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Polish MP expelled for lesbian joke

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Reader comments

  1. FeministSmithie 1 Apr 2011, 1:07pm

    ‘I don’t discriminate against anybody, I just don’t think everybody deserves the same rights I enjoy.’

    1. Agree. The hypocrisy in what he said is so stark, it’s surprising he could say it with a straight face.

      However, this is actually a pretty positive step. This is the kind of remark (“banter”) that is still seen as acceptable in most workplaces across the world, including western Europe. Therefore, the fact he has been expelled for saying this suggests that things may be on the up in Poland.

  2. One idiot down. About 35 million to go.

    1. I think theres more than 35million idiots … glad someone is more optimistic that me!

    2. 35million? what happend to other 4 million ?

      1. Don’t you mean 4 billion.

        1. such a sharp mind

    3. Are you saying that 35 million Poles are idiots?

    4. idiots? what a huge dose of tolerance towards those who don’t agree with your views

  3. Jock S. Trap 1 Apr 2011, 1:56pm

    Another Pervert.

    Make me laugh when they carry on saying about Gay people ‘flaunting’ their sexuality.. mean going about their lives just like everyone else?

    I’m not sure they are intelligent enough to wonder how else people can be, if they see normal day to day live as ‘flaunting’.

    Very narrow, shallow people.

    Thought this action taken in Poland is an improvement.

    1. Exactly I don’t see why me kissing my gf in public is any different to the millions of straight couples doing the same thing.

  4. the problem is that this is a Aprima Aprilis joke, don’t you people think? and the name is spelled wrong – it is Mr. Węgrzyn, not Wegryzn :S

    1. ok, I was wrong – this is not a joke :D

  5. ““We can forget about gay men, but I would gladly watch lesbians.”

    He went on to criticise gay people for “flaunting” their sexuality.”

    He makes some stupid comment over his like of lesbians and he then has a problem with gay people “flaunting their sexuality”.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 7:40am

      Yet he is openly flaunting his own sexuality.

  6. I think it’s perfectly right that they kicked him off, no matter, whether he is sorry or not. Watcho your tongue, mister!

    1. What is wrong with watching lesbians…? I find it quite interesting. Not sure I want to watch gay men though… on the other hand, may be that’s ok too.

      1. What is wrong with watching gay men…? I find it quite interesting. Not sure I want to watch lesbions though… on the other hand, may be that’s ok too.

        Add your comment

        1. Personal preference I guess

          I quite like watching gay men, have been known to tolerate straight/bi men in porn and ignore the women – can’t see lesbian porn interesting me

          No offence, just doesnt interest me – but I recognise some will enjoy it – including lesbians, bi women and men and some straight men …

  7. Just a few years ago this would’ve not happened, hardly anyone would’ve wanted to punish him for his remarks. It shows that things in Poland are progressing.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 11:56am

      Slowly but surely getting there.

    2. but it wasnt pressure from lgbt that led to his sacking, it was only when women groups started to make some noises that PO decided to act, nevertheless you could see it as some sort of progress

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 12:40pm

        It’s limited progress of sorts I think.

  8. But gay people do “flaunt” their sexuality. Its everywhere, in media on tv. So what he said is correct and truth.

    I hope he is reinstated asap and we can get on with saying what we wish to say, I certainly dont wrap things in cotton wool and I say what I mean and what I think.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 2:46pm

      You mean it’s flaunted in exactly the same way as everyone else getting on with their lives.

      You just making excuses for you hatred.

      So weak. Such a moron.

      1. Gay N Proud 2 Apr 2011, 3:39pm

        I somewhat agree gay sexuality is flaunted relentlessly especially on any trash TV programme you care to watch. Unfortunately these stereotypes that were forced upon us by straights in the bad old days seem to be reinforced when we hold so called ‘pride events’ with pink feather boa’s, leather and budgie smugglers all over the place. Its time the Gay Scene grew up and stopped perpetuating these stereotypes as they serve to harm young people who are not out and give ammo to the haters.

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 4:33pm

          Everybody is different and Freedoms of Speech/Expression means we have Every right to be as we want to be. If people are so shallow as to label rather than get on with their own live then more pity them.

          As religion makes for hate noise so should we counter that with who we are and the love we are about. It makes the Pride message even more important.

