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Gay socialite Philip Sallon attacked in central London

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  1. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2011, 10:26am

    Shocking that this is happening in Central London. I hope the thugs are found and face a lengthy jail sentence.

    1. Not so shocking , becoming the norm. A capital city where a gay man is murdered at peak time in a central square , is clearly not a safe city to be “openly” gay in. And the scum who attacked him will only get a community service order or a minimal sentence in an open prison(holiday camp) at best .

      1. de Villiers 5 Apr 2011, 12:10pm

        Thankfully he has not been murdered and also that these events are the exception to the hundreds of thousands of non-incidents when gay people walk through London and are not attacked.

      2. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2011, 1:04pm

        It’s still rare, so don’t think it’s ‘becoming the norm’ but nevertheless it is a worry.

        1. I generally do not get hassle in central london (although in south london , where i grew up, is very anti gay )alone, but if i hold my partners hand or kiss him on the street usually there are death threats , torrent of abuse , a propensity for phsical violence. maybe the reason ,a lot of gay people have non incidents, is because they modify their behaviour out of fear.

        2. sorry jock, i meant that for comment above yours.

          1. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2011, 1:59pm

            That’s fine rapture but I do happen to agree with you on people feeling they have to modify their behaviour out of fear. This has grown over the years.

      3. Ratpure – hardly “peak time”. The report says 03.30am (ie in the morning). There are, I would venture, very few large western cities these days where it is wise to walk around alone at that time of morning.

        1. comment was in reference to murder of ian baynham, not homophobic assault on philip salon. As for walking alone at 3.30 am , what are you suggesting ? that its his fault?

          1. Not at all, just that it is wise to exercise precaution WHEREVER you may be walking at 3.30 on a Saturday morning. Common sense should prevail.

          2. @roland And how do you know he was not being cautious, he may have left a club to get a taxi not walking aimlessly through the streets of piccadilly with all the other pissheads. Best not to speculate in this matter.

          3. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 8:23am


            People have the right to walk the streets without fear of being attacked.

            We should never make excuses for the criminal. It’s unacceptable behaviour full stop.

        2. @jock . agreed ,its like peeps making excuses why some woman was raped wearing a short skirt, pathetic! and i cannot tolerate certain idiots discussing the environment in which victims were attacked. An assault is an assault , whatever time, its irrelevant .

          1. I am not making excuses for anybody and yes, whilst I agree that everybody should have the right to walk the streets without fear of being attacked, to suppose that to do so at that time of the morning without the possibility of some kind of violence taking place, is simply naive.

          2. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:17am

            It’s not naive at all. It’s naive to think people won’t do what they feel they should be perfectly entitled to. On more than one occasion I have worked from the centre of London to Tower Hamlets in the wee small hours and Never been attacked. Of course that was a few years ago but still don’t entitle others to attack just because I was out.

            I feel safer, or used to, walking in London in the wee small hours than I do most small towns.

            Trouble with this though is that while it is still a smaller number it creates a London that people coming to London are afraid of. I’ve know friends who’ve been a bit scared to go out because of what they read or see on the tellybox. It’s as if someone is being mugged on every street.

            Truth though, people never should feel a prisoner in their home at any time… day or night.

          3. Jock – I am not disagreeing with you, but there is a difference between what people SHOULD expect and the reality of the situation.

          4. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 1:39pm

            Yep, I agree with that Roland.

      4. I disagree, it’s not even remotely ‘the norm’, the fact that Ian Baynham’s murderers were found and sentenced after a highly-publicised trial in itself suggests that most people do consider it extremely unusual.

        A viewing of Scott Mills’ recent programme on the situation in Uganda might be useful in giving a sense of perspective when it comes to homophobia being considered ‘normal’ in a society.

        1. (Just to be clear, I’m disagreeing with rapture’s comment, the second one on the thread.)

