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60 arrested in Shanghai gay bar raid

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Reader comments

  1. “China only decriminalised homosexuality in 1997.”

    Why do they put this in every article about China, but in articles about USA they never mention the country stopped putting gays behind bars in 2003?

    1. OutGuider 5 Apr 2011, 6:50am

      I agree. Decriminalising homosexuality in 1997 was quite a progressive step considering how repressed the people are generally.

      This story highlights what a long way the Chinese have to go in so may ways – apart from the seemingly homophobic police, the fact that migrant workers are living on a roof is indicative of the wealth gap between the rich and poor in this former communist party.

    2. Dandelion 5 Apr 2011, 6:59pm

      Maybe because that law wasn’t being enforced as viciously. For example, some states still have laws against adultery – but they are rarely enforced, if ever. To be fair, the law you are talking about punished anyone committing an act against nature; terms so loose it was directed at heterosexuals as well. The real laugh is that in the south, it is illegal to sell sex toys because it falls under these indecency laws. And as we all know, even Americans are repulsed by those in the South.

  2. Be strong, Chinese gay men and gay women. You have a long long way to go, but you CAN do it, IF you persist.

    Don’t be cowed or bullied by the repressive Chinese government.

    1. Tell that to the Tibetans. Those poor sods have been suffering for 50 odd years, but nobody cares because they don’t have any oil.

    2. Dandelion 5 Apr 2011, 7:00pm

      Only a matter of time before they have their own Stonewall Riots moment, we can only hope.

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