships were being debated etc and you will see the real IOM. They fall in line with the UK because they have no choice not because they want to. Five years behind on this matter for example.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:36am

      Yep, fair enough.

    2. haha im certainly not in the closet, all of my gay friends certainly arnt in the closet!!

      yes the islands politics are behind but the people here are very open and tollerant

      1. Open and tolerant? Is that why they keep voting into office rabid homophobes? That’s not very open or tolerant is it? You say you are certainly not in the closit or none of your friends, and good for you, however, what about all the rest? No out gay politicians why? Could it be because they know if they did declare openly it would be the end of their chances of getting elected by your “open and tolerant” people on the IOM, I think it would and by their lack of getting out of the closit so do they.

        1. Matthew k 6 Apr 2011, 9:32pm

          Do you live on the isle of man??? My local MHK is out, he pushed for the civil partnerships bill years ago, things move very slowly over here, it’s not just gay rights etc… That take forever to get passed it’s also things like breast cancer screening, equal pay for women – they all took time too!

          The only time I’ve ever faced homophobia in my entire life was when I was in London in january. Come over here and walk down the buisiest street you find holding hands with your boyfriend, no one would think about looking twice.

          1. Your local MHK is out is he? Care to name him on this site and see if he agrees with you? Or are you saying that Alan Bell is an out gay? Things move very slowly on the IOM you have that right.But they didn’t promote gay rights on the IOM they had that imposed upon them by the Westminster Parliament didn’t they? I can just see it now two men walking down Strand Street holding hands and the locals just taking that quietly! They’d be on their way to Nobles Accident and Emergency before you could say “pariah state”. I know the IOM very, very well. I say again NO out gay politicians and a bedrock of homophobia underpinning the IOM.

  3. I agree a lot more needs to be done. Homosexuality was illegal there till 1992. Given that it took the UK over 30 years from decriminalization to civil partnerships – IoM are moving quicker than we did between milestones. But still not quick enough!

  4. They only move at all because the UK makes them fall into step with what happens in the UK,. The drag their heels for years in the IOM before they pass the necessary law. However, left to their own devices they would undo what has been done for Gay people in five minutes.

  5. for anybody interested the British CP will be recognised ..British Civil Partnership would be recognised under clause 80 of the Isle of Man’s new Civil Partnership Act subject to its being registered under the Civil Partnership Act 2004 of Parliament.The relevant clause reads as follows:”80. A relationship is a qualifying UK relationship if it is —(a) registered in any part of the United Kingdom in accordance with CPA 2004; or(b) it is formed under a law having an equivalent effect to this Act in any of the Channel Islands.” Part 3 of the Isle of Man’s Act (Clauses 79-97) cover various aspects relating to “relationships formed outside the island treated as Civil Partnerships”
    A full copy of the Bill (now the Act) can be found at //

  6. Isle of Man Logo; two legs good, three legs better. Are the rumours of inbreeding true?

  7. What about the other isles ? Heard on BBC Guernsey were calling for CPs last week, bloody hell, it’s ridiculous how long it’s taking these offshore banking isles ….

  8. sorry wrong bbc story

    seems iom is far ahead of some of the other isles…

  9. The Isle of Man was the first English-speaking polity to give women the vote, so they were progressive once.

  10. Progressive once! A very long time ago and only progressive on matters that don’t involve the progression of gay rights. The Isle of Man has a shameful history on gay rights. That history includes an oppressive policy originated out of the Government enacted by the Police to systematically ruin the lives of as many Gay people as they could identify in the IOM. There were a number of suicides. A Government apology has never been made for that nor ever will in all likelyhood. The sponsor of the Bill in their Parliament admitted that the IOM has been viewed as pariah state, but hoped that this change will somehow expunge that. Cheery expressions from posters such as Matthew K do not state the truth of the IOM. Only by facing the facts can the situation really be changed for the better in ways that really matter. The ‘institutional’ homophobia on the IOM needs to be identified and addressed properly. NO out Gay politician’s on the IOM and not out for very good reasons.

    1. @Johnny

      Whilst I fully accept all you say and whilst my knowledge of IoM affairs is limited to one visit and to reading – not personal experience; I do feel that whilst it is imperative that any institutional homophobia is identified and addressed appropriately – it is also important that LGBT welcome improvements in equality. Sometimes, we can seem to be very negative in our campaigning – this is progress – not everything I would like to see, but nonetheless it is progress.

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