        2. Why are you comparing/competing with what country is more homophobic ? Homophobia is hate crime whether it be overt/covert. Also their is a large African population in london and from uganda where homophobia is prevalent, witch doctors employed to exorcise demons from lgbt etc or worse church ministers applying “cure” techniques. Fluffy scott mills does not need to go to uganda to analyse the severe detriment of violent homophobia, he can do it here.

          1. Also their is a large African population in london and from uganda where homophobia is prevalent…

            Yes, but it is not considered ‘the norm’ or acceptable in civilised society here.

          2. @rehan, sadly it is becoming the norm and more common. You are out of touch with police crime statistics which are grossly undereported, concerning homophobia.

  2. Christine Beckett 5 Apr 2011, 10:48am


    Poor Philip. :-(

    Hope he recovers soon and the criminals are caught.

    I had several wonderful nights at the Blitz, and then many, many more at Heaven, all thanks to him and his sense of fun.


  3. Truly shocking, Piccadilly of all places which is hardly ever deserted at any hour. Didn’t someone see this happen? I’ve walked around Piccadilly Circus at that hour on a saturday and sunday morning and there were more than enough people around.

    1. No ones gonna put their safety on the line to help no one. This “big society” claim is a myth.

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2011, 2:02pm

        Had Labour not been in so long as to ruin the fabric of this society I would have said it has some chance but people have become selfish and twisted, they’d rather capture it on their mobiles camera phones that step in to help.

        However not all, there still plenty of knights in shining armour out their.

        1. Agreed , but i expect nothing from no one , actually i’m surprised his attackers did not attract more support from the public rather than their indifference, as i have known to happen in the past.

    2. There’s something called the Bystander Effect, it’s extremely powerful. If you know about it you’re less likely to fall victim to it yourself so I urge everyone to read about how it works. Basically, the more people witness something, the longer it takes anyone to act, because everyone instinctively assumes that not only they but everyone else is safe when lots of people are around to help. The more people are around, the more likely you are to think that someone more able than you will help or that someone has already saught help. If any one of those people witness something on their own, they’d almost definitely to something. With every extra person who sees it, the chance decreases.

  4. Philip Sallon, 49???????????

    Obviously I’m shocked that he was attacked and I hope the assailants are caught and punished.

    But 49??????

    I think not!

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2011, 2:03pm

      Saucer of milk dear?


      1. That must be his Gaydar age…

    2. It does say at the top he is 59!

  5. Rudehamster....~O'> 5 Apr 2011, 1:33pm

    Indeed David, Whether this is a homophobic crime or not, it is a dreadful attack of a mild mannered pensioner.
    I was assaulted in a similar manner in exactly that spot about ten years ago… public!
    Philip, aged 49, has been a stalwart of the London gay scene for over 40 years. It was only about twelve years ago that he had a huge celebration for his 50th birthday and several years before has a 45th celebration to die for.
    The skull fracture must be causing a little confusion with the dates.
    I wish him a diamonte-filled fast recovery…he’ll be happy that in 2046, when he reaches 60, this will all be in the past.

    1. omg! i love him even more now, he’s like a glamourous fatality. A bit like cher and cockroaches to the london gay scene and a bit like jackie stallone with the age thing. Anyhow ,hope he recovers soon, we need more peeps like him.

  6. dave wainwright 5 Apr 2011, 2:06pm

    GO WEST , we don’t have these problems in Plymouth the bisexual capital of the world , we don’t have that many clubs or bars either, eccentric entepreneurs welcomed

    1. ”Bisexual” capital? There’s a claim to fame! I’m reiterating Rapture’s post above also, London is certainly becoming much more homophobic, I’ve stopped holding my partner’s hand, something I did all the time in the late 90s/early 00s.

      1. dave wainwright 5 Apr 2011, 3:38pm

        I emigrated to Plymouth some 8 years ago as I felt London was becoming more dangerous and less safe after a number of situations , London had been my home for over 30 years and I cant see myself ever returning , Plymouth is relatively safe and I dont feel intimidated here and we have some great beaches with devon one side of us and Cornwall the other , great potential and FRESH AIR to :) come and join us , property both rented and to purchase very reasonable , lots of refugees with the same idea arriving from London all the time .

