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US lesbian teenager allowed to wear tux to prom

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Reader comments

  1. Does this mean a boy can go in drag?

    1. Let’s hope so.
      A lesbian friend of mine showed up at my 40th birthday party in white tie and tails, Marlene Dietrich style, and she looked fabulous. When will these schools learn a bit of imagination??

    2. Dandelion 5 Apr 2011, 6:44pm

      Been there. Done that. The ACLU already have won that case before – so yes, a boy can go in a dress. It is our right as Americans to freedom of speech and public school is funded by the government.

  2. A teenager in formal wear? Horrors!!!

  3. Staircase2 5 Apr 2011, 2:33pm

    ‘male clothing’……WTF?!

    what a crock of poo! lol

    I really do despair at the American lack of credulous thought & reasoning

    Its like someone trying to sew a button on whilst wearing boxing gloves and then bemoaning the lack of finesse in modern day sewing! lol

    1. Dandelion 5 Apr 2011, 6:48pm

      What ever are you going on about? If you had read the entire quote, it is explained she doesn’t think genders should be restricted to traditional male clothing. I don’t see how that is so scandalous or a negative trait of Americans.

      1. “a negative trait of American”

        Yeah, god knows they have enough other ones to pick from.

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