          Their nothing Proud in panning the LGBT community, (though I strongly suspect your Matt/Bob and various other names) being supportive would14 be better.

          Clearly you would rather all LGBT people just lock themselves in their homes but Newsflash this is 2011. We have EVERY right to be out and Very Proud and show it. If people are to bigotted to see Everyone has the right to be themselves then that is their and only their problem.

          If you don’t like it…. TOUGH!

          1. Gay N Proud 2 Apr 2011, 6:27pm

            Just the kind of flamer rant I expected. Pride events should be about bringing notice to bear pressure on governments to give us equality no more no less. A big party that make a few businesses rich and leaves the gay community looking like a joke is NOT what its about. Of course you have every right to dress as you like but please make sure it is what u what and not what has been fed to you by the gay media.

          2. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 6:43pm

            And yet right not you look like a complete joke!!

          3. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 6:44pm

            So you don’t want to be part of it. It’s important for so many other people. It’s that, that matters.

        2. @Gay N Proud

          Three comments:
          1) LGBT awareness and campaigning is not limited to pride. Pride has achieved a lot over the years in raising the profile of LGBT issues – often it is the visible presence of a significant number of people gathering together and making a positive statement of LGBT visibility that helps integrate and develop acceptance. That awareness that Pride can assist with is reinforced by some very visible campaigning and some very quiet determined action being taken by LGBT groups and individuals in other ways. There is no dischord in having fun whilst raising awareness – Comic Relief does a great job of raising serious issues whilst having fun.
          2) There are some stereotyping of LGBT people in some comedies and dramas. However, it would be unfair to suggest that all LGBT presentation in soaps, dramas etc is stereotypical – there are some very good reflections of LGBT people of all personalities and characters – just as we are in the real world.
          3) If some…

          1. … LGBT people are camp, effeminate or “in your face” in some other way – whether that be as a part of their personality or something they are “putting on” for Pride or some other reason then thats up to them. You can dislike it, you can criticize it but ultimately I wouldn’t want to deny them the chance to express themselves either for what they are or how they want to – it would be denying them freedom of expression

    2. @matt
      its not just about what he said but in what context he said it, so no i dont think he should be pardoned

  9. Gay N Proud 2 Apr 2011, 7:10pm

    Try english next time….and btw Pride matters very much its just not political anymore its a tacky party…thats my point. Xx

    1. i guess a lot of lgbt people feel uncomfortable with camp and loud section of community and sees it a a liability and a stumble block in getting more acceptance and tolerance from stright majority. but on the other hand whether u are camp or stright acting i dont think it will make any differance to a lot of stright people who are anti gay full stop

      1. “straight acting” lol! what the hell is straight acting ? if a gay man says he is straight acting , then why is he not with a woman? Gay men who use that term are self loathing, terrified that anyone would assume them to be gay in a public capacity and also not very convincing at “acting” a stereotype of a trad hetro male. My experience of “straight acting ” gay men is that they are all legs up marys anyhow once they drop the desperate facade.

        1. well, “stright acting” is a popular term used on a gay dating scene and i supposse it would mean that one is not a”screaming queen”

          1. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2011, 10:34am

            Yet no-one describes themselves as ‘Gay acting’. So if Gay is just the way Gay people are and Straight is the way straight people are who the hell needs to act just to satisfy a few shallow bigotted label makers?

            Why the need to ‘Act’ Straight when you’re Gay? Why not just be yourself without the acting and let people see for themselves.

            It’s a bit like when I was fat. I could breathe in and ‘Act’ but I was stil fat. Why pretend it, just be it.

          2. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2011, 10:36am

            Maybe is people stopped focusing on what everyone else thinks they look like instead of being an individual and being for oneself we wouldn’t have this problem.

          3. I dislike the phrase “straight acting” partly because I am neither straight nor do I need to put on a persona to be me or be accepted. I’m not camp (unless very drunk and in a silly mood), not effeminate – but I am gay and I am just me.
            I do understand the intention many have with the phrase but it grates

          4. until you get them home and they can drop the acting terror , on all fours fore u can shut the front door lol. gay guys that describe themselves as “straight acting”are usually the “screaming queens” anyhow, the only people they are fooling is themselves. But i also take offense at the cheap parody of campness generated by some gay men especially in the media, when straight men are camp they have finesse. People should just be themselves, rather than feel pressure to act a certain way .