        1. I am desperate to leave poxy london , but i am still working on my partner, but hopefully he will want to soon, as he’s getting so pissed off with the oppressive nature of this hateful city.

          @cmyb whenever i hold my mans hand ,its like chorus of “kill the batty bois” etc etc even little london kids encouraged by their inbred parents to hate. I must look into plymouth i already know an assertive gay guy who moved down that way , he had enough feeling repressed here.

          1. dave wainwright 5 Apr 2011, 11:06pm

            most of my friends walk around hand in hand and no one bats an eyelid here x

          2. sounds like a place to seek asylum . london is way too homophobic now.

          3. There are obvious dangers in generalising about any city as enormous as London. I lived in Fitzrovia (W1) for 6 years until recently and what was notable was not the number of same-sex couples who walked hand-in-hand but the complete absence of any reaction from anyone else around, even small kids at weekends.

          4. @rehan , yea fitzrovia , one of the most poshest/expensive areas to live in london, lucky u to have that privilege,. Not every lgbt person has that advantage , if i lived in fitzrovia i would probably have my rose tinted specs on also. Get real! you wanna live in real london , fitzrovia is a bubble world for super rich.

          5. Fitzrovia, “super-rich”?! Oh, the glamour of Goodge Street, eh?

            Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t have the faintest idea of what constitutes “super-rich” to make such an ignorant statement.

            Face up to the fact that a great deal of London is middle-income, and that the experience of such people is no less valid or “real” than that of the less-well-off.

          6. @rehan, Your naivity is disturbing.

          7. Funny, that’s exactly what I’d say about you.

            (“Super-rich” indeed! I suggest you try walking around some parts of London to get things into a slightly more realistic perspective.)

          8. @rehan, i’m from london, u muppet! you need to try to develop some basic observational skills to your surroundings and get out of your insular bubble.

          9. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2011, 12:15pm


            Actually do you research and you’ll find a few of the London Boroughs are the poorest in the country. Because their are wealthier boroughs and you happen to have been lucky to life in one doesn’t mean most in London are middle class. It suggests you’ve been picky about where you’ve looked.

            I have lived in lived in London all my life and hope to til my dying day but I doubt London will change as far as class goes.

          10. @ Rapture: again, you should take your own advice. It seems more than one of us lives in an insular bubble.

          11. @ Jock, I have never said otherwise. However, London is a city of between 7m and 12m people, and those who live in the poorer boroughs do not live lives that are any more (or, for that matter, less) ‘real’ than those who don’t. I think you’ll also find that the proportion of those who own their own properties here (arguably one way of defining ‘middle-class’ now) makes London, taken as a whole, a remarkably prosperous city.

            (And anyone who, like poor rapture, thinks Fitzrovia is a haven of the ‘super-rich’ clearly hasn’t the foggiest notion of what that category is.)

          12. @jock , well said , rehan is clueless to whats going on . It must be great to have such a sheltered existance. I guess in rehans case “ignorance is bliss”.

          13. @ rapture, actually I’m pretty certain my experience of living in 4 cities in 3 continents (and in 6 different parts of London) has exposed me to considerably more variety than you’ve encountered – you seem stuck in your SE1 misery.

            It’s just occurred to me that you may have mistaken Fitzrovia (above) to Belgravia, hence your otherwise hopelessly inaccurate remarks. But it doesn’t suggest you know your own city very well.

          14. @rehan, i know where fitzrovia is and belgravia. How dare you make arrogant assumptions on my behalf. And innacurate assumptions of my “se1 misery” what are you talking about , u fool! I have lived in 9 different london boroughs , not that its relevant as you seem to be a very naive individual to attempt to dictate to me my experience in this city .From reading your comments , you appear to have a very limited view on what is variety? pus*yclot!

          15. @ rapture: Oh, I’m sorry – isn’t it you who’s moaned repeatedly on several threads about how miserable London is, how much you want to leave, and that you hate/hated living in Southwark?

