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Clare Balding: ‘Women like me because they don’t think I’ll steal their husbands’

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Reader comments

  1. Good for you – quite right people should be accepted for what they are not labelled. I liked the bike episodes and especially when she visited the IOW. Looking forward to Royal Ascot.

  2. Why would this lady talk about lifestyle choices? What choice is there in your sexual orientation? Did she mean that she chooses to be open about it? That’s something I think is wonderful and admirable.
    But ‘choices’? Did I miss something here?

  3. I’m hot on your heels, here, Giselle, concerning the “lifestyle choice” phrase; we all know there’s no such thing as a choice – it’s what we are, simple as that.
    This being said, i think that Clare B is an excellent role model for young girls – she’s attractive in both looks and personality, and isn’t in the slightest bit “in your face”.
    Oh, incidentally – she’s bloody good at her job as well!

  4. And when you’re stood beside a lady why you’d make Ann Widdecombe herself look like Catherine Zeta Jones.

  5. I think to say that there’s no element of choice is a bit strange, because clearly there is. You can’t choose who you fancy but being honest about your sexual preference and openly living with a partner of the same sex are very definitely choices, and ones that (unfortunately) it’s still quite brave for someone in the media spotlight to make.

  6. Surely at least a small percentage of female viewers would actually fancy her and not be afraid of her stealing their husbands!

  7. Oh look misogyny. There’s a suprise.

    Guess what Claire, some women (did) like you becuase it was nice to see an ordinary women on the TV in the same way that we see lots of ordinary men.

    You do realise that some of don’t have husbands. Some of us don’t want husbands, some of us might even have husbands who see women as human beings and not as bimbo wank fodder anyway.

    But hey ho, way to go with the dykes are “ugly” and straight women are all about looks stereotypes.

  8. she said that nasty thing about the jockeys teeth the cow

  9. I think ppl like her – women like her -not because she’s not a threat but because she is a bloody good presenter and a real person with warmth not some bimbo stereotype who hasn’t got a clue what they’re talking about.

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