    2. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2011, 7:33am

      Gay N Proud

      So what?

      It makes me laugh. We are to never forget the horrors of Wars, it’s History, we must learn from them but we must forget two things:-

      1) The horrors of Religion and what they do/did to people who don’t follow their thoughts and ideas


      2) The fact that Homosexuality as illegal just ONLY just over 40 years ago.

      I’m sorry but both should never be forgotten. We have to learn from them. The latter is still new and it’s a Very important of LGBT History. We must Never forget. The Pride message to you may well be a ‘tacky party’ but the message of acceptance is never lost within them. By having them we are entitled to celebrate and in whatever way we can and want.

      Anyway it’s one day.

      It’s all about acceptance and their nothing worse than ‘Gay’ people telling others we shouldn’t celebrate it. Though I wonder if you actually are.

      Acceptance should never be hidden. I for one will Never go back in the closet just to surrender to the bigots you clearly support.

      1. Gay n Proud 3 Apr 2011, 3:35pm

        @ Jock S Trap

        If you for one minute think I support the bigots you have not only not understood my comments but are a dim wit ta-boot.
        I am Gay, just because I do not fit your profile does not mean I’m not gay.
        As for the accepting gay scene don’t make me laugh… if you over 30 you shouldn’t go there, if you don’t like Kylie you can’t go anywhere, if you dress alternative your not gay? Gay men who hate gay women and V.V. Bears who hate twinks and V.V. these are all prejudices encountered on the gay scene by gay men and women every single day. The Gay Scene is just as fractured and biggoted as the rest of society. Just because you say you accept everyone in a big kissy rainbow world does not mean in reality that u do. Take off you pink tinted glasses and look at the gay world properly and without bias perhaps the you will see what I mean.

        1. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2011, 6:39pm

          Having worked in All aspects of the Gay community why would I want to change who I am, what I know and what I see for myself to become someone clearly as bitter and twisted as you. If your way of seeing the LGBT community has left you this resentful, why on Earth would you want anyone else to follow you.

          So you’ve stereotyped. Your a bitter man and all you do is sell the LGBT community to the Religious hateful stereotypical bigots.

          Your nothing but shameful and all you have from me is nothing but pity. Plus your nickname and your comments make you a complete hypocrite which is why I question who you are or at least pretend to be.

          1. Gay n Proud 3 Apr 2011, 9:31pm

            I too have worked extensivley in the LGBT community and contrary to your asertion I do not sell the community to the bigots; my mission is exactly the opposite I want to see an LBGT community that is accepted fully in the straight world complete with its own identity that it has made for itself NOT some marketing idiots vision of gayness. When you can form your own opinion rather than follow the herd and can have a educated discussion without spittin out your dummy let me know and I’ll be happy to engage you again. So until hell freezes over I bid u Ta-ra.

          2. Jock S. Trap 4 Apr 2011, 7:34am

            “I want to see an LBGT community that is accepted fully in the straight world complete with its own identity that it has made for itself NOT some marketing idiots vision of gayness.”

            In other words you want the LGBT community to behave like “straight” people and not go upsetting anyone by being ourselves.


            This is our Identity. Each person celebrates their life how They want to. It’s called diversity and it’s something to be celebrated. To suggest its some how marketing is just insulting. It’s yet again making excuses to those in religion who insist we cannot be ourselves.

            Why should we feel we have to accommodate the ‘straight world’ but pretending to be someone else just to feel we are acceptable? We shouldn’t. We are supposed to live in this world together not for one group to accept. Thats just ridiculous and a complete sell out.

          3. Jock S. Trap 4 Apr 2011, 7:48am

            Unlike you I am not ashamed of who I am and am not afraid to be who I am. I don’t pander to no-one. This world is for everyone and I for one rejoice in the many cultures, the many diverse people that make up this world.

            Point is so do many, Many other people the whole world over, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Black, White, Asian, etc, etc, etc.

            Diversity should be celebrated not squashed to make others happy and feel accepted by. If they don’t like it then as I said before…. Tough!

            So long as laws ain’t broke no-one should feel they have to change themselves for anyone.

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