            I must say I’m delighted, if somewhat surprised, to think I could have been categorised as ‘super-rich’ because I lived in Fitzrovia! I can’t say – despite knowing a number of my neighbours – I ever found it even remotely thus but hey, what do I know? I only lived there for 6 years: I’m sure you know the area much better from having … what? Walked through it once in the last few years?

          16. @rehan, yes, i was brought up in southwark, which is inclusive of more post codes than se1, in case you do not know that , so your referral to my se1 misery is a fabrication in your mind. As for thinking london is going down the pan, my prerogative. And anyone who can afford to live in fitzrovia is rich ,unless ur in a council hostel , which maybe u are, and in that case u would be an exception.

          17. “And anyone who can afford to live in fitzrovia is rich” – oh, it’s only ‘rich’ now, rapture, not ‘super-rich’? Either way, thanks for telling me! Must let my former neighbours know.

            You can think whatever you want, but you’re in no position to comment on anyone else’s naivety, arrogance, misguided assumptions or inadequate powers of observation, believe me!

  7. AlexKrafr 5 Apr 2011, 2:14pm

    I’m not so shocked that this would happen in our every growing homophobic London, But in Piccadilly? Just a stone’s throw away from Old Compton, Soho…
    The attackers probably won’t get caught, if they do it’s going to be a slap on the wrist…what about all the witnesses?; I’m sure there were people there who saw it happened and could have stopped them, even at that time.

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2011, 2:20pm

      I hope there are lots of CCTV in that area that can help find witness and the criminal(s).

  8. Staircase2 5 Apr 2011, 2:35pm

    Bless you, Philip

    I hope you make a swift recovery

    I’m sending out some healing thoughts :o)


    1. dave wainwright 5 Apr 2011, 3:15pm

      I echo what Staircase2 says , swift recovery Phillip xxxx sending you LOVE xxx

  9. Helen Wilson 5 Apr 2011, 2:41pm

    The sad thing is people don’t just want to rob you any more, they get a sick perverted pleasure out of causing you damage too!

    Get well soon Philip.

  10. Rudehamster....~O'> 5 Apr 2011, 2:49pm

    Sadly, the CCTV in the area isn’t the best when the perpetrators wear hoods and unidentifiable clothing. When I was mugged, it was by 9 people…they hauled me into an alleyway and left me half naked, bleeding and for dead.
    No arrests and nobody found…mainly due to the police screwing up the investigation: all too common with hate crimes.
    I was a mess for many months and still remember it very clearly.
    Philip will recover fully, and I hope he does, but the attack will leave it’s mark. Despite (and including) my previous humerous post, my thoughts go out to him.

    1. I second that. I hope he makes a full recovery. He’s a tough person so I hope that both physically and mentally he’s better soon. And his attackers brought to justice.

      Philip Sallon, 49, is a true legend of London nightlife.

    2. The police are very rarely helpful when it comes to homophobic hate crime, They were actually a hindrance in my situation after i was attacked.

  11. Thes things do happen

  12. About time someone slapped him, well overdue. Nothing to do with Homophobia more to do with his bad attitude behaviour. Its the price you pay not treating people decently and hanging around Picadilly at 3.30.0am We all know what goes on there.

    1. Helen Wilson 5 Apr 2011, 3:06pm

      You always get one sad little looser of a troll, hope the Met read this and pay you a visit. This post certainly makes you a person of interest in relation to this crime.

      Nobody deserves a fractured skull and broken bones.

      1. That is true no one deserves violence against them and I certainly would not argue that. I do get frustrated when many Gay people are attacked and abused and it go unspoken of but when you are a celeb, then it becomes news, thats all I am saying The Met are welcome to my door thank you..

      2. Well said, Helen Wilson! And all the best to Philip. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    2. dave wainwright 5 Apr 2011, 3:13pm

      Phillip is a great guy , there is nothing wrong with his attitude , it is people like Phillip who with their endeavours have made London one of the most exciting gay centres in the world today ,, you should be ashamed of yourself for those comments . Phillip is a LEGEND

      1. “most exciting gay centres in the world” not anymore unless you are some type of masochist who appreciates the rising violent homophobia.

        1. dave wainwright 5 Apr 2011, 11:08pm

          sorry to hear that I left London 8 years ago and am glad i did x

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 8:27am

        I agree with that dave!

        1. ditto!

    3. I’ve seen Philip out and about at clubs for years now and his attitude has always been pleasant and friendly, he doesn’t seek to cause trouble and no one deserves the beating he got at the weekend. The perpetrators if nabbed will be given a community order and sent on some training initiative about ‘respecting’ others innit, unless that is they’re non caucasian, in which case they’ll be let off with a slap on the wrist.

      1. Everytime i think about leaving London I always get a rude reminder that I also have to contend with racism as well as anti gay rubbish. Maybe time for me to immigrate

        1. My cousins had to endure racism in london from their neighbours and were met with comments not of awknowledgement but “does that happen in london” disbelivingly. They had doubts bout moving to the countryside as they had to their shame a stereotype that they would get worse racism there. anyhow they have been living in the country over 5 years now and have not had any problems. Even if the folk where they live now hold racist views they do not impose them on others, not ideal ,but better than having rocks at the window.Basically, why care if peeps have nuanced isms as long as they don’t act on them and you are generally safer.

          1. True dat.

            I actually hate london I may buy a flat at the seaside for weekends

    4. nickieinlondon 5 Apr 2011, 7:54pm

      What a nasty thing to say Michael… i have had the pleasure to know Philip for over 30 years and he has always been a lovely person. Let me guess you think your something special lol (just a nasty mouth you have ) nothing special just ignorent

    5. I don’t condone violence and am horrified by this attack. i wouldn’t assume this is homophobic. I met Philip Sallon about 5 years ago and my experience of him (others’ experience vary it seems) but he was utterly vile towards me, crude, offensive comments, completely unprovoked.

  13. Pandemonia99 5 Apr 2011, 4:17pm

    So sorry for Philip. I’m going out tonight and this changes things. Makes London a more scary place. Hope they catch the thugs.

    1. I’m not in any way condoning the attack. It should NOT have happened.

      But London can be dangerous. I would caution against walking about Piccadilly alone at 3.30am.

      Actually it’s probably not adviseable in any city anywhere.

  14. Westminter has CCTV everywhere! We can track them down!

  15. I hope the thugs are found, and we chop off their hands with the intention of ironically making sure they can never wear another watch nor beat another man.

  16. Such a shame….Phillip is a great guy and a real fixture on the scene. Recently worked with him as a volunteer at Crisis for Xmas this year where he was entertaining the guests…such a selfless guy! I bet these scum bags who have done this wouldn’t give up their Xmas to help those less fortunate…they must be caught….get well Phillip xx

  17. Things like this would stop if the homosexuals were to act better, and not force their chosen lifestyle onto others.

    1. He was walking down the street , hardly enforcing his life on anyone?
      You are the one to voluntarily seek out a gay website, no one forced you to.
      Are you a member of imman or rainbow hamlets by any chance?

    2. I’ll remember I chose my lifestyle next time I visit on of my haunts..

    3. Helen Wilson 6 Apr 2011, 8:19am

      It must be working for you to be on this website……and now we have your computers IP address we can slowly convert you, you cant escape it, you are now gay.

      Resistance is futile

    4. Why are you looking out for gay people? Its always the same these so called straight men always eyeing me up I hate it.

      1. and your mum is a pig

    5. Azi, being homosexual is not a choice and it is not a ‘lifestyle’. You did however choose to come onto a gay news website – have you wondered why? From your comment, you are either homophobic or homosexual, with issues.

    6. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 8:29am


      Oh dear… What a uneducated loser.

      1. “A uneducated loser.” That spelling, and that comment, just about sums you up.

        1. can’t keep away from us, can you, dear LU?

        2. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:20am

          Ah, bless. Back again LU?

          Whats up Rent-A-Lad not open yet?

    7. heterosexual lifestyles are forced down queer throats ALL the time

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2011, 4:11pm

        Yep and they just can’t stop themselves.

      2. It’s not the only thing they love shoved down their throats! lol

  18. If he hadn’t been flouncing around and dressed like an extra from Doctor Who, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Homosexuals don’t need to advertise by mincing and flouncing.

    1. Hello! there are more straight guys who go “flouncing” about n get away with it . you must be inbred? are your parents brother n sister? someone make a wrong turn in lambeth?

    2. Oh, so we smash in people’s heads if they don’t dress ‘right’ now, do we? Reminds me of the evil, retarded idiots who kicked Sophie Lancaster to death and seriously injured her boyfriend just because they were dressed differently:

      You’re sick, LU, and I hope you get the help you need for your personal issues.

      1. oh yes iris, i remember that , it was a horrific hate crime of a straight woman , and was disgusting how the parents of the murderers behaved in court. should have been sentenced too, filthy morons. There is a seat in whitby (goth festival town)dedicated to her . I felt so upset at her death (as i’ve had a female friend beaten to a pulp in london ,just for having pink hair and piercincings and dressing “too much” for some morons ,) that the uk had become so conservative and i’m 26.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:32am

          This is the problem with LU and their ‘religious types’. They sit in judgement of others when they have no business doing so.

          I remember this case very well. The appalling behaviour of the parents. i agree they should have been sentenced to because it didn’t take much to work out why the kids turned out like they did.

          Trouble is LU your a danger to yourself, others and particularly kids who follow your ever move. Then you accuse everyone else of being wrong.

          Ironic much?!

        2. Yes, it was a sickening, unbelievable crime, rapture. Words can’t even describe it. Sadly, I think there’s an underclass of young people ready to hit out at anyone perceived as ‘different’. That’s why LU’s comment disgusted me so much.

          And yes, I agree about the UK becoming very conservative in some ways.

          1. I have some alternative friends male and female who are constantly harassed for being unique in their image/look etc. now, which is such a shame as my mum was a punk and always bleats on about londons glory days when you could dress how u want/have a personality etc. i so wish i was around then. anyhow RIP SOPHIE and i hope her boyfriend is surviving after his ordeal.

    3. LU you are a c unt your mother is a c unt your grandmother is a c unt and your greatgrandmother is a whore. now fcuk off

      1. james you are a great guy ,do not stoop ur integrity to the level of scum like lu etc.

        1. Its true I’ll stop biting

    4. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 11:28am


      Oh Gaga…

      It’s no wonder society is in a right oh mess with the likes of you about is it.

      Life is too short not to be allowed to be oneself. If you dropped the attitude, instead of your trousers everytime you heard the word Homosexual, you might just see that having a diverse society progressing is fantastic.

      You closets types though just can’t help yourself though can you. Whats up… feel your too old to change? Got stuck in your closeted ruck?

      Maybe if you paid more attention to the world around you and the life you could be having, you’d see that instead of taking notice of us quite so you could be out there, being yourself and how lovely that would truely be. Open your mind. Anythings possible.

      Even for you.

  19. People! LU and Azi are classic trolls, throwing in one-liners and random bigoted remarks and then scurrying away (for the obvious reason they lack reason or the capacity to debate).

    DO NOT waste your time engaging with them!

    1. Agreed I’ll stop

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Apr 2011, 1:58pm

        Tut, there goes my entertainment.


        1. Heh – I didn’t mean to spoil your fun, Jock.

  20. peter shaw 8 Apr 2011, 8:30pm

    I think it is weird how Joshua states that “witnesses were heard to be shouting anti-gay abuse”, when there were no witnesses that have come forward, and as for the police saying there were two attackers, that’s also interesting, seeing as they cannot be bothered to check the streets CCTV or the GAP store CCTV either, lazy police work and silly relatives talking rubbish! everyone just needs their damn 10 minutes don’t they!

  21. sylvia cobersy 15 Aug 2012, 2:16am

    Hope u feel better soon. What a terrible thing!!!

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